He finally gets his chance with the University cheerleader

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He finally gets his chance with the University cheerleader, After the football game I was beat. We had struggled but lost. I wanted so badly to go home with a win so we could have a reason to be proud. I put in my best, I knew it, the coach new it, my team mates knew it. But I could not shake the feeling of defeat.

So, when Cindy yelled for me to hurry and get in the car I half heartedly limped over towards the old Buick. There had to be seven kids in there already. Cindy looked over the door at me with her bottom lip pouted, “cheer up Lips, you played great”.

Lips, what a retarded nickname. I wasn’t sure where it came from exactly but at eighteen years old, I still could not shake it.

Cindy stepped away from the front passenger side door and said, “here… get in and I’ll sit on your lap.” I lowered my head and looked into the car. Craig was driving. Great… Craig was Cindy’s boyfriend. The night was not getting any better.

I had a wild crush on Cindy. She was 20 years old, about 5’2″ and 110 pounds soaking wet. She was a university Cheerleader and a senior. She had a very cute little body with perfect martini glass breasts that begged beneath her uniform. Her legs were slender but athletic. She had a heart shaped butt which her uniform accented perfectly. She was a brunette with lots of energy, a big smile, and bright eyes.

The thing about Cindy was that the whole room would look up when she walked in. But she barely knew I existed. I was a lowly second string player on the University team. Occasionally, the coach would let me play a first string position if he was short. And that is how I even bumped into Cindy’s world.

I climbed into the Buick. Craig gave me that look and then said, “Dude, you played your heart out, it just wasn’t our night.” Cindy smiled and climbed in sitting her tiny body on my lap and wrestling the huge door closed.

We drove through the poorly lit desert back to our home town. I had a new problem. Cindy’s cute little rump was positioned perfectly over my crotch. Each time we hit the slightest bump my penis was getting the full effect of driving itself between the perfect cheeks of her bottom. Well, as much as it could through the thick fabric of my warm up sweats.

I became very quiet wondering if Cindy had any clue what was actually going on. What was she thinking? How could she possibly ignore this growing problem? Cindy shifted slightly turning to look at me. She smiled but I pretended to be looking out the window at nothing.

The car drove past mile after mile of nothing. Cindy leaned her head closer to mine, brushing just the tip of her nose on my ear. She slowly began to blow in my ear. My body tensed and my lips began to grin just a tiny bit. I still looked out the window trying not to reveal my embarrassment.

Then Cindy whispered, “I can see that you are enjoying the ride. So am I. This is very nice.” Then there was a long pause as she rubbed her nose on my ear very lightly, then she continued, ” I wish we were alone. I think you are a sweet guy. Too bad I have a boyfriend right now.” My heart was in my throat. I could not even think of anything to say.

I thought about pretending not to have heard anything she said. Everyone else in the car was being rowdy. Craig had the music turned way up. I wondered what I should do? Cindy had her elbow on top of my forearm. I moved my forearm off the armrest on the door and down to the space between the lower seat cushion and the door. Her tiny arm followed. My hand slowly and nervously found hers. I slid my fingers between hers. She just kind of let me do that. Her hand felt so soft and warm.

We continued to drive through the night. I was lost in this private exchange. Then Cindy moved her hand away from mine to her lap. I felt discouraged. She lifted herself a bit, moved her hips from side to side, grinding her cute bum onto my raging hard on. She pretended to be adjusting her skirt.

What she had really done was move the fabric of the skirt from between my raging hard on and her cute bum. Her hand returned to mine clasping it with our fingers interlocked. Now the only thing between my raging throbbing penis and her warm skin were the panties of her uniform and the material of my warm up sweat pants.

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