Argument with my husband led to an unbelievable night at home

Sex with my son was never something that even crossed my mind yet alone even considered, but now I’m pleased it did happen, it was never planned and if I had not argued with my husband that night it would never have happened, my son is or was at the time just over 18, he obviously has friends and girlfriends but I won’t go into that, I’m an office manager and my husband is a social media consultant with lots of clients, So he travels quite frequently.

So this night he was home and we decided to go to our local for a drink, usually I’d go out with my friends when he wasn’t there, I have a slim figure and try to keep it that way through regular exercise as I always wear bikini’s on holiday, I love to sun bath and swim especially in the sea.
So we were out leaving our son in the house with a couple of friends and some beer! They were going to watch a movie or something.
I was at the time mid 30’s, measurements are 34B 28 30 I still looked good and still attract attention when I’m out even with my husband, and still do, it’s never been a problem and I must admit I quite enjoy it but have never encouraged it, that is it wasn’t a problem until that night cause I don’t know what got into him but he started to lose his temper cause apparently he overheard someone say to his friend he’d like to give that girl one! Meaning me! To be honest I couldn’t do anything but giggle and said he should feel flattered but he went the other way.

So by the end of the night he was quite drunk and in a mood with me! Like I had done something to encourage it! Getting out of the taxi at home was no better cause his mood was worse, he paid the driver stormed off to the door and said he was going to bed! I think he would have slammed the front door too if I hadn’t been behind him! So off he storms upstairs and I went into the kitchen for a drink of wine, the house was in complete darkness but the TV was still on, I thought Steve you’ve got drunk and gone to bed leaving it on, I put my glass down on the stairs, taking my jacket off and loosening my skirt letting it fall on the ground and I needed to pee, went to the loo taking off my panties and throwing them in the laundry basket, collected my wine and my skirt putting it on the back of a chair, turned on a lamp and went to turn off the TV.

It never registered that Steve might still be in there but he was, sitting in chair in a pair of shorts! Turning off the TV had woke him up and I walked past him almost stark naked, now I’m in front of him naked from the waist down, Jesus you startled me I thought you’d gone to bed as he stared at me, I sat down on the sofa and sipped at my wine, alcohol has a habit of lowering your inhibitions and we both had quite a lot to drink that night and judging by the cans so had he.

He came over and sat beside me my blouse only just covering me, your Dad went to bed in a mood with me I said, just because some guy found me attractive, I thought he might have been grateful, he might have thought you were teasing them, teasing them I said I don’t do that, anyway I would never tease you, now that’s not what I meant to say but I had said it and it hung there as he looked at me with a curious look, really you would never tease me he said, he was looking down at my bare legs.
The smart move would be just to laugh it off but that didn’t happen either, he put his hand on my leg, the strange thing is I never said anything, unchallenged he slid his hand up my leg to where my panties should have been, clearly I should have said something but I didn’t and all of a sudden I felt one of his fingers on my pussy.

My senses told me that I was his mother not his girlfriend, but the alcohol both of us had consumed was proving a powerful aphrodisiac, after running his finger up and down my pussy a couple of times I felt him tug at my inner thigh, my lust as a woman won the battle over my propriety as a mother, I resisted the first couple of tugs then let him slowly open my legs, I felt one of his fingers go into my pussy, I leaned over the edge of the sofa and put my now empty glass down, I couldn’t help myself as I opened my legs a little further, he put a second finger inside me, I was so wet there was a  slurping noise  as he finger fucked me, he then did something I’ll never forget, he took his fingers out, had a little sniff then licked them before putting them back inside me, after a few more minutes of that he stood up and I could see even in the dim light the budge in his shorts, I wasn’t even surprised when he took them off, it was the first time I had seen his cock in years and boy had it developed! He approached me and gently pushed me back on the sofa, with my legs on the floor he raised them climbing in between them, This was my son and I wasn’t stopping him, my legs were wide open and my need for him was as great as his desire for me, he was on his knees I felt his cock touch my swollen pussy lips, in the position we were in  he was able to get deep even with the first thrust.

