Dad’s friend: love cum lust

It’s a nice evening as my dad’s friend Hitesh forced me for sex as we both have enjoyed oral sex also,so it’s true that as he forced me for sex,I get bit scared as well as shy but as his hand started moving on my body and my boobs getting pressed on his chest,I turned horny as well as as dippali,a 18 years school going gal is looking for physical pleasure more with a matured men,I started dreaming for it and as my dad as well as mom came back home,I started watching t.v with them as I have already enjoyed a nice bath ,so my sexual organs as well as body is cleaned.while looking at t.v,I am thinking of Hitesh uncle’s long cock as I have loved my mom’s lover’s cock,it’s a better as well as bigger one ,so my eyes are on t.v but it’s a long cock which is in it ,so my mom said………

Dipaali are you ok
(Me)yes mom but what happened
(Mom)looks something improper
(Dipaali)no mom I am fine.”


And as my legs are in bit pain ,my body is in sensation till now ,so I walked away as I am on my as I took my mobile to call Hitesh uncle,mom came inside and she asked……..

“I think you are bit scared of something
(Dipaali)no mom ,sit here
(Mom)ok now say is there any problem with you

And she walked away as Dipaali a sexy gal is curious to enjoy more as her lovely boobs to flat tummy are sexy,her round shaped ass is my figures measures 32-26-34 ,I have put my sexual organs intact as my vagina is still virgin,I have enjoyed physical relationship with Sam and Hitesh only but it’s within limits as I got oral sex with as it’s time to have dinner together,I walked towards dinning space as I am there with my dad ,mom joined us as we three started having our meals,now as our dinner finished ,I washed my hand and moved to my I slept on bed as I switched off the bulb,now red coloured night bulb is making some dim light in my bedroom as my eyes are closed,as dreaming of uncle’s cock again to I slept soundly as I was too exhausted ,now in the morning,mom came inside my bedroom as she disturbed my sound sleep and as my eyes opened ,it’s 08:15am ,so I left my bed in hurry as I took my bath towel and frisked I took refreshment and bath in a brief period,I came in my bedroom nudely as I put my white brassier with a panty ,so I put my blue strip miniskirt and shirt ,now walked towards dinning space as I put my shoes on legs, looking at me ,mom smiled………

“so you wake up late but ready on time
(Dipaali)yes mom ,it’s a new generation ,fast one.”and she walked inside kitchen to have my breakfast with a lunch box ,so I have my breakfast soon as I took my lunchbox and put it in my school as it’s 08:45am I walked out of my home in hurry as it’s a 20 minutes trip on bus to my school Ludlow castel at civil lines,so as I reached bus stop,I got some ideas and I took out my mobile from my school bag as it’s prohibited in school premises,too many students keep it in silence mode .so I called Hitesh uncle as he received my call………….

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“hello sweetie
(Dipaali)hi uncle are you busy
(Hitesh)no not at all ,so express your feelings
(Dipaali)will express you but if we can meet
(Hitesh)oh fine ,where I have to come to receive you ?
(Dipaali)now I will board a bus and will reach near my school after 20 minutes
(Uncle)oh nice,means wait for me at a coffee shop in civil lines.”

So our conversation ends as I boarded a bus and than reached near my school bus stop,so I walked in opposite direction to a coffee shop as I want to keep myself a bit distant from school premises, so I am waiting out of coffee shop as I can see time in my hand watch ,it’s 09:15am as spring season have made me romantic.later on my long wait ends as Hitesh uncle came there in his white swift car,so he walked out of car and we moved inside coffee shop as it have less person there,I am bit scared in my school dress with school bag but I am too bold as I sit on opposite chair of uncle,he ordered for coffee with snacks as he asked………….

“now my sweetheart, express your feelings
(Dipaali)uncle I will feel better on mobile
(Hitesh)so innocent you are ,ok but you have bunked your classes
(Dipaali)yes I want to spend some time with you as I have felt your forced ……..
(Uncle)be cool and try to express it
(Dipaali bit shy)I felt it a nice and pleasurable experience ,but today no forced love.”

And our eyes met like a love buddy as we both started drinking coffee,my eyes are talking with him ,so he is bit surprised on my bold move.Hitesh uncle is a 37 years matured men as he is smart,tall figure but our age gap narrates the story of a movie ,where a 20 years gal fall in love with a men of 55 years , so it’s a nice feeling as our coffee I walked out of shop as we both are inside car,I put my bag on back seat as he drove the car and looking at me,he said……….

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“you look so sexy in your school dress ,I can’t express
(Dipaali)school have asked us to keep miniskirt upto half portion of thighs
(Uncle)oh that’s great .”and he drove the car on outer ring road as I have put my head on seat’s back,so looking like a sexy gal in my short skirt,my crossed legs have made my panty bit safe as he can see it easily while leaning down but if my legs are wide I am bit relaxed as he drove the car towards Indraprastha park ,in the outskirts of town and I thought it’s a nice place for talk but not for love,so as he stopped the car,I smiled……..

“oh such a place ,no uncle need safe heaven
(Hitesh)ok than inside car we can enjoy easily and safely .”and he drove the car towards Noida as he have knowledge of town’s locality ,he drove the car on a deserted path as both get relaxed ,he stopped the car and I walked out of it,it’s not a natural beauty or park but it’s a deserted place and we both can enjoy our time Hitesh opened the door of car as we both frisked inside it and we are sitting on back seat as he locked the doors and windows.looking at him,I bowed my head and he inches closer as he put his hand on my thigh while kissing my face,so my face goes straight as we both are looking at eachother and hitesh hold my neck as he put his lips on my lips,our eyes are closed as my hand is on his bulge and he took my lips in his mouth as he is sucking it hard,so I moved closer as I sit on his lap and like a hot gal,I have shown my desires to him.

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So he left my lips as I rolled my tongue inside his mouth,so as he is sucking it hard ,my hand have hold his back and my boobs are pressing hard on his chest as Hitesh put his hand under my sexy ass and my miniskirt have gone up but not so to give him the look of my my tongue is in his mouth,I felt too horny and now freed my tongue as my head is on his shoulder,he is rubbing my back and than I thought to show him my sexual organs ,so sits on seat as I started removing my shirt and miniskirt in hurry,he is in shock as I am in my undergarments only,so as he put his hand on my breast to squeeze ,I started removing his jeans and lastly took out his long cock in my hand,so as he is pressing my breast hard,my hand is moving on his it’s my brassiere getting removed as he opened it’s strings and my lovely boobs are nude as he took my breast in his mouth and he put his hand on my waist as it’s my panty going to leave my vaginal parts soon.Hitesh is sucking my breast as I am masturbating his penis hard and fast,he is screaming in pleasure as my sexy voice is coming out of mouth………

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