Little sister’s vagina :part-06

I think you all have enjoyed previous parts of my story ”Little sister’s vagina” and it’s younger sister NINA [Lili in previous parts] is a 17 years gal as her physique is slim with her tall figure of 5’7 feet ,her lovely face with pair of tits makes her wild as her 32-24-34 size makes her hot ,so her sexy buttocks is …… Garry is a 18 years guy …….we both are like a friends instead of blood relationship,that’s due to our mom ,who have been divorced 5 years back as her extra maritial affairs have been caught by our dad and than our dad married a much younger lady CATHY of 28 years,so our family lacks values as well as morality and Garry have enjoyed physical love with his sister as we both have enjoyed oral sex only,she is not a silent gal as she have tasted my cum and curious to lose her virginity but it’s her teens that’s making me bit scared ,so i don’t want to break her hymns and to give her pain in a small hole but needs oral sex in a regular basis.It’s a nice morning as i wake up and after having refreshment,i walked out of my room ,so i can see dad,stepmom and nina………all having tea together and i sits opposite to them as looking at me,cathy smiled………………..

”wait for a while for cup of tea.”and my eyes are gazing on nina’s sexy thighs as she have put a shorts on her waist,than cathy walked to kitchen as dad said……………..”Garry,after an hour i will go to a nearby tourist destination with cathy
[Garry]ok it’s all right
[dad]you have to take care of your sister nina for couple of days
[Garry]she is not a child but i will take care of him.”

And cathy walked with a cup of tea as she put it on table an than mom as well as dad walked inside their bedroom as i started drinking tea and nina is smiling at me………….

”why you are smiling baby ?
[nina]you know it,couple of days i will feel insecure here
[Garry]oh ,than talk to dad and mom and go with them,isn’t it.”and she left me as after a while,i put empty cup in kitchen and than walked inside nina’s bedroom,she is not inside room ,so she is in washroom and looking through kye hole,i can see him nude having bath under cascade and i left her room.It’s 10:45 am as our parents have put a luggage in dinning space and they both are ready to leave us,so nina is looking fresh after her bath as she is in a mini skirt with tops,now our household maid took luggage to parking lot as i gave my parents company,so they both are in car as i smiled………….

”have a nice trip,good bye”and than as car moved out of appartment’s,i walked towards our flat as maid started cleaning the floor.
I walked inside nina’s bedroom as she is sitting on chair with her novel and i surprised him as i stand behind her chair and squeezed her soft boobs as she shouted”oh you bastard,be slow”and again i pressed her breast as i sits near him on bed,now looking at him i smiled………….”you are now insecure nina ,so your parents are out of home
[nina]don’t be a roaring lion ,i know how to make it inside cage.”and she put her arms in my shoulder as she kissed her face,now she kissed my face to lips…………..”go and have bath,your body is smelling
[Garry]not going to give you chance to touch it.”

As i left her room and now inside my washroom ,as i removed my clothes and started having bath,so spending time as i want to leave maid and than to start some sexual activities,later on i walked out as i have put a short on my waist with a as i am in dinning space,i can see nina inside kitchen as she is preparing breakfast for us and after a while,we both are having bread butter with a glass of milk,so we both are in dinning space as nina started hitting my legs with her legs and smiling on me,she said…………..

”for two days you have to prepare meals for both of us
[Garry laughed]sure baby,i will call to a food plaza and than we will have it.”and after our breakfast ,we both are in dinning space as we are watching t.v,after half an hour maid walked towards dinning space as she smiled………….

”sir in the evening ,i will not be available
[Garry]ok but be here tommorow morning.”and she walked away as nina followed her and locked the door.she is back on sofa and i am waiting for him to start something romantic,now as she started moving closer to me , i found her legs closer and our legs are nude,so she put her arms in my shoulder as my face is still straight towards t.v,she is rubbing her right breast on my chest as she put her hand on my face and turned towards him……..