The reality of us being mother and son evaporated, yet I felt this is what we had wanted all along, all of a sudden I orgasmed, and then a surprised announcement, mum I’m about to cum should I pull out!
Don’t you dare I said, I had a tube tie a few years ago and couldn’t get pregnant, he pumped me deep and hard now I felt him swell up and start to go off deep inside me. That set me off too and my pussy went into spasms as we came together. He seemed to shoot forever filling me up, he took out his cock slowly, as he did that his cum started to trickle out, I put my legs down and headed for the loo, sitting down my head was swimming as his cum ran out of me, shit that really did just happen didn’t it I thought, I’m not dreaming? I didn’t feel forced, I willingly had sex with him and the problem is I ENJOYED it,  after a few minutes I wiped my pussy clean as nothing was dripping out of me, the one thing I couldn’t deny the immense pleasure I felt though, I soaked a sponge in bubble bath and washed myself too, I’ll have a proper shower in the morning and try and figure it out.

Coming out of the bathroom Steve had already gone to bed, I collected my clothes and did the same, Roger (my husband) was sound asleep thank god, I got up next morning and I didn’t sleep well, I had a shower at 07.30 and went downstairs to make some coffee, Roger got up followed by Stephen, I got my usual good mornings and went to get dressed for work, I really needed to talk to Stephen as a matter of priority but I simply didn’t have the time and I couldn’t do it with my husband there either! I needed to think this out during the day, I tried to rationalise what happened during the day, I got no where, so I thought I would go through it step by step, try to strip everything away, I’ll quote Arthur Conan Doyle her from Sherlock Holmes fame, When you have eliminated all which is impossible then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth, but the fact remains when I turned around and found him sitting there, I should have left the room immediately , I didn’t I sat down, when he touched me, I should have been furious, I wasn’t and let him continue, and I should never have allowed him to put fingers inside me, but I did, and finally I should never have allowed him to lay me down and have sex with me, to the point where I said, don’t you dare pull out of me.

No doubt about it I was just as guilty as he was, drunk or not, probably more in fact, did I enjoy it? I came to the same conclusion I did sitting on the loo, I did yes, no matter how much I thought about it I did enjoy it, no matter how bloody wrong it was, I just didn’t know what Stephen thought, but I took it as a given he would remember what happened, he’s smart & intelligent and he knows when to speak and when to shut up, and he’s the mirror imagine of Roger, for a second I thought that was the answer until it echoed in my head what he said “ mum I’m about to cum should I pull out” that was that excuse gone.

One way or another I had to talk to Steve about it, fortunately Roger was going up to Newcastle upon Tyne at the weekend which was two days away, he was going to be away for 3 days working on a TV commercial so that gave me a chance, I simply couldn’t risk bringing this up while he was still there and I was heavily relying on Steve not to try too either, and to be honest it scared me but I couldn’t show it.

So Friday morning came and Roger was all packed for his trip, he left saying he would see us Tuesday or Wednesday depending on how things went, I had to get to work too, I told Steve I would see him later and I needed to talk to him, all day I was wondering what on earth I was going to say to him, after all it wasn’t all his fault and he had kept quite about it, getting back home that I had something to eat then called Steve down stairs, I suppose you know what this is about young man, Errrrr yes I think so mum, Ok then explain the other night then, just what do you think you were doing? Mum I’m so sorry for that just couldn’t help my I just couldn’t help myself, with the beer and everything, Ok Steve that’s enough, I have something to say, it wasn’t all your fault, I thought you had gone to bed that night so I got undressed and walked in to turn off the TV, I was just as surprised as you, now I know we can talk like adults about this so why don’t we even though it’s probably embarrassing, we both know it’s not what most people would consider normal mother son behaviour what happened, and I know we had both been drinking, but it’s no excuse is it, god knows what have happened if your Dad had came downstairs, but the simple truth about it is, I could have stopped it and didn’t, and you obviously knew what you doing and who you were with so lets not pretend, the truth is Stephen, and I’ve thought about this a lot I enjoyed it, Ok your turn to speak.

