Routine check up : Doctor’s love

Hi friends, It’s my sixth year of married life as my mom, mother-in-law with my hubby started making me think to conceive a baby and so i started making love with my hubby without using contraceptives,so Bina mishra ,a 28 years lady with a nice figure of 36-28-38 is attractive,as her lovely tits are in shape,her round dome shaped buttocks are wild as reddish vagina got some black patches on it’s hole due to excessive fucking and now a days i am enjoying intercourse with my hubby Anish without any as my life started moving towards an additional responsibility,i have enjoyed a lot in last six years of marriage as my hubby,his office’s boss and some colleagues have fucked me,i have never given them a blank chance,so i have given them lot of pleasure as i have been satisfied with them but it’s my hunger as well as thirst for sex that i always needs some stranger’s dick in my hole,change of taste with different styles for physical love have kept my sexual fuel burning and as my hubby is busy in his official work,he is a weekly love we both have physical love in the weekend and now,as my date of menstrual cycle comes to an end with no period there,i am sure i have conceived and than i explained it to my hubby,so he planned to meet a gynecologist and one evening,i am ready like a house wife with her traditional dress of sari,peticote and blouse .so my hubby anish came home as looking at me,he smiled………..

”wow looking beautiful
[Bina]thanks but where we have to visit gynecologist
[anish]his clinic is at Indirapuram and he is a renowned gynecologist as my friends treated their wives also.”and his statement have made me bit suspicious of doctor’s gender as doctor is a male or female but i am voiceless and now we both walked to parking lot,so anish opened the car as i sits on front seat and now he drove the car as looking at him,i said…………..


”anish,will you provide me the details of gynecologist
[anish]oh bina,come on ,his name is vikash ahuja .”and now i am sure of visiting to a male gynecologist,so after 20 minutes,we reached there as my hubby deposit fees on reception and i am waiting for my serial to come.after a long wait of 20 minutes,nurse ask me to come inside and we both are inside doctor’s chamber,so looking at me,doctor smiled and asked………..

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”yes,now explain your problem
[Bina bit shy]actually i think that i have conceived
[doctor]o k ,go inside and i will check it.”so i walked inside patient’s room and sit on bed,so i can see doctor coming inside,as he is a smart guy in his mid thirties and he smiled……….

”now sleep on bed with your legs straight.”

And as i slept on bed ,my deep belly to flat tummy is nude,but who cares as i am in doctor’s he put his stethoscope in ears as he started putting it on my lower parts of abdomen,so i am breathing like he told and than doctor said……….

”just pull down your sari with inner inches below.”so i am bit afraid and than i put my hand on waist as i loosened the grip of sari which is under petiocote’s elastic,so i pulled down my sari with peticote as i know he have enough visibility of my sexy vagina but what can i do,if hubby have given priority to a male gynecologist ,so my both thighs are well closed and doctor started putting his stethoscope on my lowest part of abdomen as i have turned my face in different direction to make him comfortable .so vikash ahuja’s hand is touching my soft parts,but it’s intentional or not,time will he ask me……….

”put your sari and inner on place.”and he walked away as i have felt his hand touching my upper parts of vagina,it’s really tough for me to have a routine check up to him without any i put my clothes intact as i walked towards doctor’s chamber and i can see anish sitting there…………..

”so as i come to know,you have not conceived yet
[anish looking at me]oh i see ,but sir if its sure
[Doctor]yes but a test can confirm it
[Bina]o k sir,than write down the test name as i will have it
[Doctor]you can be tested here,so deposit the amount and wait for it
[we both stand to walk out of his chamber]anyhow,it will take an hour
[anish]it’s all right,she will be here and i will be back after an hour or so.”as we both walked out,my hubby walked to reception with doctor’s prescription and i am sitting out of doctor’s chamber and after a while hubby came there as he gave me the prescription………..”a nurse will come to you and than be cool for your test
[Bina]o k ,but live with me otherwise i will feel bore .”and lastly,anish walked away as i am still sitting there,later on a nurse came to me as she said…………

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”bina madam,come with me.”and both went to first floor as she took me inside a room,i can see X-RAY & TEST written on door’s upper she ask me to sit on a chair as this is a dental chair and than she asked me to put both legs on their straps as my legs get widened,she smiled…………….

”now sir will come and will put a object inside your sari and will see your inner pictures.”so i am bit scared but trying to make myself bold as it’s a patient’s room,so after a while,doctor came inside and he took out a large telescopic instrument as he said………….

”now put your sari and inner upto waist ”and while hearing it i am too shy as i started lifting my sari and inner[peticote]towards waist,God knows what he will do now and as my sari with inner have covered my sexy vagina,he took the instrument as he put it on sari’s corner and slowly he pushed it inside my inner,so without touching my sexy parts,he have lifted my sari and inner up to waist as he put telescopic instrument in between my thighs and than walked to a table,where i can see a laptop there and he is now looking at laptop as my legs are wide and my vagina is fully nude but doctor is not looking at he walked to me and now he took instrument as he smiled………”it’s a patient’s room ,so don’t be shy or scared of anything
[Bina smiled] sir,if i can put my sari down to legs.”and he replied ”no not yet”as he is putting some thing on his hand,now as he came to me,he eyed my nude vagina for a while and than stand near my waist,so i can see his hand covered with he put his hand on my vagina and slowly pushed his long finger inside as he started fucking my hole fast and now i am confident that he is making me hot as well as horny,so his finger is fucking my cunt and i smiled………..

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”doctor,which type of test you are doing?
[Doctor]if you will cum in 4-5 minutes ,may be you have conceived than i will perform other test next day
[Bina in anger]so if i will not cum
[Doctor]means you have not conceived.’

And he is fingering my hole fast and as he moved closer to my face,my eyes gazed on his bulge on trouser,so a routine check up is turning into a sexual affairs but it’s a forced one till now,so as i can feel his other hand on my chest,looking at me,he pulled down my sari an as my lovely boobs are going up and down with my heavy breath,i am in control of him as he hold my breast and started squeezing my sexy voice is making room hot”oh ah uh doctor,don’t make me horny,please leave me”and as he is pressing my breast hard while fingering my hot vagina,my hand moved to his bulge as it’s a natural as i hold his bulge on trouser,i don’t want to loose my chance and than while lying on bed,i unzipped his pant and he helped me to took out his his nude cock is in my hand and i started jerking it fast,now doctor took out his finger from my vagina as he removed the gloves and now started rubbing my sexy vagina……….

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