Argument with my husband led to an unbelievable night at home

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My senses told me that I was his mother not his girlfriend, but the alcohol both of us had consumed was proving a powerful aphrodisiac, after running his finger up and down my pussy a couple of times I felt him tug at my inner thigh, my lust as a woman won the battle over my propriety as a mother, I resisted the first couple of tugs then let him slowly open my legs, I felt one of his fingers go into my pussy, I leaned over the edge of the sofa and put my now empty glass down, I couldn’t help myself as I opened my legs a little further, he put a second finger inside me, I was so wet there was a  slurping noise  as he finger fucked me, he then did something I’ll never forget, he took his fingers out, had a little sniff then licked them before putting them back inside me, after a few more minutes of that he stood up and I could see even in the dim light the budge in his shorts, I wasn’t even surprised when he took them off, it was the first time I had seen his cock in years and boy had it developed! He approached me and gently pushed me back on the sofa, with my legs on the floor he raised them climbing in between them, This was my son and I wasn’t stopping him, my legs were wide open and my need for him was as great as his desire for me, he was on his knees I felt his cock touch my swollen pussy lips, in the position we were in  he was able to get deep even with the first thrust.

The reality of us being mother and son evaporated, yet I felt this is what we had wanted all along, all of a sudden I orgasmed, and then a surprised announcement, mum I’m about to cum should I pull out!
Don’t you dare I said, I had a tube tie a few years ago and couldn’t get pregnant, he pumped me deep and hard now I felt him swell up and start to go off deep inside me. That set me off too and my pussy went into spasms as we came together. He seemed to shoot forever filling me up, he took out his cock slowly, as he did that his cum started to trickle out, I put my legs down and headed for the loo, sitting down my head was swimming as his cum ran out of me, shit that really did just happen didn’t it I thought, I’m not dreaming? I didn’t feel forced, I willingly had sex with him and the problem is I ENJOYED it,  after a few minutes I wiped my pussy clean as nothing was dripping out of me, the one thing I couldn’t deny the immense pleasure I felt though, I soaked a sponge in bubble bath and washed myself too, I’ll have a proper shower in the morning and try and figure it out.


Coming out of the bathroom Steve had already gone to bed, I collected my clothes and did the same, Roger (my husband) was sound asleep thank god, I got up next morning and I didn’t sleep well, I had a shower at 07.30 and went downstairs to make some coffee, Roger got up followed by Stephen, I got my usual good mornings and went to get dressed for work, I really needed to talk to Stephen as a matter of priority but I simply didn’t have the time and I couldn’t do it with my husband there either! I needed to think this out during the day, I tried to rationalise what happened during the day, I got no where, so I thought I would go through it step by step, try to strip everything away, I’ll quote Arthur Conan Doyle her from Sherlock Holmes fame, When you have eliminated all which is impossible then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth, but the fact remains when I turned around and found him sitting there, I should have left the room immediately , I didn’t I sat down, when he touched me, I should have been furious, I wasn’t and let him continue, and I should never have allowed him to put fingers inside me, but I did, and finally I should never have allowed him to lay me down and have sex with me, to the point where I said, don’t you dare pull out of me.

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