Dad’s friend: Forced sex – lost virginity

Hello friends,
In last four parts ,i have narrated of my physical love cum lust happened between my dad’s friend Hitesh as well as me,Dipali and as we both have enjoyed sex for first time and he have forced me to do so,i have made my mind to do so with him [read previous story ”Dad’s friend:forced sex” as well as ”Dad’s friend:love cum lust” and other ones also,so as i have a great sexual affair with him last time on V DAY,i have got strong massage from him about his inherent goal of enjoying my sexy body i have changed myself that i have to
keep myself away from him as he is a hungry wolf looking for my physical assets only,so after a week as i am regular attending my classes,one morning as i left the bus and was on way to school,my silent mobile started vibrating as it’s in my school bag and so i thought to see the caller and there i can see hitesh calling me,so i received his call……….

”Hello uncle ,how are you?
[uncle]fine,we have not meet for a week ,so i called you ,if want to bunk your classes today
[dipaali]sure,but for what mr.hitesh,want my nude body to love,i have proposed you as i am in love with you still now,so don’t disturb my normal life as i want to leave our memorable time out of my mind
[Hitesh]o k i will not disturb you but want to meet you once.”

And i am voiceless for a moment as i am bit scared of him as my virgin cunt is in his eyes and mind,so as i switched off the mobile and walked towards school,my mind is too disturbed as i am thinking of my sexual affair with a men of my dad’s age but it was just like fun or time pass,so my love is like a sea wave meant for destruction and as i attend my all classes till evening,i reached home on time and than have a cup of tea with my i have changed my dress as i spent my night peacefully but i am still thinking about our sexual relationship,anyhow i wake up in the morning and as normal,frisked inside washroom for refreshment and than have a cup of tea with my parents,so later on took bath as i am not feeling comfortable to attend my class but my mom will ask several questions on it,so i have my breakfast and than put my school dress as well as black shoes and than took my school bag as i walked out of home,now thinking about my dad’s friend as i have promised him to meet today but i am bit scared of as i am standing at bus stop to board on bus,my mobile started ringing and i received the call…………..

”Hi hitesh,i will come to civil lines after half an hour or so
[uncle]you are at your home’s bus stop
[dipaali]yes i am here
[uncle]wait for 15 minutes baby,i will be there
[dipaali]o k ,as you wish.”

And i am bit confused about myself as physical relationship is the peak of relation either it evolved from a forced sex but my desires were also on rise,so i have done it several times with him but losing virginity with him,i am not desperate or don’t want to do so and as two bus passed towards civil lines,after a while i crossed the road and than my eyes are looking at uncle’s car,so 10 minutes have passed after our talks and i am standing at a bus stop as i know he will come from same direction.later on ,i started ringing on his mobile and he received my call……….”just wait for 2-3 minutes
[dipaali]o k ,i am standing at opposite bus stop.”and after a while he came as i can see him moving his car towards the roadside and i walked to him as he opened the door…….

”come in baby.”and i sits inside as my school bag is on back seat,i put my legs crossed and he is driving car towards outer ring road,so as i am thinking of my sexual desires and i have put my legs inside car at my own,so i looked at him and he said………….”baby,don’t be afraid of me,what you will wish will happen
[dipaali smiled]oh i see,that’s nice ,o k we will talk about futures plan but now where we are going?

[uncle]we are going to resort and there we will talk about our future.”,so i felt bit afraid as inside room anything can happen with me,but i have to keep my virginity intact,so how to change the place for meet and talk,is bit hard to think and as car is moving rapidly towards delhi-rajasthan border,my mind is becoming unconscious and lastly,it’s 10:45 am as we both entered the resort and there,we walked towards reception as i have not put any clothes inside my school bag,so i left the bag in car and than,as normal hitesh got a key of room and we walked towards the as uncle opened the door,a service guy came there and we both moved inside as guy asked him for something and uncle talk to him in a slow voice near door as i sits on bed’s uncle just pushed the door and sit on sofa as he asked me to sit there,so i sit closer to him and he turned his face to me……..

