Routine check up : doctor’s love : part-2

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Hi everyone,
I have evolved a great sexual affair with a gynecologist as Doctor (Part 1) vikash ahuja have checked me in his clinic and a report have confirmed that i have not conceived yet,so my mom as well as hubby asked me to meet doctor again to know why menstrual cycle have not been on time or what’s the as my first check up was just like a check up turned into fun,i have never expected my hubby to be with me to a male gynecologist,but there what happened ,he is unaware of it.

So Bina mishra ,a 28 years lady is sexy with a nice maintain figure of 36-28-38,as my lovely boobs are soft with it’s brownish nipples,my round dome shaped ass is too wild as it swings when i don’t put full panties on it or put G string only,so my reddish vagina have some black patches on it’s hole as i know that it’s due to excessive fucking and as i am ready to meet doctor alone this time,i am too curious to put everything on deck to please i have booked a cab for indirapuram and it’s 06:00 pm as i walked out of my flat,sit on the backseat of cab as i have put a brown colour salwar with a white kurti ,so purse is on shoulder and a sandals have been on cab is moving fast,my hubby have assured me to pick from clinic as he will return from office and so ,my mobile started ringing as i took it out of my purse and can see Anish calling me…………

”Hi anish,i am on the way
[anish]o k ,so i will be there at 07:30 pm or so and don’t be shy while explaining your problems to doctor
[Bina]o k,see you later.”so after 20 minutes,i left the cab as i am in doctor’s clinic as i walked towards his chamber and put prescription on nurse table and she asked me to wait for some time,number of patients are waiting there as i am waiting for my call and after three couples meet the doctor,i got the call and than i walked inside,he smiled as i sit on chair…………..

”how are you bina madam
[Bina]fine but i have not mentioned the problem i have faced last month
[Doctor]o k please
[Bina] last time my menstrual cycle didn’t happen ,so i was sure that i have conceived
[Doctor]oh i see,come inside.”and i walked to patient’s room as i am too bold today,as i slept on bed,doctor came there and he lifted my kurti up to my tummy as he hold the strings of salwar and opened it,so looking at me ,he pulled down my salwar and now it’s on knees as my black panties is visible to him,so he put stethoscope on his ears as he put it on my lower abdomen and started pressing it as i am lying silently and he than asked……………

”any pain or discomfort here
[Bina]no sir.”and than doctor smiled as he asked me to put clothes on place,so he walked away as i put my salwar intact and now as i walked to him,he wrote down a test on prescription and than asked me……….”go to first floor as urine test will be done.”and i walked away to first floor as i produce my prescription to a nurse there and she took me inside test room as she gave me a tube ,said………….”go to washroom and urinate as put it on that specific place.”,i can see my name written on the tube as i walked inside washroom and than urinated in tube as my memory refreshed that last weekend i have some great sexual affairs here with doctor vikash i put that tube as i washed my hand and walked to ground floor,so nurse ask me to sit out of chamber as doctor is busy with some other patient,as i have made a plan to enjoy with him,will he approach me or not?matters,so going to him and than starts my physical love with him,is not in my card and after 10 minutes,nurse ask me to go inside as i moved inside,doctor took me to patient’s room as he ask me again to sleep on bed,so as i slept with my legs straight,he lifts my kurti up and than hold the strings of my salwar,as i have turned my face in different direction,he have opened my salwaar as he have pulled it down,so my hot zone with thighs are nude as he have put his hand on my lower abdomen,just rubbing it slowly and asked…………

