Mom deals with her forbidden desire for her son

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Mom deals with her forbidden desire for her son

My name is Samantha Hart but my friends call me Sam. I’m a single mother with two kids. My daughter Jessi, is just finishing up her second year of college while my son Nick just graduated from high school. I was 18 and just out of high school when I got pregnant with Jessi. I got married and had my two children.

Since my divorce I mostly busied myself with work. I started selling real estate and with success I eventually became the General Manager for the Naples office of a national real estate company.

Away from work I enjoyed the peacefulness of activities by myself such as reading, cooking, and exercising. I also enjoy the camaraderie I shared with my close girlfriends, as well as the time I get to spend with my kids.

This morning I was in one of those moods that make me doubt all the sacrifices I’ve made. Let’s face it after so many years without a significant partner to share the ups and downs you get lonely.

I stared at myself standing in front of my full-length mirror. I’m 38 years old with wavy auburn hair and hazel eyes. I’m 5’4″ weigh 115 bs. I exercise regularly and have a well toned 34-24-36 physique. I do not have large breasts but they are rounded, firm and look larger on my small frame than their size B cup.

There were no shortage of men asking me out throughout the years but I declined their offers more often than not. I thought I was at a good place in my life, a successful business person, a great family, close friends, and a beautiful home with a pool and spa. The success I enjoyed at work allowed me the benefit of flexible hours. I also had my wand and some additional toys that helped me unwind when needed but I needed more. Something was missing.

When I get in these moods I crave the intimacy of a man’s touch, his strength, his affection, and most importantly someone that I can confide in. I finished dressing and raced off to work as I had a jam packed day so that I could take the weekend off.

My daughter was returning from school tomorrow but only for a short stay as she had secured an internship for the summer at Coca Cola in Atlanta. My son Nick was not quite as motivated as his sister. He was going to take a year off from school so that he could figure out what career he wanted to pursue.

As much as I tried to dissuade him from his decision he would not budge. Most of my friends told me I should make him get a job and a separate apartment. I didn’t have the heart or strength to do either but truth be told I looked forward to having him around. I was not looking forward to be an empty nester just yet.

I was so excited knowing that Jessi would be home tomorrow even if it’s only for a couple of days. When I got home from work I changed into a pair of shorts and a loose top so that I could clean the house prior to Jessi’s arrival.

I went into what used to be her room to make sure everything was in good shape for her arrival. As I walked past Nick’s room I noticed that it was a mess, the bed wasn’t made and clothes were strewn across the room. I shook my head but went ahead and cleaned up his mess. I know I was spoiling him but he still is my little boy. As I was finishing up I notice a black underwear sticking out underneath from the corner of his bed. I grabbed it and suddenly realized that these were panties.

I thought “Oh my god is he having sex with girls in his room while I’m at work?” My body trembled when upon closer inspection I noticed that these were my panties. I plopped myself on his bed as I tried to figure out why he had my underwear in his room.

I slowly lifted them to my nose and could tell that these were dirty then my heart raced as I felt the crustiness of what appeared to be his dry cum. Was he masturbating into my panties? Inexplicably my tongue flicked at his dry cum instantly sending shivers down my spine. I can’t believe I did that yet my body tingled with the naughtiness of the moment. I gathered my wits, placed my panties back where I found them and scampered out of his room.

I was standing in the kitchen trying to deal with my emotions when Nick came home. He said, “Hi mom. I’m not eating here tonight. I have to scoot.” He raced up to his room to change. My heart pounded as I wondered if he’d be able to tell that I had found my panties. Ten minutes later he came into the kitchen and gave me a big hug.

Normally I would welcome his hug but based on everything that was racing though my mind I tensed up as he said, “Mom thanks for cleaning up my mess. I really appreciate it.”

As he left I said, “Text me if you are going to be too late. Remember Jessi is coming home tomorrow.”

He left me standing there confused and unsure of what to do next. Curiosity got the better part of me and I went back into his room to see if my panties were still there. My legs wobbled when I saw that they were gone.

I spent the rest of the evening cleaning up around the house while trying to get my arms around the forbidden thoughts as they raced through my mind. I showered before bed and while in my closet I noticed my black panties were back in my dirty laundry pile.

Shivers ran down my spine as I brought the forbidden panties to my mouth. My body trembled as I raced into bed and grabbed my wand. I sucked on my soiled panties as I lowered the wand onto my clit. Instantly jolts of pleasure exploded inside me as I let the wand work my clit over. It wasn’t long before I felt the oncoming eruption start to rise within me.