”so what’s your future plan with me
[dipaali] i want to marry you hitesh
[uncle]oh you are in love with me,isn’t it
[dipaali]yes i am in love with you
[uncle]but think a 18 years gal with a 38 years men will get married and than after 10-12 years what will happen [dipaali laughed]you will become dad and i will be the mom of child
[uncle]no that’s not true,but you will be of 30 years and my age will be of 50 years and so you will not get satisfied with me
[dipaali]yes but it’s a physical aspect of life not emotional.”and there as door got knocked,we both are silent and uncle asked the guy to come inside,as he put a bottle of wine with soda and packet of cigarette ,so he walked away as uncle locked the door and now started removing his clothes as looking at me,he asked……..”have not put some sexy dress for you in bag
[dipaali]no i came with you for talk only nothing else [uncle]oh i see but we will talk also and if you want to get married with me,think about your family members,my family members and society,so at present it will be like a blunder for us and what’s about future if you can’t live a happy present life.”so it’s true that hitesh is thinking like a matured men and it’s my mind who want to marry him but for what? ,so as conversation ends soon i felt bit cool and he sits near me in his undies with vest only.

Hitesh is looking at me while he is putting wine in two glasses and i thought to have sexual bonds again as nothing is going to be unearthed,so as my legs are well crossed,my miniskirt have given him visibility an it’s my white stockings on legs to thighs which have made me more sexy,so he put his hand on my thigh and lifts my miniskirt up to waist and like a bold gal i am unmoved as i hold one glass and than we started drinking wine,while uncle lit a cigarette and started smoking and his hand is rubbing my smooth thigh as my bikni have been uncovered,it’s black in colour and my stockings have made my legs to thighs more as i am drinking wine and his hand touched my bikni ,i took cigarette from him and started smoking,while uncle have put his empty glass and now he starts unbuttoning my shirt,so i unhooked my miniskirt and removed it in a proper manner as it’s a school dress,don’t want to make it dirty,now my sexy boobs are in black brassier as black bikni is on my vagina with white stockings making me more hot and uncle hold my breast as he is pressing it gently and a wine pack have made me little horny,so i moved closer and put my sexy ass on his thigh as i put my arms on his shoulder,started kissing his lips as he have hold me tightly and my left boobs is pressing hard on his chest as he is rubbing my i put my lips on him as he hold my neck and than our lips are sealed as he opened his mouth and took it to suck,now my sexy body is again in uncle’s arms as he is sucking it hard and as he unhooked my brassier,my boobs are nude and so i pushed my long tongue in his i am sitting on uncle’s thigh as he is sucking my tongue and my semi nude body is not going to be hot soon as i have little experience of sex on bed,so he is sucking my tongue hard and my nude upper parts have been rubbed with his hard palms.later on my hot vagina started itching as he is still sucking my tongue with his hand on my sexy ass,so i put my hand on waist and opened it’s my nude body is in love with uncle hitesh and lastly,i pushed his face as i freed my tongue,now put my head on his shoulder as he is rubbing my ass,now i started kissing his neck to face as i am too horny and uncle put me on sofa as he walked to washroom.while sitting nude on sofa,i am waiting for him to come as he walked to me in his briefs as well as vest,he stands in front of me and i smiled as i pulled down his briefs to legs,his thick cock is nude as i hold it and now started jerking it hard ,so he is rubbing my hairs and as i can see his cock growing bigger,i opened my mouth to suck it,so swallow his penis and now started sucking it while my head is still,i can feel his cock growing bigger and harder in my mouth,feeling on top of pleasure,i took out his wet i put my tongue and started licking it like a pro as my fingers are moving in his pubic hair,he is a strong men with lot of stamina in sex,so getting fucked with him for first time and losing virginity with his 8-9 inches long and 3 inches thick cock is like a dream come true but it will be painful also and if mom become suspicious on me than what will happen,so i will try to put fuck on hold but it depends on looking at him,i am licking his penis with my tongue and he is screaming in pleasure……

”oh so sweet to get your lips on my cock,suck suck again dipaa.”and than i smiled but felt bit shy,so i opened my mouth to swallow his whole cock and than closed my eyes as i have hold his waist an started moving my head fast just to enjoy blowjob,i know each and every gal likes strong cock in his mouth or glory hole ,so i got it and i am sucking it hard as well as fast and he is shouting……

