A Family Affair

The first sweet pussy i tasted was my sisters pussy. I remember it all to well we were in our room playing dolls i was making mine have sex and my sister was watching. She had ust started growing titties and im not going to lie i felt my self looking at them alot more than i should have i mean come on now this is my sister. That particular day she didnt have on a bra and i could see her perky nipple thru her white tshirt i had to suck on them i wanted to suck on them. so here is how our convo went:

Me: sissy you titties look hard today are you horny baby
sissy; no sicko its cold and look at your nipples their hard too wonder if your all wet and bothered.
me; wouldnt you like to know
sissy; i would like to know because you look like your pussy explodes with juices.
me; lol sissy you play alot
sissy: im sjust saying because Andrea Withmore in Chemistry class her pussy is a super soaker i ate her pussy adn the assembly last week and i swear she gushed in my mouth and i jst swallowed
me; wait sissy you had sex with a girl
sissy; duh ive had sex with multiple girls you havent

And at that moment my sissy changed my life she looked into my eyes and kissed me so softly i rubbed my hands down her titties and played with her hard nipples sweet moans escaped her pretty little lips. i was really sucking in my sister titties and she was really enjoying it. Her finger slipped down to my already wet pussy and she began to rub on my clit so i sucked her tittied while she rubbed my clit and thats when she turend me over pulled off my shirt and shorts and kissed me from my lips to my titties she licked around my nipple while rubbign my juicy pussy fingering me and playing me like a harp then she kissed down to my stomach and looked up at me and said “shhh sissy dont be loud” i said okay and she went down and licked on my pussy.

Moans escaped my lips as she smacked and slurped on my wet pussy. My dripping pussy. she moaned as she ate my pussy i knew she was enjoying it. My moans got louder with my hands on the back of her head pushing her deeper and deeper into my vagina i felt my self cumming , cumming all over my sisters pretty little mouth. even upon me cumming she didn not stop she burried her face deeper into my pussy and sucked and slurped. we were home alone that day so i was pretty loud but what we didnt know is that our brother had got home early from practice. Legs up in the air moans escaping my lips and my sister head in my precious pussy bobbing and weaving stroking her tongue from the top of my pussy to the bottom of my ass hole. I was in amazement on what my sister could do with her tongue the way she glided up and down my clit and as i moaned sweet moans i looked towards the door way and standing there dick in hand on hard was my step father and my brother. Watching and jerking their hard cocks i popped up and they walkeed towards us my sister still licking every inch of my wet pussy and my step dad behind her stroking his dick and rubbing his hands along fat jiggly ass rubbing in between her ass cheeks down to her soaking throbbing pussy.

My little brother walks towards me as my sister is still eating me so gently and he kisses me so softly stroking his dick and rubbing my titts. He then slides his dick into my mouth i gag at first as he fucks my face i can feel his hard all down my throat. I pull his dick out and spit on it as i jerk it off and look into his eyes.His faces shows that he is pleased with his big sister mouth and that he loves what i am doing i suck even more holding back my moans because now my sister has put 2 fingers in my pussy and one finger in my ass. I moan loudly and stare into my brothers eyes as his hands grab the back of my head he shoves his dick further down my throat. with all the concentration in the world my brothe fucks my throat and moans loudly as i gag for breath and moan from the pleasure of my pussy cumming. My father behind my sister spitting on her light brown ass hole and slurping on her wet pink pussy begins to finger fuck her tight pussy while slurping on her pretty tight ass hole he then spits and plays with her pussy till she squirts her beautiful nut into his mouth screaming with pleasure my sister begins to eat my pussy alot faster and my brother fucks my throat even harder i cant breath. My father then pulls out lube and soaks his huge 12 in dick with it and pours half a bottle of baby oil on my sisters fat ass she bounce and teases my father a little bit he doesnt like that he grabs her by the waist and with no hesitation slamms all 12 inches of his hard as a rock dick deep into her ass hole. My sister lets out the sexiest moan and scream i ever heard. My father begins to fuck my sister tight oily ass hole.

Spreading her ass cheeks and giving her all 12 inches of deep hard fast strokes my sister cant take it but he tells her to shut the fuck up and take daddys dick so she shuts up and takes all of his dick. Pounding her ass hole he grabs her with both hands by the neck and chokes her fucking her harder and harder she scream with pleasure adn her pussy drips sweet honey juices. father fucking her tight ass hole with extreme force pounding her deeper and deeper stretching her ass hole to hits limit. father pulls out and my sister ass hole gapes open pink warm insides ooze with babyoil. i then slurp my brother hard dick one last time and proceed to my sisters gaping ass hole and i spit directly into that stretched out hole licking and sucking on her steaming pussy lips as her moans are muffled out because of the two hard throbbing penises in her warm throat. brother grabs her by the back of her head and forces his hard dick deep in her throat pounding and pounding as she gags i look up and i see my father jerking his hard dick moaning softly as he slides his dick into my brothers mouth placing his hads behind my brothers head and forcefully fucking his deep warm throat. both my brother and sister moaning and gaging spitting and choking mouths full of hard dick deep throating every inch as i eat my sisters sweet honey pussy spit in her pink pretty ass hole.