”hello,are you still making me secure
[Garry put his hand on left breast]yes as you wish.”and i started pressing her breast hard as she is kissing my face to lips,now our body started feeling the sensation and as nina put her sexy ass on my lap,i thought she is not going to leave me soon and our face are straight as she is sitting on my lap with her arms surrounding my shoulders and she is kissing my lips as my hand is rubbing her back.she is in a tops with a miniskirt as skirt moves upto her inner thighs,my hand started rubbing her sexy ass as she is wearing a G string to cover her vagina and now nina hold my lips in her mouth as she is sucking it hard and my finger is moving on her ass hole to my younger sister freed my lips as both are kissing eachother and she is pressing her soft boobs on my chest,later on i opened my mouth as she pushed her tongue inside my mouth,so sucking it hard as my hand have hold her strings of panty,i removed it and my long finger vanishes inside her glory hole as i am fingering it fast while sucking her tongue,she is breathing fastly as her eyes are closed,so eachother’s saliva of mouth is mixing and after a while,nina pushed my face back as she freed her tongue.

Garry and Nina have started enjoying their weekend as their parents have been in a short trip and now nina left my lap as she stand infront of me,looking at me,she put her one leg on sofa and other on floor as she pulled down her miniskirt to legs an i have a nice visibility of reddish vagina without any hairs,may be she have shaved it and now i put my hand on waist as i took him closer and my face is between her thighs as i started kissing her labias with my hand moving on her sexy ass.,nina have hold my hairs as she is screaming in pleasure………….

”ooooooh huuuuuuuu fuck fuck hard”and now i put my fingers on her vagina as her hole have become spacious and my tongue is licking her cunt fastly,her legs are shivering as i have hold her waist tightly and she shouted………

”garry suck suck my cunt,i will cum soon.”and than i hold her fleshy labias in between my lips and sucked till she poured cum in my mouth,it’s tasty as she walked my penis is fully erected as i pulled down my shorts and vest,walked inside washroom to see nina washing her vagina.I hold her from her back as i started squeezing her both boobs hard and lastly,i took out her tops as she have not put brassier on her tits.we both are nude as we walked inside dinning space but than moved to nina’s bedroom.she slept on bed with her legs stretched as i sits near her waist and now put a pillow under her bum,so put my face on her vagina and kissed it frequently but she wake up after my lips loved it for a while and now she pushed me on bed as i fell on bed like a crippling cards and my straight penis is in her hand,she started kissing it as my hand is slapping her sexy ass,looking at me nina put my round soft glans on her lips as she is rubbing it like a lipstick and now she opened her mouth as she put my whole cock in her mouth to suck,we both are feeling free as couple of days will make us sexy and romantic.

Nina starts sucking my cock as her head is moving fast and my cock is still growing harder as well as bigger in her mouth as i am screaming in joy”oh ah uh you sexy suck suck hard ,i will fuck you soon”but it’s her desire to lose virginity at the earliest but if i will not fuck my sister,may be she get someone’s dick inside her cunt and lose her virginity,so i am bit scared of her and she is sucking my penis like a pro as her finger is moving in my dense pubic hair.later on.she took out my wet penis as she is on my top as her face is near my penis,my mouth is just below her sexy ass,a nice 69 position for brother and sister as she started licking my penis with her tongue,i hold her breast to massage it hard but looking above ,i can see her glittering cunt as i put my tongue on it to lick,she is rolling her tongue as my tongue is in her deep vagina and now i pushed my long finger in her ass hole as she screamed”oh ideat can’t please my one hole with your cock and fingering other one also”,so i am licking her cunt fast as she took my hard cock again in her mouth to suck as she is fast in blowjob,it will take time to cum,so i took out my finger from her ass hole as i started licking it with my tongue and it’s making her horny and after a while,she took out my penis as she is looking like a hot and horny gal waiting for she slept on bed as started rubbing her hole………….

”now don’t waste your time garry,fuck me otherwise i will take someones cock in my cunt
[Garry]don’t be impatient sexy,your virginity will be lost in couple of days.”and than i put my face on her breast as i took it in my mouth to suck,she have hold my hairs as my mouth is full of her breast,while sucking it hard i can feel her hand rubbing my back and after a while,i took her other breast to suck and she is ……….

”ohh aahhh i am feeling the heat aaah fuck fuck me”and than i left her breast as i sit near her face and now started rubbing my glans on her rossy lips and she opened her mouth as i pushed my long cock inside,so hold her hairs as i started fucking her mouth with my cock fast and she is also moving her face fast and after 3-4 minutes of mouth fuck,i screamed louder”yes drink my cum you bitch ,it’s cumming”and my penis ejaculated cum in her mouth as she drink it quite comfortably and than licked my penis………… we both are nude on bed like a hot couple………..what happened next……..wait for it’s next part.

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