He just sat there not knowing what to say! Or how to say it! I just admitted I let it happen and enjoyed it! The thought flashed through my mind, shit what have I done cause he might not be able to handle it, after a few seconds, which seemed like a year, he finally spoke, Mum I never meant it to go that far, I don’t know what got into me, but seeing you like that was just too much what with all the beer I had, and the conversation was a little sexy that night, Oh you remember I said! If we are being honest with each other it’s all I’ve thought about for the last couple of days, I was a little sacred of saying anything to you with Dad around too, Well I said, at least we’re on the same page, despite all that, did you enjoy it? and please be truthful, yes I did he answered, do you regret what happened? No he said, do you? I also said no.

Thank you for being honest Steve, but I guess we have a big problem on our hands don’t we after both of us saying we enjoyed it, I knew I could count on you being discrete and level headed, and truthful, so enough said, lets just take it from here Ok and remember, discretion is the word.
He said he had a new DVD to watch to and asked me if I’d like to see it, it was Terminator 2 so the timeline here is 2017, the big thing was neither of us showed any regret over it, and talking to him gave me a wet crotch! I didn’t tell him that though!
I had to go to the shops and left him in the house to think about everything we talked about, the one thing that was never said though is that it couldn’t happen again.

That night around 8 he decided to watch the film, I bought a bottle of prosecco for myself and some caned lager for Steve, I was expecting Roger to ring me around that time so I asked him to wait until he called, he called a little after 8, told me it had been a very long day so he was going to shower and have an early night, said he loved me and hung up.

Ok Steve, you can put that film on I said, your Dad called and dim the lights please, and we started to watch the film, we were sitting together on the sofa again as we had been 48 hours earlier, this time I was wearing a dress and underwear!
So you enjoyed what we did a couple of nights ago? I did and I know you did too mum, would you like it to continue I said, cause if you do I won’t stop you from touching me but not when your dad is home, and I hope you realise we have to keep it a secret from everyone, and I mean everyone, don’t even think about it unless we are alone, after a brief pause he said you are serious aren’t you? Your not pulling my leg you mean it? I do yes, and with that he agreed and we continued watching the film.

It wasn’t long before he tried his new found freedom out! Honestly you could cit the atmosphere with a knife, he slowly started to stroke my leg, this time I could feel the sexual energy building between us, I knew he wanted to do what we did the other night but I could also feel his nervousness too, his hand progressed to the top of my thigh and he gently started to pull up my dress, we never spoke his hand did all the talking, finally my dress was pulled right up exposing my crotch, he gently put a finger down between my legs rubbing along my underwear, I glanced across at him and saw the enormous budge In his jeans, it looked bigger than it did the other night, if you can do that then so can I, I reached over and felt his hardness, we both rubbed and touched each other through our clothes, I felt one his fingers trying to get inside my underwear but it was difficult for him, instead he tried tugging them down, if you want them off you’ll have to remove them I said, he started pulling a little harder, hold on I said, I let go of him and raised my bum of the sofa for him and he gently removed my panties, i hooked a leg over his providing him with better access, he wasted no time, while I rubbed his cock he put his fingers back inside me, I loosened his jeans and put my hand inside and down inside his underwear, his cock felt lovely and was damp, not as damp as I was though, as Steve fingered my pussy I finally realised his cock to admire his teenage huge erection, it was shiny with pre cum and twitched in my hand.