Sticking 3 fingers into the gaping hole my sister arches i then add one more finger she moans louder with out any notice i stick my whole fist into my sisters juicy ass hole as she screams with pleasure ass juice coverign my fist as it enters in and out of her tight ass hole my other hand 3 fingers deep in her dripping pussy now four now the fist. all my baby sisters holes are filled taking a pounding she is in heaven at this point screaming stop but we dont stop we pound harder. I with both fists in each hole my brother with his dick fucking her throat and choking her till she turns purple and my father choking my brother with the full 12 inches of throbbing dick. we release my sister and she shakes from cumming and having all holes filled i suck on her perfect titties and slide my pussy across her face. I ride her pretty little mouth suffocating her till hse makes bubbles in my pussy she doesnt want me to move she sucks harder and licks faster i feel my self getting ready to explode and then it comes in her mouth i squirt all my sweet pussy juice down her throat choking this pretty little bitch with all of my honey. My brother is sliding his dick into my sister pussy and begins to pound her pussy deeper and faster fucking th life out of her she says slow down he goes faster and harder fucking her pussy till it swells up choking her till she turns blue slapping her and fucking her so harshly you would think he held a secret grudge against her and then mid pump he pulled his hard dick out of her wet pussy turned to my father and stuck his dick deep into my father throat fire fucking his mouth choking him with out a care he then pulls out and pushes my father to his knees and begins to stroke his hard 13 inch dick with his huge hands stroking and rubbing his dick while my sister licks his asshole and i slurp on his balls. He thrusts his dick back down my fathers throat choking him with pleasure fucking his brains out my father gagging and chking spitting all over him self then my brother pulls out pushes my father to his knees and like an exploding fire hose creamy cum shoots out of his pulsating dick wide mouth and face full of cum my fatherr gargles his sons hot steamy cum swallowing it all my sister slurping my brother tight ass and me slurping the dripping cum off my brothers big balls swallowing both balls.

Wiping the fresh cum off his face my father grabs my brother throwing him on the bed hanging him up side down my brothers now limp dick lays life less my sister and i begin to revive him lifting his legs up in the air i begin to finger his tight ass licking and slurping his ass hole and balls while my sister slurps and spits all over his dick my father then goes to my brothers hanging head and slaps my brothers lips with his dick and shoves his deep into my brothers throat.

My brother gags and chokes mouth full of spit i thought he was going to throw up. Fucking his sons throat with no sympathy thrusting his hips my father yells ” FUCK you like that you dirty boy. Suck your fathers dick deep throat my dick you cum box” he fucks his mouth harder and harder and deeper and faster grabbing my brothers neck and driving his dick fully down my brothers throat. Snatching my brother up by his shoulders he lays on the bed and pulls my brother on top him and with out lube or shit he drives every inch of his throbbing dick deep into my brothers tight ass hole/ Positioning him self so that he can thrust in and he power drives my brother ass. Letting out the loudest moan ive ever heard from a man my brother takes all those inches deep in his ass.

My father then turns him over and fucks him doggy style with his foot rested n his back t omake sure the arch is perfect. fucking him harder and harder leaving his ass gapping my my sister goes and spits in the gaping hole and eats his wet ass sluprs his ass hole while fingering it in and out my brother moans softly as he is still cumming my father then proceeds back to demolishing my brothers ass hole fucking him brutally choking him from the back deep diving faster and faster and faster and faster and deeper and my brother screams to stop but my father chokes him and covers his mouth fucking him harder whiel choking him. i have never seen my father fuck any one like this. slapping my brotjer ass and jerking his dick fucking him so hard i think my brothers about to explode but he is taking it with out an issue. my sister and i 69 on the floor slurping eachothers wetness out and cumming in eachothers mouths i love the way her pussy stays wet i pull out my stap on and dive deep into my sisters ass hole but me im alot different i loose cntrol i tie my sisters arms and legs up to the bed and arch her back plowing deep into her ass hole without lube or spit fucking her harder than she has ever been fucked she screams no more i dont care i fuck her harder grabbing a belt and tying around her neck. fucking this little bitch fucking her hard till she crys and even when she cry i dont stop i fuck her harder my control is lost i jst want to fuck her insides out i look over at my father he has the same look in his eyes as myself as he fucks the life out my brother my sister screams stop i choke the bitch harder she starts to black out i dont care i fuck her even harder this little stupid bitch passes out so i slap her and choke her while driving all 17 inches of my strap on him her tight ass hole fucking her harder this bitch is screaming and crying i dont care tho i slap her and yell “shut up you little bitch take this dick take it bitch take it bitch or im not gone stop take this dick you dirty slut you fuck everything else so fuck me” im killing this bitches insides fucking her from her ass to her pussy not being easy at all straigt driving it in her my body collapse i cum hard as fuck i look at my sister shaking and i lick her ass sucking and caressing it i look over at my father and i see him fucking my brother and then pulling out and slamming his dick deep down his throat and shoots his load all down his throat slurping and swallowing all my father nut my bother is relieved we all are fully tired bodys shaking holes stretched pussies throbbing and dicks limp as a wet noodle this was a great familly fuck.

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