Loosing my virginity to my cousin

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I was about 14 years old when i lost my virginity my cousin Joseph was the same age when he lost his. We lost our virginity on the same day for the simple fact that our fist time was with each other. I fell in love with my cousin the day that he made me a woman. i still remember the day it was late at night and we had been locked out of the house so we decided to chill in the back yard. i dont know how the talk of sex came up but all i know is that my cousins hands had made their way down into my panties making my pussy all wet and tingly.

He gently slid my pants and pantie off and played with my soaking pussy. How could something so wrong feel so good is what i kept telling my self as i allowed my cousin to take me to heaven with his fingers. Eyes closed enjoying this pleasure i realized a sudden change in the soft feelings of his hands, the new touch was wet and moist and when i opened my eyes i could see my handsome cousin looking into my eyes as he licked every inch of my sweet virgin pussy. I was in heaven and i didnt want him to stop. i had never had a orgasm before that day so that was a new wonderful feeling.

He spit on my pussy as if he had done this a million times and he slurped and stuck his fingers in my tight slit. i let out a magnificent moan that could have woke the neighbors but i didnt care i having the time of my life. Then it happened my body shot up and out came the most unfamiliar liquid ever i had squirted all in my cousins beautiful little mouth and he did not say eww or anything he just continued to lick my throbbing pussy licking up and down to my ass where he circled around the rim of my ass hole before getting some lube he had stole from his daddy my uncle. He spit on my ass and it rolled down to my pulsating clit and he licked and slurped untill my wetness was clean. i had been watching porn all that summer so after i had my orgasm i immediately pulled down my cousins short and to my surprise a 10 inch dick looked me right in the eyes and without hesitation i put it in my mouth. This was my first time sucking dick and the first time made me love it i felt empowered as my cousin huge hard cock went deep down my throat.

Spitting on his dick and doing the things i seen porn stars to i sucked and sucked. My cousins facial expression was like a surprised emoji his mouth wide open eyes rolled back and his hand on the back of my head. I didnt want to stop. My cousins dick thrusting down my throat made my pussy throb pulsate and drip with happiness i wanted this so bad. I could tell that he was enjoying it because the best part came up i took my cousins hard dick out my mouth and looked him in the eyes and said “i want you to fuck my face” “can you fuck my pretty little throat daddy” i said copying a porno i had seen earlier that day. Without hesitation my cousin tilted my head back and slapped his huge 10 inches of hard dick all on my face and lips i opened my mouth and he beat his dick on my tongue. I wanted him to fuck my tonsils so bad. And thats when it happened he shoved his dick so far down my throat that i gagged i thought i was going to throw up but i didnt. He forcefully fucked my face as i asked. Gagging and choking and spitting all over my shirt i felt my eyes water and his dick go deeper. I could tell he was going to cum so i braced myself. Eyes watery throat full of dick i heard my cousin cry out “fuck i love you bitch and your mines you hear me suck this big fat dick nasty bitch” i didnt care what he called me i loved the taste of his dick.

Then i heard a final awww fuck escape my cousins mouth and a second later my mouth was full of my cousins sweet sacred cum. i gargled with it in my mouth like the girls on the pornos did and swallowed it. My cousin picked me up and kissed me deeply. Dick still throbbing grabbed his jacket on the ground and layed me on the jacket. He looked me in my eyes and asked if i was ready i moaned yes and he slid his hard erecting dick into my tight virgin pussy for the very first time. Our eyes locked and i let out a scream he said sorry and kissed me gently. Eyes rolled to the back of my head i got used to the feel of his 10 inch dick in my tight pussy. he sped up and i knew he was loosing his marble being the first time he had been in some pussy. deeper and deeper harder and faster my screams turned into soft moans. deeper deeper deeper this pussy belonged to my cousin and i didnt care becasue his dick had to be mines. choking me and fucking me hard he spreads my legs to expose my pretty pink pussy and he spits and rubs my wet pussy as his dick enters in and out.

His strokes are lke a painters srokes smooth and long. That feeling came back again i was about to cum all over my cousins dick. I wanted to cum so bad. I looked into his eyes and said “im about to cum” and he replied with ” Oh yeah? cum all over daddies dick this yo dick bitch nut all over this thick dick and then come suck it up you hear me cum on this dick silly lil bitch.” and at the moment i exploded on his dick body shaking pussy throbbing and dripping from the orgasm i jst had. I immediately got on my knees and sucked all my juices off of my cousins beautiful dick i licked and slurped as if i wouldnt lick or slurp him ever again. I got down on hands and knee and my coousin slid in me each stroke like the other long and deep. He grabs my neck from the back and chokes me as he fucks me harder and harder. I can feel that dick getting harder i scream up


At that moment my cousin grabs me by my neck with both hands from the back and starts plowing my pussy i mean really beating my shit up all you hear is the sound of his balls slapping on my wet pussy. Smack smack smack smack his dick is getting hard and his grip getting tighter around my neck yes fuck me you nasty whore is all i could think. He flips me over really fast and picks me up. Im holding on to his neck ass he squeezes my ass and pulls me up and down on his hard dick. Sucking my titties and looking into my eyes he says i love you and i say i love you more. Still thinking how could somethign so wrong feel so right. I feel every inch of his hard dick deep in my wet pussy im screaming and moaning as his pulls me up and down fucking me harder and harder deeper and faster. my pussy is so juicy and his dick is so hard he whispers baby im bout to cum in this pussy i said cum in this pussy cum deep in this pussy this is yo pussy daddy i want you to cum in this pussy give me all of your hot sum daddy please. He tells me to beg for his nut so i continue to beg for that sweet sticky nut. Still holding to his neck and being pulled up and down he lays me on the ground and pounds me even harder im screaming for dear life and thats when it happened i felt his hard dick release all of his precious nut into my tight pussy my cousins body collapse and he went down with great moans. Kissing my shoulders and my neck as he nuts and moans softly in my ear he says i love you i say i love you more. after that our bond with eachother had been very strong we fucked every chance we could almost like lovers intertwined and we never got caught

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