Argument with my husband led to an unbelievable night at home

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with my was never something that even crossed my mind yet alone even considered, but now I'm pleased it did happen, it was never planned and if I had not argued with my husband that night it would never have happened, my son is or was at the time just over 18, he obviously has friends and girlfriends but I won't go into that, I'm an office manager and my husband is a social media consultant with lots of clients, So he travels quite frequently.

So this night he was home and we decided to go to our local for a drink, usually I'd go out with my friends when he wasn't there, I have a slim figure and try to keep it that way through regular exercise as I always wear bikini's on holiday, I to sun bath and swim especially in the sea.
So we were out leaving our son in the house with a of friends and some beer! They were going to watch a movie or something.
I was at the time mid 30's, measurements are 34B 28 30 I still looked good and still attract attention when I'm out even with my husband, and still do, it's never been a problem and I must admit I quite enjoy it but have never encouraged it, that is it wasn't a problem until that night cause I don't know what got into him but he started to lose his temper cause apparently he overheard someone say to his friend he'd like to give that girl one! Meaning me! To be honest I couldn't do anything but giggle and said he should feel flattered but he went the other way.

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So by the end of the night he was quite drunk and in a mood with me! Like I had done something to encourage it! Getting out of the taxi at home was no better cause his mood was worse, he paid the driver stormed off to the door and said he was going to bed! I think he would have slammed the front door too if I hadn't been behind him! So off he storms upstairs and I went into the kitchen for a drink of wine, the house was in complete darkness but the TV was still on, I thought Steve you've got drunk and gone to bed leaving it on, I put my glass down on the stairs, taking my jacket off and loosening my skirt letting it fall on the ground and I needed to pee, went to the loo taking off my panties and throwing them in the laundry basket, collected my wine and my skirt putting it on the back of a chair, turned on a lamp and went to turn off the TV.

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It never registered that Steve might still be in there but he was, sitting in chair in a pair of shorts! Turning off the TV had woke him up and I walked past him almost stark naked, now I'm in front of him naked from the waist down, Jesus you startled me I thought you'd gone to bed as he stared at me, I sat down on the sofa and sipped at my wine, alcohol has a habit of lowering your inhibitions and we both had quite a lot to drink that night and judging by the cans so had he.

He came over and sat beside me my blouse only just covering me, your Dad went to bed in a mood with me I said, just because some guy found me attractive, I thought he might have been grateful, he might have thought you were teasing them, teasing them I said I don't do that, anyway I would never tease you, now that's not what I meant to say but I had said it and it hung there as he looked at me with a curious look, really you would never tease me he said, he was looking down at my bare legs.
The smart move would be just to laugh it off but that didn't happen either, he put his hand on my leg, the strange thing is I never said anything, unchallenged he slid his hand up my leg to where my panties should have been, clearly I should have said something but I didn't and all of a sudden I felt one of his fingers on my .

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