I shoved two fingers inside my wet and trembling pussy as I pushed the wand harder onto my clit. I kept sucking on my panties hoping to taste the saltiness of my son’s dry cum. My hips bucked wildly as I frantically rubbed my clit with the wand, my fingers busy rubbing my G spot. I groaned loudly, “Oh yes Nick. I’m cumming baby. I’m cumming.”

My body exploded with a mind numbing orgasm. My stomach tensed as I tried to

outlast the power of my orgasm. I let go of the wand and grabbed the sheet as my pussy juices flooded onto my fingers. I don’t know how long it lasted as I lost myself in the sheer strength and pleasure of my forbidden desires.

I slept well, probably exhausted from the stress of my emotions as well as the enormity of my orgasm. When I woke up I smiled as I found my magic wand lying next to me. I thought about turning it on but realized that Nick was home. I put my wand away and tossed my still wet black panties into the dirty laundry pile. A wicked thought crossed my mind, did Nick take another one of my panties?

I dressed and headed to the airport as Jessi’s flight arrived at 9:00. When we got home I noticed that Nick was still asleep. I said to Jessi, “I wish your brother was up to greet you.”

“Mom it’s okay. It’s only 10:00 let him sleep I can wait until he wakes up. I’m going to change into my swimsuit and head outside. Are you going to join me or do you have to go into work?”

“I have to run a couple of quick errands and then I’ll join you. I took off work this weekend knowing you were coming home.”

When I got back I went to my room and changed into my swimsuit. Nick was still asleep so it gave me some time to catch up with Jessi. My daughter is a book nerd except she is so beautiful. She is self driven to be a success and spends an inordinate amount of time studying. She gave me the typical look when I asked, “Are you seeing anyone?”

“Mom I don’t have time for much socializing. I’m carrying heavy class loads so that I can graduate next year. You should be happy about the money I’m saving you with an early graduation.”

“I am thankful baby but I just worry that you are going to burn out with no playtime. You need to have a little fun.”

She laughed and said, “Well if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black! Are you seeing anyone? When was the last time you went out on a date? You live and breathe work.”

I was a little taken back by her aggressive response but as I thought about it there wasn’t much that I could disagree with. I said, “You are right. I need to have a little fun. I just get so consumed with providing you guys with a good life that I forget to slow down and enjoy things. Tell you what, I promise to slow down and have some fun if you promise to do the same. Deal?”

Jessi smiled and said, “It’s a deal mom. Thanks for taking the weekend off. I know they are very busy for you.”

I got up and said, “It’s so nice to have you home. I miss you so much. I’m going to make us a quick lunch.”

As I was making sandwiches on the kitchen island I sensed a presence behind me. Before I could turn my body was engulfed by two strong arms. Nick whispered, “You must be the new hot maid. You look great.” My body betrayed me and responded to his words as a slow tingle flowed down my back.

I said, “I’m not your maid and I’m not hot. I’m your mother.”

He continued to hold me tight as I felt powerless to resist. He jokingly said, “Oh mom. I’m sorry I mistook you for someone else. You are never home on weekends but you are wrong, you look very hot.”

He released me as I grabbed the countertop for support, my legs weak with my growing desires. He ran out to see Jessi leaving me alone to sort through my unwanted response to his words and touch.

I heard a squeal and saw Jessi racing towards Nick. I gasped as she jumped into his arms. Fortunately he was able to catch and hold onto her. I smiled as she screamed, “Oh Nick I’ve missed you so much. I’m so happy to be home. I couldn’t wait for you to wake up.” She had her legs locked around his hips, her arms cradling his neck.

I marveled at his strength. I just realized how quickly he had grown into such a handsome young man. Standing with just his swim trunks on made me have unmotherly thoughts as I stared at his muscular body.

I pushed my hand inside my bottoms and caressed my engorged clit as I continued to stare at my son. I was out of control, my body filled with a lust that had been dormant for so long. I tried to resist my desires but I failed. I wanted my son. I wanted to be held in his arms. My body convulsed in pleasure as I quickly brought an orgasm on.

I held onto the counter with one hand as I exploded on my fingers. I collapsed on to the countertop as my finger continued to torment my clit. I whimpered as my orgasm subsided knowing the naughtiness of the moment. I can’t believe what had gotten into me. In less than 24 hours I had two enormous orgasm thinking about my son.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing around the pool. Since I found my damn panties in my son’s room I’m noticing things a mother shouldn’t notice about her son and worse my body feels like it needs another release. We spent the evening watching a movie before I excused myself and went to bed.