”if you will feel any pain or discomfort than please say to me.”as his hand is moving up to my belly and tummy as his hand is making me bit horny,so as his other hand started moving on my black panties,i am now hot as well as happy that he will make me love,so leave him to do what he my fleshy vagina is getting his hard hand as his other hand frisked inside my lose kurti and now he hold my breast on brassier as he started squeezing it,now my heart beat starts rising as my body is getting lot of sensation and he is massaging my soft breast as my face turned to him and our eyes meet,we both are voiceless but our love is in process,so as his hand is making my vagina hot,i put my hand on waist and than unhooked it as he took it out and now i have stretched my legs wider to give him space as his fingers are rubbing in between my labias ,so feeling too hot and horny,i am waiting for his next move and than he pushed his long finger in my cunt and started screwing it again,a routine check up turned into a sexual affair and as i am screaming slowly………

”uh ah um oh fuck fuck me vikash, i am your whore.”and he is rubbing his finger in my vagina as i have lifted my kurti upto neck,so my pair of boobs are making him hot and now he took out his finger as he said………

”now be on your knees an elbows.”and it’s like dream come true,as a smart guy in mid thirties is loving me ,i put my body on knees and elbows as he took out my salwar out of legs,my lower parts are nude and looking at him,i smiled as i can see him putting his face on my ass,so he starts licking my vagina from rear side as i am getting horny,he have put his fingers on my labias to widened it’s hole and his tongue is rolling inside my soft cunt,so my legs are shivering as i am screaming in joy ”oh uh please fuck fuck me i am dying for your cock”and he is still fucking my cunt with his long tongue and than he asked me to turn again,so i sit on bed as my face is straight,so he is standing in front of me and there,i hold his buckles of trouser as i removed it in hurry,his trouser to undies is on his legs and now i hold his long thick cock as i started rubbing it’s glans on my lips to face,he is smiling on me and than as i opened my mouth,he hold my hairs and i swallow his cock,so i started sucking it as my vagina is feeling hot and i am in hurry for fuck but i started moving my face fast as i am enjoying his cock in my mouth and he is in joy”yes suck suck hard you bitch”and he started fucking my mouth hard with his 8-9 inches long cock,its glans is hitting my throat as my face have turned reddish and my eyes have been closed,so i am too horny and after a while,doctor took out his wet cock as i licked it for a i stand on floor as he turned me and now i leaned forward as well as downward,so stretched my legs and like a four legged animal i am waiting for my fuck,so vikash hold his cock as he put the glans on my hole and slowly pushed inside,it’s a softer part of men cock as he fucked hard and than his hard cock have entered inside but his second hard penetration made my dry and hot cunt little painful as i screamed……..

”oh its too hot and hard,be slow vikash.”

And he is fucking me hard as his hand have hold my waist,so no more space for me to move the ass as his cock is hitting my vaginal depth hard,i am feeling more hot and as his hand left my waist,i started moving my ass fast ,so his penis is hitting my glory hole hard and vikash is bit slow as he wants to fuck me for a longer span of time,so i like this approach,having hard cock in cunt for 15 minutes or so have always satisfy me,so after 4-5 minutes of fuck,i started moving my ass fast and started screaming in joy”oh ah hit hit hard,i will cum soon.”and after a while my vagina ejaculated fluids as i am bit relaxed but vikash have not took out his cock,so he starts fucking me in speed with power as i have hold my waist,so looking at him……….

”don’t fuck my wet cunt ,lick it first and than enjoy it for 10-15 minutes
[vikash]no baby,i will fuck you ,your wet cunt and will cum soon.”so as he is fucking my vagina hard,he hold my saggy boobs on kurtis as he is squeezing it hard and now i started moving my buttocks fast as wetness of vagina is eloping and i am feeling the orgasm,i needed and so we both are going hard as his penis is moving in my soft cunt,i am pushing my back fast,so after a while……….”oh sexy,move your ass fast ,i will cum soon.”an after a while,his penis poured in my vagina as i am still standing with his cock inside,later on i walked inside washroom as i urinated and washed my sexual organs,so put my dress intact and than walked out of doctor’s chamber as our next meet will be after three days.

So it’s 07:35 pm as my hubby anish came and we both left for our i explained him about my test and problems but not of secret affairs.

Added by Bina mishra

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