BF’s virgin Bro is Pro

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Hi I’m Shilpa. Let me tell you how i cheated on my boyfriend by getting fucked hard by my boyfriend’s elder brother who was a virgin. About me I’m 5.2 feet tall and have a 36 inches boobs and a big ass. I’m quite fit and I’m 21 years old. Let me come to the story.

It was 12 AM, and I was in bed with my boyfriend, darshan. I was completely naked, and my boyfriend was sucking on my tits. He had already fucked me twice that night, but I could feel that he was not done yet and was getting ready for the next round.

Me: darshan, please stop now. Let’s go to sleep.

darshan: shilpa, please, let me have you one more time.

He rolled above me, pinned me down on the bed, and started fucking me again without wasting time. darshan was between my legs, drilling his dick inside my pussy. At that point, I was so exhausted that I was lying there and not doing anything.

After fucking me in a missionary position, he rolled me over to fuck me in the doggy style. So, I stood like a bitch, and darshan started humping me from behind. The sound of our skin colliding was so loud that I feared that darshan’s brother might hear us.

Me: Go, slow baby. praveen might hear us.

darshan: Don’t worry, baby. He would have gone to sleep by now.

darshan’s elder brother praveen has recently lived with him for a few days until he finds a place for himself. He was in the next room, and I feared he might be listening to us fucking. But darshan was not worried about it, so I went along.

After half an hour of fuck session, darshan cum and fell on the bed beside me. Finally, he was satisfied and went to sleep. But now I was not getting any sleep, so I put on my clothes and went out for a cigarette. I went to the bathroom. When I was supposed to open the door, praveen came out of the bathroom.

He was shocked when he saw me standing there. praveen was not wearing anything except his boxers. I asked him if something was wrong, but he didn’t say anything. He just nodded his head in no and rushed back to his room.

praveen was 26 years old, and darshan was 20 years old, the same as me. But praveen had a better physique than his brother darshan for sure. He was bit dusky and broader and an inch taller than darshan, and I just saw he had an manly body.

I found something hidden below the sink when I was in the bathroom. I saw the dirty panties I had kept in the bathroom for cleaning. It was covered in thick white cum. At that moment, I knew why praveen looked so shocked.

I decided to keep this incident to myself. But thinking about it started making me horny. I started fantasizing about praveen and what it would like to be fucked by him. The feeling was so strong that I started imagining praveen while darshan was fucking me.

One weekend darshan had some work with his friend, so I was left alone with praveen in the home. I decided to seduce him and have some fun before my boyfriend came home. praveen was watching TV, he looked smart and polite i liked his attitude. I went and sat beside him. It was very hard to see him sitting freely, he was always busy with his work, he was wearing trousers and tank top, i could see his strong masculine arms it was well sculpted unlike darshan

I was wearing a tight t-shirt without any bra. My nipples were pointing out of the t-shirt and were visible. When praveen saw me, he got stunned and tried to look away. He looked uncomfortable.

Me: How’s your profession life, praveen?

praveen: It’s good. I’m enjoying my job its interesting.

I could understand that he was so happy with his career

Me: Do you have any girlfriends?

praveen: No, I don’t have a girlfriend. I had been single since my teenage

Me: So are you still a virgin, or have you banged some pussy before?

praveen got stunned for a moment. I should be more careful. praveen was very innocent, and I didn’t want to scare him away. So, I laughed and tried to lighten the atmosphere.

Me: Don’t be shy. We are good friends. You can discuss anything.

praveen: You are my brother’s girlfriend. I don’t think it would be right to discuss such things with you.

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