I think the both of reached the point where we were wanting much more, almost at the same time we stood up, the film was forgot about, we both got undressed, I lay down on the rug for him and opened my legs, he knelt down between my thighs, his young cock standing upright, he leaned over me, he pushed closer until his cock met with my pussy lips, my open willing pussy welcomed his cock as he pushed into me, he really started pounding me, Steve, nice and slow sweetheart, trust me you’ll enjoy it better, he slowed down with nice long strokes in & out, Steve just before you cum stop Ok, he nodded and raised my legs until they were being held back with his arms, as we fucked I massaged my clit and the top of his cock, after a few minutes he stopped just like I suggested, he was going to cum, stopped and waited for it to calm down before starting again, I could feel his balls slap me every time he thrust in, I had to stop touching myself, I was building up to an orgasm, Steve fortunately is a quick learner, he noticed the difference and started rubbing my clit, i could feel my pussy starting to really grip onto his cock until I erupted with the biggest orgasm I ever up to that point, for the first time ever that I know of, I squirted. At least three big squirts of liquid came shooting out of my pussy onto him and the rug, I wrapped my legs around him pulling him into me and my pussy gripped onto him like a vice, and convulsed in orgasm, he was so much more to me than just my son now.

He literally couldn’t take any more, I’m coming he said, I felt the vein in his cock throb and pulsate as he ejaculated deep inside me, my pussy still gripping onto him milking his cock, when we were both finished, we got up, I was amazed he was still hard! Wait here a minute Steve, I went to the bathroom cleaned up a little returning with a towel, I took his hand and we went upstairs to his room, I lay the towel on his bed and lay on it myself, again he got between my legs and we started having sex again, Steve’s cock gave me orgasm after orgasm, after a few minutes I felt him ejaculating in me again, the stamina of teenage sex was amazing, after that I told him to lay on the bed, I got over the top of him and put his cock back inside me, I stared moving up & down on his still hard cock, he played with my breasts rubbing my nipples, I started rubbing my clit again, I can’t begin to tell you or be able to describe the feelings of having your son make love to you, after a few minutes of massaging my clit I built up to another orgasm, I couldn’t help myself, I reached back and stroked and played with his now soaking balls, all of a sudden they lifted and got tight, he came inside me again! I continued until I had another orgasm finally resting on his chest!

When I got off him his cock was beginning to subside, come on Steve, we need a shower, It was fun washing each other having the time now to explore each others bodies. I washed my pussy until it stopped leaking. I guess the rest was staying deep inside me, I thought I had worn him out but I was wrong, He trailed down my front kissing my boobs and sucking on the nipples. Going lower he finally knelt down and kissed my mound. I spread my legs as he licked my pussy lips, even though they were tender it felt good to have him do this. He licked and sucked on them finally making his way to my clit. It was big and hard and oh so sensitive. He sucked on it and flicked it with his tongue. I grabbed his head and pressed his face into my pussy, I stopped him, hold on a minute Steve I have a better idea, lets dry of and come with me.

I took him into my bedroom, we sat on the edge of the bed, lie down on the bed for me Steve, he did it Without asking me why, I climbed over the top of him so my pussy was over his head, I fondled his balls and cock and it came back to life again, in about a minute or so his cock was nice and hard again, I lowered my head, my lips gave the head a kiss then a lick, opening my mouth I took his cock into it, to a very satisfying groan from him, he soon got the message and put his hands around my waist, he tugged me down lower to his head, all of a sudden I felt the heat of his tongue on my pussy, I slowly moved my mouth up & down his cock, his tongue penetrated me for the first time, he used his fingers to open my pussy, his tongue found my already sensitive clit, this was the first time we gave each other oral sex, I felt his mouth almost lock around my clit, I couldn’t remember the last time Roger and I did this and boy did I miss it! With all the action happening down there my orgasm started building up as his tongue ravaged my pussy, he stopped and put his tongue as deep as he could get it inside me while rubbing my clit with his finger.

