Weekend without My Husband

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If you have read our original story then you know that my husband, Will, and I started playing in the cuckold world a few years ago. We started out with the son of friends of ours. He was 18-years old and had a huge cock. Please read the story if you haven’t yet. It was a very hot intro to cuckolding. If you want to skip ahead to the sex, feel free…lol. We just like to explain ourselves a bit.

A little background. We are in our 50s and live in the northeast. We both have successful careers. Both of us keep very fit. He is 6’1″ and weighs about 190lbs. He has a nice , thick, 7.5″ cock and huge balls. I am 5’2″, 120 , petite, 34D.

We have always enjoyed the occasional mfm threesome. My husband is bi. He had always been more of a top or even dom. That is, until out affair with Mark, our friend’s son. That introduced us to a whole new “thing.” I found it hot to watch my, otherwise masculine alpha male type, husband become submissive to me and my lovers. Likewise, he found that he enjoyed it as well.

Bear in mind, though, we do not see this as a lifestyle. We don’t live in a dom/sub relationship all the time. I very rarely play on my own (one exception being this story). In fact, we eventually broke it off with Mark because we felt it was becoming too much a part of our lives. We took a break for a while but found we missed the excitement. So, we gradually got back into it. We keep it under control by only playing every few months for the most part.

Most of what we do is pretty run of the mill cuck play. We do trust each other enough and, because we aren’t deep into a “lifestyle,” we have played some fairly intense scenes. This is one.

It had been a few months since we had last played. We have a few regular guys we enjoy being with but we wanted to try someone new. It usually takes a few weeks to find a new guy. We like a specific type: young, fit, dominant and very well hung. I had a couple of large cocks over the years. I enjoyed them but it was never something I sought out. Our experience with Mark turned me into a bit of a “size queen.” Don’t get me wrong, I love being with a guy with an average cock who knows how to fuck. I just like the feel, both physically and mentally, of a very large cock. Will likes it too. Something about submitting to, and watching me submit to a young guy with an enormous penis, is a huge turn on.

Anyway, after a few weeks of searching on Craig’s List and Adult Friend Finder we found a prospect. He was 22-years old, attractive and very fit. Most importantly, he had a nice 10″ cock. He also seemed to know what he was talking about re being a dom. Many guys claim to be doms but, when it comes down to it, they don’t know what they are doing. We all talked a few times. He clearly steered the conversation, skillfully, into the dom/sub area. We agreed to meet for drinks on a Friday night.

We were excited at the prospect of meeting a new bull. He looked quite hot in the pictures he sent. He had teased us by not sending photos of his cock. It made me want to see it all the more. We arrived first. We were seated in a booth that gave us a little privacy. We ordered a couple of drinks. Shortly after we were served Danny arrived. He was well dressed and very attractive. He is shorter than Will and more compact. I could see that he was very muscular. We introduced ourselves and sat down.

Danny immediately said, “No, you sit here.” Indicating that I should sit next to him.

It is hard to describe but I felt a little charge deep inside. The way he firmly, yet casually, commanded me to sit next to him. I sat down next to him. He put his hand gently on my leg and pulled me a little closer. It would have been clear to anyone who saw us sitting together that I was “with” him.

We chatted for a bit. Just small talk. Danny was very engaging. I almost forgot what we there for.

We ordered another round of drinks. When the waiter returned and served the drinks Danny said,

“Will, do you enjoy watching other men fuck your wife?”

The waiter almost dropped the tray, Will turned red and I let out a nervous giggle.

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