Appartment’s park

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Hello readers, It’s a message as well as story for readers but especially for lady of my age and being a housewife.myself Rima,a 27 years married lady is living in Lucknow as my hubby is in private job here,so as we both are enjoying our personal life without any responsibility (no kids)till now,it’s really easy living with your hubby only but if you are not in job than you will feel bore in home alone.

So as my hubby left home in the morning at 08:45 am and returns home till 07:30 pm ,there are less work in home as living in appartment’s flat never makes you so social and as my hubby routine is like a busy men,I started spending time in park of appartment in the evening as I want to keep my figure well maintained,so I walks fast in the park for an hour,so too many people came there as I have some interaction with lady and male members also,so as my personal life starts like a routine life with no fuels in physical love as well as in relation with my hubby,I started feeling alone and there I have developed an extramarital affairs also ,so as my whiteish complexion with tall figure of 5’6 feet , lovely boobs and round dome shaped buttocks are wild and attractive,I have an interaction with a matured men in his mid thirties,so as he always made me laugh in park after my fast walk,I got attracted to as Pritam Raj Singh ,a businessman having two flats in appartment got attracted to me,my mind always goes beyond his nice strong physique gives me lot of pleasure as I looks it daily and than as things started moving in great relationship,one evening he talked to me in a deserted place inside park,he said………”Rima I think we both are moving closer and it’s not good for our families
(Rima bit shy)yes so we both will not meet from tomorrow
(Pritam hold my wrist)we will meet in an isolated place as it will indoors.”and he proposed me in an indirect manner that he is going to develop physical relationship with as I am passionate about my new relationship,I walked to my flat,as my night ends without any physical love with my hubby Ankit ,so days started and my hubby left for office,as I have my bath and breakfast ,so as maid left home ,I started calling Pritam and our meet is near as he asked me to come in his vacate flat after half an hour, so I opened my wardrobe as I choose a dress ,a yellow coloured frocks with black coloured brassier and panty.

So I put it in hurry as I stand infront of a large mirror, looking hot in a teenager’s dress as my sexy legs to soft thighs are nude .later on,I locked my flat as I walked out of home,so it’s on fourth floor as pritam’s vacate flat have been chosen as the place to evolve a new relationship.I knocked the door as Pritam opened it and looking at me ,he smiled as I frisked inside,so he locked the main door and as I moved further to sit on sofa,he hold me tightly from my back,so his hard bulge is pinching on my soft ass and now I can feel pritam’s lips on my neck as his hand is moving on my flat tummy to waist,so I am trying to push him as it’s my resistance but as he hold my breast tightly to squeeze hard,I started screaming

“oohh aahh uumm leave me”and as my hand is pushing him back,he is kissing my neck to I got bit horny and than he left my sexy body as my resistance turns into lust,so I hold him in my arms and put my lips on his lips to he put my lips inbetween her lips as it’s getting sucked and his hand is lifting my frocks upto waist,so as my lips got sucked,I felt bit horny, so I freed my lips and than started licking his lips with my tongue as Pritam opened his mouth, swallowed my long tongue and started sucking it as his hand is rubbing my back,I can feel my frocks going upto waist and I put my hand on his back as my eyes are closed,so my boobs are pressing hard on his chest.after a while,I pushed his face back as I started unbuttoning his shirt and his hand is on my breast as he is squeezing it hard,so as I removed his shirt and than put my hand on his jeans to remove,he put his hand on my arms as he pulled down the strips of frocks down and as I started pulling his jeans down,my frocks is on waist as it’s out of my I am too horny as I hold his bulge on undies and his lips are burning on my soft boobs as it’s upper parts are nude,so as I put down his undies to legs,a 8-8 inches long and 3 inches thick cock is in my hand.

Now I am looking like a hot blonde as my bras with panty is for a while on my sexual organs and he is kissing my boobs as his hand moves on my back ,so he unhooked my brassiere as my pair of boobs are nude and Pritam started sucking my left breast as his hand is massaging my other boobs my legs are shivering as it’s wide and I am screaming in pleasure”uuhh aahh uum”as my hand is masturbating her cock fast,now Pritam a strong men sucked my both boobs as he started kissing my flat tummy to waist,he is going down as my legs are shivering,so I am looking hot as my panty and sandals have put my cunt as well as legs hand have hold his hairs as I am screaming”uuhh oohh it’s in fire,it’s itching my dear lick it”and he is kneeling infront of me as he put his nose on my panty and started rubbing it on fleshy vagina, feeling too horny as it’s strings have been Pritam and Rima are nude as my one leg is on his shoulder,I have stretched it to give him space as he is kissing it’s labias and than as my legs are shivering ,I put my hand on his hairs and Pritam have widend the hole as his tongue is rolling inside it’s a nice day as new sexual affairs have evolved and as he have hold my waist tightly,I have put my one leg on his shoulder to get his love on glory it’s making me wild and he took my fleshy vagina in his mouth, so I started shouting”oohh prit it’s hot uuum suck hard”and he sucked it till I pushed his face back to free my cunt from his we both nude lover are sitting on sofa as Pritam kissed my face and said…………

“do you love drinking wine
(Rima) love it quite often but chilled beer will make me more comfortable.”