I concentrated on his cock, I felt his cock get even harder then start to throb, I pulled back till just the head was in my mouth, I felt his vein started to pulsate and throb, his thick white creamy load shot into my mouth. It tasted wonderful all salty and sweet, I swallowed quickly because more was on the way. I was able to swallow it all with none getting past my lips. He shuddered as the last bit came out and I sucked it down I sat up and enjoyed the oral Steve was giving me, Steve I’m coming, he intensified, I shivered as once again as his  tongue slid over my clit, I felt my pussy contract as my orgasm hit, the orgasm hit me like a bolt of lightning. I arched, tilted my head then moaned as I unloaded my juices into his mouth, I could hear him swallowing as much as he could, I climbed of him on my hands and knees, he rolled of to one side, he walked around and got on the bed, positioning himself behind me his cock pressed it’s way into my pussy, he grabbed my hips and gently pulled me back onto him as I lowered my head onto the bed, he soon found out he could get much deeper inside this way.
I don’t know if he knew it but he was in total control at this point, He would pull out until just the head was left inside me and then put his full length into me, I could feel every vein and ridge on his cock since it was such a tight fit, his big balls were slapping my clit sending me into an orgasm, they were big and still looked full, my pussy started to spasm and this sent him over the edge too, my pussy was so tight now it was actually difficult for him to stroke so he just put it in all the way and erupted again, throb after throb spurted into me, He pulled out when his orgasm subsided, Jesus I thought that was his fourth orgasm! Did he always cum like that! I do know we needed another shower, The bed was a mess and so were we and his cum was starting to ooze out of me.

We had yet another shower then went to bed, I said he could sleep with me that night, we slept back to front, he put and arm around me and squeezed my breasts, it felt wonderful, I felt his cock between my ass cheeks and It still seemed semi hard! It was obvious he was ready to go for round 5! This was the best thing about young guys, there stamina was inexhaustible, he kissed my neck and I moaned, I pressed back into him more, He let go of my breast and took his now hard cock and placed it between my legs so it rested on my pussy lips, He slid it back and forth a couple of times, I helped him by opening my legs a little, his cock slid inside me again, very vey gently he moved back & fourth, I whispered to him, that feels wonderful Steve, I was tired, he put his arms around and I fell asleep with his cock in me.

In the morning I was awake before he was, he had had another orgasm in me during the night! I went and had a shower and put on clean clothes, he woke up and did the same, it was Sunday morning, during breakfast we had a chat, we both agreed our relationship had change considerably, after last night we not just a mother and son any more, we did both agree we wanted to continue though, you can’t come anywhere near me when your Dad is home I hope you understand that, we need to be really careful and protect ourselves or else we just have to love each other as a regular mother and son and be okay with that, if this got out, we could both go to prison, and I would be facing a divorce, I enjoyed last night and would like us to have more if you want to that is, silly question really!because seeing you naked and us able to touch you has been so wonderful for both of us, I would hate to have to give that up now, I think all we can do is try different things to see what works and what doesn’t but remember, to the outside world I’m just your mother, nothing can suggest otherwise Ok, and that was that, the protocol was set, a mother who became his lover.

It was all working great, when we were on our own he’d come up behind in the kitchen, slide his hand up my dress and stroke my pussy! I had two men whom I loved dearly and made love with, then the coronavirus pandemic started, roger was away and everything got totally locked down, I was never to see him again, he died in hospital and I couldn’t go and see him, my whole world literally crumbled, I became more insecure, in a way I was luckier than most with having Steve, he was a brick, my shoulder to cry on and I his, we decided the best thing to do was to rebuild our lives together as couple, the one enduring thing Steve said to me was, you know mum, dad could never know this when he was here, but I think he would be pleased it’s me taking care of you now, I think he’s right too, with all the house paid for when things got better we decided to move, sell the house and go where no one knew us, so we did.

I got relocated with my job so that wasn’t to bad, we actually live together as a couple and Steve has a great job, he calls me by my first name now, He said I still look like I’m 20 and people here have accepted that we are a real couple, well he has a lot to do with that plus when we are out I still get a lot of attention! He said it makes him very proud I’m with him.

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