I tossed and turned as I chastised myself for losing control. I vowed to keep my unmotherly thoughts under check. I’m his mother and I needed to act like his mom. After what seemed like an eternity I gave up trying to sleep and went to get a bottle water. I was wearing my nightshirt as I walked out of my room when I heard some noise coming from the family room. I crept up quietly and saw my daughter sitting on my son’s lap making out with him.

I watched as her fingers traced the outline of his cock through his shorts. He groaned as he felt her fingers squeeze his cock.

Jessi moaned, “So big and so hard. I love your cock.”

My hand squeezed my tit as I continued to spy on my children. I heard Nick say, “Take it out. I want you to make me cum.”

I watched as Jessi jumped off his lap and pulled his shorts down. “Oh my god you are so big. Oh yes baby. I want you to cum.”

Her little hand wrapped around his cock and slowly stroked it. She then shocked me as I heard her say, “Is this what you want mommy to do? Do you want mommy to make you cum?”

My pussy flooded with juices as naughty thoughts rushed through my body, my hand slowly descended onto my pussy.

She continued, “Oh my God. Can you believe mommy is holding your cock. It feels so hard, so powerful.”

My pussy was soaked, my eyes were glazed over with lust as I took my hand and cupped my pussy. I was feeling tremors exploding inside me. It felt like I was going to cum without even touching my clit. Seeing my daughter stroke my son’s cock was intoxicating.

I looked up as Jessi groaned, “Oh baby I love your cock. It’s so beautiful Nick. I’m so fucking hot for your cock. I have to have it. Will you let me have it Nick? Will you?”

She started to stroke his cock slowly. Both hands wrapped around it. I was mesmerized looking at the power of his cock. I wondered how it would feel to fuck such a beast.

I heard Nick groan, “Damn Jessi you are so hot. I am going to cum so good. Please make me cum.”

I groaned as my hips spasmed with every tremor that coursed within me. I was already breathing hard waiting for my pussy to explode with a mind shattering orgasm.

I watched as Jessi furiously pumped Nick’s cock. His body was shaking as he waited for the fireworks to begin. Jessi groaned, “Cum for mommy baby.” Nick groaned as I saw his cock shoot strings of his cum high into the air. Holy shit, my legs weakened as I leaned into the wall for support.

Jessi grabbed his hand and placed it on her pussy and moaned, “Make mommy cum. Feel how wet I am. I’m so close.”

I watched as his hand went straight to her pussy lips and whispered, “Is this what you want?”

She moaned as her body convulsed to his touch, “Oh yes. Make me cum. I’m so close.”

I pushed first one finger then a second into my hot wet pussy. My legs shook as my orgasm neared it’s onset.

I watched as Jessi’s body started to shake and convulse. She exploded into his arms. “Oh yes so good. Oh don’t stop. Oh so good. I’m cumming. I’m cumming.” Her legs splayed out wildly as her orgasm took hold.

I was lost in the moment and bumped into the wall causing Nick to say, “Jessi I think mom is coming out of her room. We need to stop.”

Shit! I hurried back into my room and closed the door. I jumped into bed and shoved my fingers back inside my pussy as I visualized everything I had just seen. Within moments my hips bucked wildly out of control as I came hard on my fingers groaning, “Make mommy cum baby. I love your cock.”

I don’t remember much more as I found myself lying on my bed. This time I had no problem falling asleep.

I woke up feeling groggy and disoriented. These last two days have been traumatic in so many ways. First and foremost I’ve made myself cum three times thinking about my son. Secondly I watched as my two kids fooled around with each other, and finally I keep thinking about making love with my son. This last thought was the most troubling to me.

I got out of bed and put on a pair of shorts and top. I went to the kitchen and poured a glass of water from the faucet. Standing there looking out the window into my backyard I wondered what was happening to me. It was disconcerting to say the least. I needed to talk to someone quickly before my forbidden desires spun completely out of control.

I called my best friend Liz, in a frenzied state. It was 8:00 am Sunday morning and I needed someone to confide in. Unfortunately she was busy all day with her in-laws and couldn’t get away. I didn’t know what to do as Liz was the only one I felt comfortable sharing the events of the last two days.

