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Hello friends,
In previous story ”Appartment’s park” ,i have narrated the love which evolved between me [rima] and pritam raj singh of appartment society.He is a smart guy of 35-36 years as his well built physique with a charming face is attractive,i known some women of society looking for love with him,as he loves beautiful lady like me as his sexual desires are explored,rima is a matured lady of 27 years as half of dozen cocks have walked inside my smooth path and i am not shy or feeling guilty with him as we both have enjoyed sex for a day and than my open eyes started dreaming of more with it’s a weekend as i thought to explore love with my hubby Ankit but he is busy in his official work today,so it’s a nice chance for me to have love with pritam and as i wake up on time in the morning,we both have cup of tea and my hubby moved to washroom for bath and i am waiting for him to leave me alone as pritam’s company will make me happy and so as my hubby left for office after having breakfast,he is not sure of coming back in the evening or at lunch time,so i am bit confused but i have some ideas ,so as maid is in kitchen ,i took my mobile and called pritam…………

”Hi ,how are you ?
[pritam]fine and you ,have not seen you for a week ,are you ok
[rima]yes but today ,half of days will be good for meet.”


And as i explained him of my plan,he assured me for it,so i walked inside washroom to have bath and in hurry,i started having my bath as my sexual organs are clean with armpits as well as vagina clean shaved,so i put body gel on my sexy body and after my bath,i walked out of washroom as i have put a sexy dress for meet,it’s a brown colour skirt and white tops as it’s short in length and than i put my brassiere as well as panty on my sexy i put the clothes and now took my light breakfast as i have it while maid is cleaning the utensils and later on,i put plate in kitchen as i am back in dinning space,so maid walked out of kitchen after completing her households work and now left my i kept the door opened and now called pritam again as he asked me to wait for 10 minutes as he is busy in some work,so i sits on chair with my mobile as waiting his call to come inside his vacate sexy figure of 36-28-38 is still well maintained as my big soft boobs with fleshy vagina is still glittering,as i put some creams on it,so my wait is still on and as mobile starts ringing,i received the call……………

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”yes prit
[pritam]ok you are welcome,i am in flat.”and i walked out of my home as i locked the door with a key and than took lift for fourth floor to move to his flat,so i reached there and walked towards his flat and as i knocked the door,he came out and smiled as i frisked inside,so he locked the door.looking at the table as he have put bottle of wine and soda with a packet of cigaratee,i know he is going to enjoy his weekend with i sits on sofa as he sits beside me and now he is putting wine and soda in glasses,said…………..

”your hubby is busy in holiday also
[rima]yes so we got chance to complement each other.”

And as he have made drinks,we both looking at each other started drinking wine,it’s not a nice taste for me as i love drinking beer but alcohol makes me more sexy and hot,so as i am drinking wine,he put his hand on my thigh and started rubbing it as it’s going towards my inner thighs,so not feeling shy or ashamed of my act as i have done it several times with guys or men ,it’s my addiction for penis and love on bed,which have inflammed my sexual as his hand is on my panty,he is just rubbing my fleshy vagina and my sexy body is moving closer as i put my hand on his bermuda,he is in romantic mood as his hand is rubbing my vagina hard and now i put my glass on table as i put my arms on his shoulder……

”why you are afraid of removing my panty ?
[pritam hold my fleshy vagina as he pinched it]not afraid of looking at your sexy cunt baby.”and as our first drinks lasts,i started pulling his bermuda and his nude cock is in semi erection as he removed the strings of panties and took it out,so we both are semi nude as i turned my face towards him and both started kissing each other’s lips and it seems to be hot as he made me sit on his thigh and while putting my arm in his shoulder,i pushed my long tongue in his mouth as he is sucking it while his hand have lifted my skirt upto my waist and he is rubbing his finger on my hole,making me horny as his long finger frisked inside my cunt,i am pressing my left tits on his chest as he is sucking my tongue hard while fucking my cunt fast,i hold his long thick cock and started masturbating we are hot as my cunt is getting hotter and later on,i pushed his face as i freed my i put my head on his shoulder as he is rubbing my back and now he pulled down my skirt as i removed my tops,so he is making me nude as my brassiere is out of boobs and pritam is nude with me.

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Rima is in fire as she sits on her legs on floor and looking at him,i hold his penis as i took out my tongue,now it’s glans is rubbing hard on my tongue and it’s growing bigger and harder,he is moving his hand on my hairs and as i opened my whole mouth to swallow his long cock,he hold my hairs tightly and he starts pulling my hairs just to make my face up as well as down,so like a whore,his long and hard cock is in my mouth and his other hand have hold my breast as he is squeezing it hard,so i am too horny and as my mouth starts pouring too much saliva,i took out his cock and now started rolling my tongue on his wet penis,it’s a hard iron rod as my tongue is satisfying herself while tasting it’s saliva and my reddish vagina have just started itching as i took his penis again in my mouth,now he is fucking my mouth fast and i am enjoying his cock inside as my face is moving fast,he is squeezing my breast and his scream seems louder…….

”oh sexy,you are damn hot,aah suck it suck you bitch.”and now my mouth have become a hot boiler as his long hard penis is in my mouth for last 7-8 minutes an he is such a tough guy that he have not cummed i left his penis and walked nude to washroom as i urinated and washed my vagina ,back in dinning space as he is sitting nude,now i stand in front of him as i put my one leg on sofa as stretched it wider,so put my hand on vagina and as i am rubbing it,he smiled an said………..

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”oh baby,leave it i will do it.”and as i put my hand on waist,he put his fingers on labias as he distracted its hole and he is licking it fast,so as my one leg is on sofa with other on floor,his hand is rubbing my round buttocks and as he started fucking my vagina with his tongue fast,i started screaming in pleasure………”oh uh ah pritam now please fuck me fuck with your dick soon.”and he is still licking my glory hole as i started ejaculating cum inside cunt and it starts coming out of it as he licked it and sucked it to taste its our oral sex session is in process and as i sits near him,he hold my back and make me sit on his while my legs are apart,he have hold me in his arms and now our sexual organs are straight as i have enjoyed fuck in a cow girl position last time with him,but his penis is so hard and thick that it have put some injuries in my as my lips kisses his lips,he hold me hard and my boobs are on his chest as i screamed………

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