So he walked nudely as I am sitting on sofa with my legs crossed and it’s an extramarital affairs that have made us so passionate to meet eachother indoors,so he came back with two bottles with soda,glasses are on table and as he sits near me,my eyes are on his erected penis ,longer as well as thicker than my hubby or anyone who have fucked me,so he started putting beer in one glass as he is putting wine with soda in other one,and my hands started moving on his chest as other hand hold his cock and as he started drinking wine,I put my glass in hand as we both are drinking it and my other hand is jerking his penis as I am desperate to suck his as my drink is near to finish,I knelt down on his legs and now while holding his cock,I dropped remaining beer on it as it’s wet ,than I started kissing its base to shaft as I removed it’s skin while my lips are sealed on his hard tool .He put more wine in his glass as I took out my tongue and started licking it, looking into his eyes,I am making him hot ,so as I opened my whole mouth to swallow his penis,he put his glass on table and than hold my hairs as I took his 2/3rd cock in my mouth,it’s hot and hard as I started moving my face fast , giving it a nice and hard jerk ,he is screaming in joy

“uuhh sexy you are a great sucker”and as he have hold my hairs tightly ,he started fucking my mouth from below as glans is hitting on my my eyes are closed as I am breathing heavily and my sexy voice”uuhh aahh uumm”is making room hot,so feeling it’s hardness as well as it’s growing bigger,I am on the peak of sexual Pritam is fucking my mouth and I took it out after sucking it till my vagina started cumming,I took out his wet penis as I am licking it wildely,so put it’s glans on nose and smelt it I walked to washroom as I urinated and than came back,while putting a bath towel on my chest,I have covered my boobs to inner thighs as vagina is getting visible as I sits near him on sofa.looking at me,he said………

“have one more drink darling
(Rima)sure but I am feeling you as more intoxicant than it.”and he laughed as I took my glass and started drinking beer as he is drinking wine with his hand on my he started lifting my towel and as I have put it inbetween thighs to disturb him in dislodging it,he pulled it down to my boobs with flat tummy and belly are nude,we both are in drunkun State as second drink have made me more unconscious,I put empty glass on table and than put my arms on his shoulder just circling his neck and as I am feeling horny,I sits on his lap like a child sitting on mom’s my face is straight to him as he is kissing my Rossy lips and than our body is brushing eachother’s ,so I put my sexy ass slightly up on his lap as I hold his long erected cock,just making our sexual organs straight and than I got his soft round glans inside vagina.It’s a nice cowgirl position for lady like me who wants to get hit her vaginal depth ,so Pritam hold my back tightly as I am pushing his cock inside vagina and than as I felt 2/3 Rd cock in my cunt,I kissed his lips……….

“oohh now fuck me you smart guy.”and as he hold my waist ,he fucked me hard from below as it’s whole penis is in my vagina and I screamed”oohh yes it’s hard and hot,need your cock for an hour.”and as we both are sitting nude with my legs wrapped on his waist,I started bouncing my heavy ass to enjoy his penis in my glory hole,a glory hole made for love only as I have hold his back ,Pritam is like a hot men getting my vagina on his cock for fuck,as his lips are sealed on my neck to ears,my wet vagina is enjoying his penis ,so after 4-5 minutes of fuck,I hold my move as my heavy bum have made me bit tired ,so Pritam started pounding my vagina with heavy tool from below as my vagina is in my boobs are getting pressed on his chest and it’s memorable as our great sexual affairs have started yet and Pritam like a strong guy is fucking my vagina with speed and power as my cunt is dry as well as hot,so need cum from his penis or from my vagina but not getting yet,as I started bouncing my ass fast with his penetration in fire,my sexy voice is begging

“uuhh aahh yes fuck fuck hard you dog ,it’s in fire so put your rain soon”as he is a great fucker,his penis is hitting my vaginal depth frequently ,so it’s my orgasm that have given me lot of Pritam started shouting”oohh so sexy fuck fuck you hard you bitch ,but now it’s cumming”and his penis have last laugh inside my vagina as I got much waited cum in it,so cum is dripping from my vagina on his pubic hairs as I left his lap with my legs in pain,so get his wet penis in my mouth and sucked it to taste it’s cum.our interaction changed into personal meet as I showed my resistance also in the start but it’s my obsession for his nice physique as I got fucked and not ashamed of it as vagina is for use , love and lust only not to keep inside your panty or G string only .so our love lasts for an hour as it’s 01:10 afternoon but what happened next ,will make all of you cum soon but wait for it’s next part.

Added by Rima kakkar

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