Argument with my husband led to an unbelievable night at home

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I took him into my bedroom, we sat on the edge of the bed, lie down on the bed for me Steve, he did it Without asking me why, I climbed over the top of him so my pussy was over his head, I fondled his balls and cock and it came back to life again, in about a minute or so his cock was nice and hard again, I lowered my head, my lips gave the head a kiss then a lick, opening my mouth I took his cock into it, to a very satisfying groan from him, he soon got the message and put his hands around my waist, he tugged me down lower to his head, all of a sudden I felt the heat of his tongue on my pussy, I slowly moved my mouth up & down his cock, his tongue penetrated me for the first time, he used his fingers to open my pussy, his tongue found my already sensitive clit, this was the first time we gave each other oral sex, I felt his mouth almost lock around my clit, I couldn’t remember the last time Roger and I did this and boy did I miss it! With all the action happening down there my orgasm started building up as his tongue ravaged my pussy, he stopped and put his tongue as deep as he could get it inside me while rubbing my clit with his finger.

I concentrated on his cock, I felt his cock get even harder then start to throb, I pulled back till just the head was in my mouth, I felt his vein started to pulsate and throb, his thick white creamy load shot into my mouth. It tasted wonderful all salty and sweet, I swallowed quickly because more was on the way. I was able to swallow it all with none getting past my lips. He shuddered as the last bit came out and I sucked it down I sat up and enjoyed the oral Steve was giving me, Steve I’m coming, he intensified, I shivered as once again as his  tongue slid over my clit, I felt my pussy contract as my orgasm hit, the orgasm hit me like a bolt of lightning. I arched, tilted my head then moaned as I unloaded my juices into his mouth, I could hear him swallowing as much as he could, I climbed of him on my hands and knees, he rolled of to one side, he walked around and got on the bed, positioning himself behind me his cock pressed it’s way into my pussy, he grabbed my hips and gently pulled me back onto him as I lowered my head onto the bed, he soon found out he could get much deeper inside this way.
I don’t know if he knew it but he was in total control at this point, He would pull out until just the head was left inside me and then put his full length into me, I could feel every vein and ridge on his cock since it was such a tight fit, his big balls were slapping my clit sending me into an orgasm, they were big and still looked full, my pussy started to spasm and this sent him over the edge too, my pussy was so tight now it was actually difficult for him to stroke so he just put it in all the way and erupted again, throb after throb spurted into me, He pulled out when his orgasm subsided, Jesus I thought that was his fourth orgasm! Did he always cum like that! I do know we needed another shower, The bed was a mess and so were we and his cum was starting to ooze out of me.

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