I jumped in the shower and rehashed everything I had done these last two days. It shocked me to know how utterly irresponsible I felt. All my life I’ve been buttoned up. I excelled where others failed. I raised two children on my own and provided for their future. Yet a seemingly inconsequential event just threw my seemingly ideal life upside down.

I toweled off, jumped into a one piece swimsuit, tossed on a coverup and headed outside. I knew the kids would still be asleep so I took advantage of my alone time because god knows I needed more time to continue my self analysis of what I was feeling. Why am I having these feelings that are causing me to behave so inappropriately.

The more I thought about things the more confused I became. Prior to finding my panties in Nick’s room I was just a normal mom. Now I’m cumming as I fantasize about my son, I’m finding my kids are in an incestous relationship, then I’m spying on them, and then I’m getting off as I watch them.

I took a deep breath and told myself to relax. As bad as I think things are they aren’t. I’m a successful business person that has never shied from a challenge. I made up my mind that I would stop thinking inappropriately about my son. I will be mentally strong. I went inside to get a bite to eat as it was approaching lunch time and noticed that the kids were still asleep.

I heard footsteps and felt two strong arms wrap me up. I thought, “Why does it feel so good to be in my son’s arms?”

“Hey mom I hope we didn’t keep you up last night. Jessi and I were goofing around and might have made some noise.”

I said, “No I was exhausted so I slept well.”

“Mom I meant it yesterday when I said you looked hot. Even today in this frumpy one piece swimsuit you are still a hot MILF.”

Much to my dismay, my body responded as I melded back into his body. I whimpered, “Nick you shouldn’t be looking at me that way. I’m your mother.”

He laughed and said, “I can’t help what I see. If you weren’t my mother I’d be hitting on you. You are a sexy hot MILF. Just accept it.”

My body was already betraying me so I pushed out of his arms and said, “Nick what on earth has gotten into you.”

He pulled me into his arms and said, “I’m fine mom. I just think you are so beautiful.” I returned his hug with a little more fervor than a mom should. He kissed my cheek and said, “I won’t be home until Wednesday as I’m staying at Mike’s beach house. Is that okay?”

“Aren’t you going to say goodbye to Jessi? She leaves Tuesday.”

“Mom we said our goodbyes last night besides this will give you some quality alone time with her. Jessi and I are good. Is it okay?”

I reluctantly said, “Yes that’s fine but please be safe.”

With that he shot out of the kitchen leaving me to ponder my ever increasing irrational feelings towards my son

Jessi finally woke up and I suggested that we go shopping for new outfits for her summer internship and afterwards grab an early dinner in downtown Naples.

Jessi was excited and she hurriedly ate a late lunch. It was a little awkward for me knowing that I had spied on her and Nick last night but she seemed unaware nor concerned. She changed and we headed out on our mini shopping spree.

It was a fun afternoon. She tried on various suits, some very business appropriate others not so much. It was nice that she was always wanting my opinion and satisfying that she didn’t always disagree.

We had an early dinner and headed home. For me today was what the doctor ordered, a normal stress free day without any undesirable thoughts. I went to my room and threw on a pair of baggy shorts and a loose top.

When I went back into her room she had changed into a nightshirt and was excitedly hanging up her new outfits. She saw me and said, “Mom thank you so much. I had so much fun today. You are the best.”

I hugged her and said, “Thank you sweetie. I love you.”

As I was about to break our embrace she said, “Mom I saw you last night.”

I was taken back and responded, “I know honey. We watched a movie together.”

“Mom, I love you. I saw you in the hall watching Nick and I. Please talk to me.”

I sat on her bed and started to cry. Sobbing hysterically, I was in shock. Jessi got on the bed behind me and pulled me into her. Holding me tight as she tried to comfort me by saying, “It’s okay mom. Talk to me.”

I was breathing erratically, gasping for air between sobs, “I’m such a bad mother. I can’t believe I spied on you like that. I don’t understand why I did that.”

“Mom you are a beautiful woman. You’ve gone so long without prioritizing your needs. It’s okay mom. I love you. Nick loves you. Come lie with me. I want to cuddle with my mommy.”

She pulled me back onto and over her and ended on the bed with her spooning me, her arms around me, face snuggled into my neck. We laid there and enjoyed the peacefulness of our solitude, just mother and daughter. Roles reversed being that usually I’m the one who is comforting her.

She whispered, “Mom tell me what has you so upset.”

Who knew that my daughter would be the one I would confide to. “Friday night as I was cleaning up around the house I found a pair of my dirty underwear sticking out from under Nick’s bed.”

