Mousy mom submits to son, Then sets up her friend to fall

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She’s on fire, I thought to myself. Just less than an hour ago, Amanda was an upstanding woman. Now she was naked and gagging on her own son’s rock hard dick as she diddled herself in the living room. Now she was being a reckless slut for her son just like me. These boys are gonna fuck us, I mused. Our sons.. our little boys..

We were doing it. It was happening. David concentrated his efforts on my clit and slipped a finger in me to massage my G-spot. I looked at my son and moaned. I was in ecstasy.

“Ooh David..” I moaned in a whisper, “what are you doing to your mom?” My voice cracked. He looked up at me from between my legs, his eyes burning with lustful pride as he increased the intensity on my clit. “What are you doing to mommy?” I whined. “You’re gonna make mommy cum.”

David got me right to the edge and then started climbing over my body. I could feel his hard cock graze my legs. I saw Amanda crawling into Robbie’s lap, getting ready to mount her son. They were whispering to each other and I really couldn’t make it out.

Her mascara has started to run, and she looked sexy as hell. It was like watching an athlete or performer doing what they were built to do. She was so hot, so impossibly graceful.

I turned my attention on my own son as he positioned himself at the entrance of my pussy. He took his dick in his hand and slid it against my clit, causing me to moan. Then he plunged himself into me.

“David!” I shrieked.

“Momm..” he groaned. We took a second to adjust to the feeling of our genitals connected, forming a kind of suction or seal. My son fit me perfectly. I looked over at Amanda as saw her sinking down on her son’s lap, his cock disappearing into her cunt. She glanced over her shoulder at me. It was only a moment, but I saw so much in her eyes.

Her cheeks were red, and the expression on her face was everything I had hoped for. It told the whole story. She was completely and utterly naked. Ashamed and defeated by her own lust. She had no choice but to follow her cunt and it needed her son’s cock here and now. Slowly at first, she rocked her ass up and down, acclimating herself to the intense sensation of their genitalia together, mother and son’s private parts embracing, locked on to one another in a beautiful dance of incest.

Incest.. The word echoed in my head as I latched onto David’s cock with my pussy muscles. Incest.. I closed my eyes and heard the sounds of skin slapping together as we tried to find our rhythm. Incest.. I could smell our sex. We were fucking now. A mother’s pussy. Her son’s cock. It all came down to this. Incest..

I threw my head back and groaned. I couldn’t help it. I was cumming already.

I felt like I was losing consciousness. I was cumming so hard. I just saw bodies. Fucking. Legs in the air. Smooth shaved pussy getting filled by cock. I closed my eyes and could smell the sex in the room. The sounds of bodies slapping together in the rhythm of intercourse. Shallow breathing, grunts and moans. I could taste salt and sweat.

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