”oh you bitch suck suck hard,have to fuck you also.”but a hot and horny lady can’t get afraid of being fucked as i sucked it for 4-5 minutes and than took out his erected cock from my mouth as i walked to washroom to pee,so washed my vagina and back in resort’s room.Hitesh is pouring wine in both glass as i am standing in front of him,so looking at me,he asked……..”don’t you want to drink wine
[dipaali]sure but i am waiting for your love on my vagina.”and i put my fingers on vagina as i have already stretched my legs wider,so i widened my glory hole and smiled……..”see this baby is crying and don’t you love it’s cum.”and he hold my waist as he have a drink also and than he put glass on table as i put my one leg in air just holding it in my hand,so looking like a porn actress in blue movie,i have widened my legs as he is licking my cunt with his tongue and i started shouting”oh uh ah yes fuck fuck you dog,love your tongue also [uncle smiled]oh tongue also means something else also [dipaali]yes your long and thick cock.”

And he is rolling his tongue inside my deeper vagina as my legs are shivering and now uncle took my one leg on his shoulder as i am in pleasure,so my wet cunt have been loved and than i sits near him as we both are drinking uncle hold my one breast as he is squeezing it hard and my one empty hand hold his cock as i am masturbating it ,so going to lose my virginity with him but with safety ,so i am jerking his cock and as i am drinking wine,i am loosing my cool and my mind is well caged in sexual second drink lasts soon as i lit a cigarette and started smoking it,so uncle is smiling on me and he said………

”baby today you will get what you have never expected
[dipaali] i expect it you fucker,want to fuck me,come on.”and i can feel my mind out of control as i hold his hand and took him to bed,so it’s wine or something else ,i can’t say but may be he have mixed some pills to make me more aroused,now we are on bed.
Dipaali slept on bed as she put her legs wide and started rubbing his cunt with his fingers and than screamed…….

”come on you fucker,it’s your need.”and he is voiceless as my eyes are feeling bit heavy,so i put my eyes closed and now can feel his glans on my hole,let him fuck,at least a start is needed and we gals have not got vagina to worship but for fuck and in a modern era,18 years of age is ideal for getting fucked and as his glans entered my glory hole,i opened my eyes as i put my hand on breast just pressing it slowly and uncle hold my waist as he fucked me hard”oh you bastard,it’s not your wife’s cunt,but your daughter’s vagina.”and as his half cock have entered my cunt,i felt too pain but he fucked again and i shouted”oh it’s to thick and hard ,please be slow”but his thick cock is moving in my vagina as i can feel my vagina losing it’s hymns and wetness have been there,so it’s not my cum but may be blood have come out of my cunt,and his penis is fucking me with speed and power as i am shouting louder,he put his hand on my mouth and lastly my eyes are full of tears as i have listened losing virginity is painful,so it’s happening and his strong penis is in my glory hole and than i said………..”for god sake leave my cunt for a while.”and he took out his penis as i wake up on bed with lot of pain inside vagina,walked slowly to washroom while putting my hands on wall like a gal getting some leg cramps,lastly i urinated as blood is coming out of my vagina with urine and than i washed my cunt,came back and after a while,he put a pillow under my sexy ass as i have put my legs wider,he is rubbing some ointments on it and than as my cunt is feeling bit cool,he said………

”baby,now you will enjoy my fuck.”and as i tried to put my thighs close,he hold my thighs and pushed his cock inside cunt as this time i am feeling better an his 2/3 rd cock vanished inside without any hurdle and i felt bit cool as he fucked hard to make me scream…..”oh you mother fucker,just fuck fuck me hard.”and he is sitting in between my thighs as his penis is giving me lot of pleasure in vagina and than he leaned on my top as he kissed my lips……….

”losing virginity is painful,so after two days you will get lot of pleasure in it [dipaali]oh i need a week rest and than we will plan for next fuck.”and his chest is pressing my boobs hard as he is fucking me with speed and power and after 6-7 minutes as in total it’s the 15th minutes of fuck,he ejaculated cum in my vagina and my cunt felt like some gels in it as i am in we took rest and than back to home……………..

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