Enjoying party : stepmom made it memorable

Garry have never got much love and affection of mom as I have seen my mom like a caretakers for us as my younger sister Lili and me (Garry)have never seen my mom Amy like our loving parents as her life style was just to keep himself busy for lust,love in physical terms as well as money.so my dad divorced him and get married with a much younger lady ,she is a 28 years lady with no kids from her first marriage as my dad have compromised with Cathy not to deliver any kids from our sexual relationship or married life.so it’s true that my stepmom Cathy is not fully satisfied with my dad as he is a 43 years old men and as I forced Cathy for sex ,our sexual affairs just evolved.so it’s a busy day with long day classes and as I came home,I can see mom talking with someone on her mobile,so I walked inside my room as I started removing my clothes.while my body is in vest and undies only,I took out my bermuda and walked inside washroom, so removed my underwear as I took refreshment and than I am back in my room as I have put a towel on my waist.so as I started wearing my bermuda,I can see Cathy coming inside my room as I smiled……..

“mom need a strong coffee
(Cathy) why not Garry ,but we have been invited in a party
(Garry)oh ,than talk to dad and enjoy it
(Cathy)no my sweet son,it’s not a party for him it’s a different party.”


So as she walked away to prepare cup of coffee,I am sitting in dinning space and she came with a cup of coffee as she put it on table and sits closer to me………

“mom ,why party is different one
(Cathy)oh Garry,don’t be so excited ,but it’s a party of my ladies club as each lady have got permission to have maximum two guys or mens with him .”and while listening her party’s menu ,my cock got erected and I am too excited to see a party in a lady club where too many lady will enjoy drinks with physical love .so I took rest for half an hour as I started wearing my jeans with a short shirt and now I walked towards my stepmom’s room,she is not there ,so I put my ears on her washroom’s door as I can hear sounds of water ,now moved to dinning space as it’s 06:45 pm and after a while,my stepmom Cathy came there as she is looking hot in her miniskirt with crop-tops ,she had put a black stockings on her legs,so her sexy body is covered with lot of visibility.as she sits on opposite chair,he started putting a high heel sandals on legs and I can see her inner thighs to black panty.she is a hot lady with a nice physique of 34-28-36 and we both walked out of home as she have put a purse on his shoulder,so as we both walked out of home,I have to hire a taxi or autorickshaw as dad is not back in home with his car,so as we both are waiting near roadside ,a taxi came there and stops,looking at us , driver said……….

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“need cab madam
(Cathy)yes ,going to Lajpat Nagar .”

And driver opened the door of front seat as I frisked inside and opened back door for my stepmom.so as driver started driving smoothly,I am sitting on front seat with my eyes turning back to sex diva as she is sitting with her legs wide,now we both reached lady club .as we walked inside it’s premises ,I can see some guards standing as Cathy took out a identify card and showed them,now got entry as a guard opened the main door of hall.cathy have hold my wrist as I can see dozens of lady with guys and men’s there.so they are enjoying their drinks and we both mom & son sits on a chair as gals came there with glasses full of wine and beer,so my mom took a glass full of wine as I took beer to drink.so we both started drinking there as my eyes are moving on hot lady as all of them have put short dresses on their body, looking towards a 30 years lady as she is in her shorts with tops ,my eyes are on her beautiful face but her sexy thighs to legs are also making me horny.now Cathy put empty glass on floor as she said”we will get everything what I need but it’s really a funny game as there will be lottery for our pairs and as it’s 07:30 pm ,I can see a lady standing on a high platform as she started shouting

“listen everyone ,now our party is in process as we all are going towards round two
(A guy standing there)so there will be a lottery for pairs to be selected
(Lady)so each and every lady will come here to choose a piece of paper
(Guy)so as lady will come here ,they all have to remove their clothes except their undergarments
(Lady)now see this box as I took papers and now you all lady starts removing your clothes .”

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So my eyes are on ladies as they are removing their dresses ,so my stepmom is looking good in her black undergarments with black stockings,so I can see a beautiful lady rossy in her swimsuit as she have removed her long coat on it.now semi nude ladies are making me horny and than lady hold all pieces of papers in her hand as she throws it in air and now as pieces of papers are on ground,lady started choosing it.all lady have walked to platform as host lady started announcing partners name ,while looking at papers given by them (ladies) ,so my mom Cathy got her partner as Michael ,a 38 years men as I am lucky to be with rossy,a beautiful lady and as partners got announced,we all are holding partner’s wrist or waist.so host lady smiled……….

“you guys and mens ,now remove your dresses also ,let me see yours physique.”and I am bit shy but as each guys /mens started removing their dresses ,I took out my jeans and shirts.so it’s a well decorated hall as dozens of ladies are with their partners and now host lady say……….

“either inside room or in hall ,best wishes to everyone.”,so I took rossy in a small room attached to hall as Cathy walked inside with michael.now we both started holding eachother as rossy is in my arms and her soft boobs are brushing on my chest as I started kissing her face to neck.so my Cathy is in a strong arms as she is sucking her partner’s lips and I put lips on rossy lips as our body are brushing eachother’s.so as rossy started licking my lips,I opened my mouth and started sucking it with my hand moving on her sexy ass,she is rubbing my back as I can feel my undies going down to legs,so it’s a nice evening as Cathy is on her knees and she have hold Michaels penis as her lips are kissing it,it’s a 9-10 inches long cock as my stepmom is loving it and now rossy freed her tongue.so we both are standing as she removed my vest also ,now I put my hand on her swimsuit as I started putting down it’s laces and she is bit shy as I took it out from her sexy body.looking at mom,I can see him sucking Michael’s cock and as rossy is standing nude with her legs wide,I hold her breast as I swallowed it to suck.now I can hear Michaels screaming”oohh you bitch suck suck today you have got the strongest cock of a club “and I can see him holding my mom’s hairs as he is fucking Cathy’s mouth and as I took other breast of rossy to suck,she hold my cock and started masturbating it fastly.

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