My husbands sex slave

Iam Priya married to Raj for the past 16 years and now am nearing 40 years, this is the story how I became a sex slave of my husband. I am around 5ft 7 inches tall very fair in complexion with big breasts thanks to my ex boyfriend played on it all the time and wirh a great shape sexy eyes hot luscious lips and a big sexy nose and a sexy ass too. Iam a big head turner wherever I go with my dead gorgeous looks and my big breasts and ass. People comment and compare my looks with top bollywood celebrities.

During my teenage I was in love wirh a guy who used to do all foreplay on my body and even made me suck his cock a couple of times and made me drink his juices too and I loved the taste of it also the way he has used my body so roughly and give all marks around my sexy fair milky white body too. He is the one made my normal breasts into a massive big one.

Soon after I married Raj when I was was 22 years old,he did all normal sex also wirh me like smooching my lips, play with my sexy breasts which is his favourite and wants me all the time, if I stand simply next to him itself he will get mood and will come and start playing with my breasts he will kiss fondle play with it for longer periods and then suck my full breasts and entire take it in mouth nipples and make it bounce too, we got baby after 7 years of marriage since he wanted to enjoy my sexy body in all ways. He wants my body all the time everyday even if I stand simply he will get horny and will come and start playing with my breasts, he will fuck me in the sofa, kitchen, bathroom with shower running, bathtub And he has a kink of taking me in car to any isolated places and play with my breasts and make me suck his and he will push his cock till my throat and leave his hot seed onto my stomach which is one of our favourite kink too.
He will also play with my sexy big ass by folding pressing squeezing etc too.

The day of my marriage he has told me he knows everything about my ex-boyfriend and he is fine with it and asked me whether I had physical sex wirh him I said no except he has played with my breasts smooched my lips only being in a small town it’s not easy to get laid etc so he probably would have trusted me eventhough I didn’t inform the many times I sucked my ex”s cock and drank his semen and he always left his seed in my throat only.

He said he has fallen in love with me the day he has move in near my house and was smitten by my beauty and my sexy body. He said am a dominant by nature and get turned by wild sex and am gonna make you my sexslave and I get turned wirh all this sort of sex only and also has a fetish for nose and due to my big sexy nose only he has married me too eventhough am not from a wealthy family. He said either you can walk out of the marriage or continue to become my sex slave and continue our life, I thought for a moment and thought it’s better to be sex slave since my ex always dominated me and I sort of loved it too but this I guess will go to a different level altogether. I said fine but go easy on me he said I can’t promise that but will go step by step ,and told me about the fetish for nose wherein he wants to play with my nose as it’s a big turn on for him it seems, as I look upon he came next to me and pull my nose upwards wirh his thumb finger and said this sort of piggy looks he gets so turned on and he wants it to be like this most of the time and said will add nose hooks to keep it upwards which I didn’t understand and asked him what’s it all about he said to wait and went and opened the cupboard wherein he has hidden and kept some items and put out the box and taken a hook wherein he tied one end of the hooks with
A twine and then he came next to me and put each end of hooks on my nostrils and he positioned it and slowly he pulled the twine which tied the other end of the hook pulling my nose upwards in an uncomfortable position and I felt bit of pain and really felt humiliated and degraded and seriously I felt my beautiful sexy nose has been distorted and now I look like a pig when I looked myself in the mirrror which was straight across my bed. He has pushed the twine upwards further and further making me make noise in a bit of pain and excitement too.

He asked how I feel I said bit of pain when you pull the twine holding the hooks further up as the hooks inside was a bit sharp too. He kept holding the hook pulling it further upper and upper making my nose holes open up and i was screaming in pain, but he didnt ask anything and was seriously enjoying my cries and he then pulled it wherin there are no space for my nose to be pulled up, i felt really humilated looking myself in the mirror from far,
he sensed it and asked me to get up from the bed and made me walk towards the cupboard big mirror and pushed the hook leash again and asked me to look into the mirror which made me feel like an animal also my nose was on fire too, he held my nose hook from the right hand and start caressing my breasts through my saree and thereafter put his left hand through the blouse to the bra and start squeezing my breasts and then simultaneoulsy pressed his cock through the pyjama to my ass cheeks and kept pushing my nose hook. Then he started feeling my nipple and he catch hold of my nipple and then tweak and twist my nipple wherin i screamed in pain due to his sharp nails as well as the pain in the nose too. after 15 minuted he did the same changing hands from right to left hand to hold my nose hook rope and again pricked and pinched my right nipple with his sharp nails while pulling my nose hook further and further.

Theareafter he asked me to bend and be on all fours which i obeyed and he held the nose hook again and pulled the hook harder making me scream and started walking pulling my nose hook wherin i have to walk on all fours following him since the room was quiet big around 800 square feet he covered all the distance making me walk on all fours faster not to hurt my nose further and further. Thereafter once he reached the cot he held the nose hook and unzipped his pyjama and pull out his hard cock which was leaking and told me to suck it cleanly and when i started sucking it again he started pulling the nose hook even more and my nose was on fire he told me my teeth has touched the cock so iam supposed to suck it wihout getting my teeth hurting his cock and he kept pushing the nose hook finally after sometime with other hand he held my hand and my hairs and pushed his cock even further to my throat and with a roar he has left his seed in my mouth and he didnt allow me to take my mouth from the cock unless he deposited all his seed into my mouth without leaving a drop he asked me to drink it.
he told me dont worry this is first time for you and it will become habit and the taste was very different than the one i drank earlier of my ex boyfriend, however i liked it too but didnt show him.

Next day morning soonafter i got up he said to suck his before she goes to his family members to help in kitchen etc, i started sucking from the bed he asked me to get the hook from the cupboard i asked is it really required next moment he slapped my face so hard tears started swelling from my eyes he said you are my slave girl to use however i wish no questions asked go and get it, i ran towards the cupboard got the nose hook and handed it over to him he asked me to put it on my nose holes he started pulling it hard harder hardesttttttttttt making me scream in pain and suck his cock and my big sex nose holes kept widening and it opened up like a pig and after few minutes he came again with a scream left the load inn my throat and asked me to drink every drop and whatever seed left in her lips to leave it and go without cleaning saying its a punishment and let his parents see to humilate and degrade me even further.

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