Argument with my husband led to an unbelievable night at home

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I think the both of reached the point where we were wanting much more, almost at the same time we stood up, the film was forgot about, we both got undressed, I lay down on the rug for him and opened my legs, he knelt down between my thighs, his young cock standing upright, he leaned over me, he pushed closer until his cock met with my pussy lips, my open willing pussy welcomed his cock as he pushed into me, he really started pounding me, Steve, nice and slow sweetheart, trust me you’ll enjoy it better, he slowed down with nice long strokes in & out, Steve just before you cum stop Ok, he nodded and raised my legs until they were being held back with his arms, as we fucked I massaged my clit and the top of his cock, after a few minutes he stopped just like I suggested, he was going to cum, stopped and waited for it to calm down before starting again, I could feel his balls slap me every time he thrust in, I had to stop touching myself, I was building up to an orgasm, Steve fortunately is a quick learner, he noticed the difference and started rubbing my clit, i could feel my pussy starting to really grip onto his cock until I erupted with the biggest orgasm I ever up to that point, for the first time ever that I know of, I squirted. At least three big squirts of liquid came shooting out of my pussy onto him and the rug, I wrapped my legs around him pulling him into me and my pussy gripped onto him like a vice, and convulsed in orgasm, he was so much more to me than just my son now.

He literally couldn’t take any more, I’m coming he said, I felt the vein in his cock throb and pulsate as he ejaculated deep inside me, my pussy still gripping onto him milking his cock, when we were both finished, we got up, I was amazed he was still hard! Wait here a minute Steve, I went to the bathroom cleaned up a little returning with a towel, I took his hand and we went upstairs to his room, I lay the towel on his bed and lay on it myself, again he got between my legs and we started having sex again, Steve’s cock gave me orgasm after orgasm, after a few minutes I felt him ejaculating in me again, the stamina of teenage sex was amazing, after that I told him to lay on the bed, I got over the top of him and put his cock back inside me, I stared moving up & down on his still hard cock, he played with my breasts rubbing my nipples, I started rubbing my clit again, I can’t begin to tell you or be able to describe the feelings of having your son make love to you, after a few minutes of massaging my clit I built up to another orgasm, I couldn’t help myself, I reached back and stroked and played with his now soaking balls, all of a sudden they lifted and got tight, he came inside me again! I continued until I had another orgasm finally resting on his chest!


When I got off him his cock was beginning to subside, come on Steve, we need a shower, It was fun washing each other having the time now to explore each others bodies. I washed my pussy until it stopped leaking. I guess the rest was staying deep inside me, I thought I had worn him out but I was wrong, He trailed down my front kissing my boobs and sucking on the nipples. Going lower he finally knelt down and kissed my mound. I spread my legs as he licked my pussy lips, even though they were tender it felt good to have him do this. He licked and sucked on them finally making his way to my clit. It was big and hard and oh so sensitive. He sucked on it and flicked it with his tongue. I grabbed his head and pressed his face into my pussy, I stopped him, hold on a minute Steve I have a better idea, lets dry of and come with me.

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