“Yes, so what mom. He’s had a crush on you for so long but you’ve been too busy with work to have noticed. What did you do with the panties?”

I hesitated and said, “I lifted them up to my nose and then licked them.”

“They probably had his dry cum on them. I’m sure he used them to masturbate. So what, it’s okay to be naughty every now and then.”

I grabbed her arm and held it close to me, squeezing it I sighed, “It’s worse than that.”

She whispered, “Tell me. I’m here for you.”

I hung my head in shame, hesitated and said, “I’ve made myself cum three times since then thinking about fucking my own son.”

I started to cry again as I felt her pull me back into her body as she said, “It’s okay. Nick is a handsome stud. Look what I did last night. It’s okay mommy. Please don’t cry.”

“No it’s not okay to feel this way. I’m his mother. I need to be the adult. I can’t act out my feelings.”

She asked, “How did you feel? Don’t tell me guilty. I know that. Did you feel good when you came thinking about Nick?”

“God help me but yes I felt wonderful that’s why I’m such a mess. The feelings I’m having are so wrong. I don’t know what to do.”

“Mommy it’s okay. You have been alone for so long it was only a matter of time before your unfilled desires broke through.”

“Yes but with my son?”

Jessi laughed and squeezed my hand, “Yes with Nick.”

“Mom what did you see last night?”

I whimpered, “I saw you giving Nick a hand job while he played with your pussy.”

She asked, “Did you see how big his cock is? Is that why you stayed so long?”

I softly said, “Yes.”

She gently caressed my stomach as she whispered, “Did you want to hold it mom? I know when I first felt it that’s all I thought about.” I gasped as she gently swirled her tongue in my ear.

“I thought about what it would be like to hold it and it turned me on. I’m such a bad mom.”

Her hand gently caressed the underside of my breast as she swirled her tongue in and around my ear. I closed my eyes and enjoyed my daughters sensuous licks again offering no resistance. What am I doing? I need to stop this.

“What do you think about when you make yourself cum?”

Oh my I’m getting so wet. I gently caressed my daughter’s arm unable to respond.

She persisted, “What do you think about mom? Tell me I’m getting so turned on thinking about you and Nick. Please tell me.”

I moaned, “Oh baby I think about Nick fucking me with his big cock.”

I felt her hand squeeze my tit as her lips caressed my neck. She whispered while fondling my tit, “Oh mom, that is so hot. You make yourself cum thinking about fucking your son. I’m so fucking horny right now. Tell me everything. I want to know.”

My hands continued a soft caress on her arm as her lips met mine. I moaned as my hands pulled her closer to me, my breathing becoming deeper and more labored, I savored the warmth of her mouth.

I could feel the passion rising inside me, our hands caressed each other.

I turned away and mewed, “I can’t. I’m being so bad.”

She turned my face towards her and said, “Mom you are such a great person. You did nothing wrong. I will always love you whether you fuck Nick or not. I just want you to be happy and stop beating yourself up. I need my mom to be happy. You’ve done so much for us.”

She leaned in and kissed me. It sent jolts of sparks throughout me as her lips lovingly toyed with mine. I groaned and rolled over so our bodies were facing each other. We kissed lightly as I wrapped her into my arms.

I whispered, as my hands caressed her lower back, “Was he a good kisser Jessi?”

“Oh yes mom. His lips were gentle and so soft. He is such a good kisser.”

I gently caressed the side of her face and said, “Show me Jessi. Kiss me like he did you. Please!”

Our kiss escalated as she slipped her tongue between my lips. Our tongues playfully darting inside our mouths.

I murmured as I looked into her glazed eyes, “That was incredible.”

I could feel the passion rising inside me, our hands caressing each other’s body. My hands cupped her bare ass pulling her into me as I moaned, “Jessi, I’ve never done this before but I can’t help myself.”

I was so turned on and now I was consumed with pleasuring my daughter. I wanted this to be an unforgettable experience for her. A good experience, something she will always look back on with no regrets.

She looked at me and said, “Mom I love you so much. I want this more than anything.”

I sat up and said, “Let’s go to my room, we will be more comfortable on my bigger bed.” We scurried to my room. Before we got in bed her hand slid under my top and found my breast. She whispered, “Is this how you dream Nick feels you up. Like this mom?”

I let out a long moan and lazily nodded my head. She pulled my top over my head exposing both my tits. My nipples erect and hard, she pulled on them causing me to groan, “Oh yes baby. That feels so good.” She lowered her mouth onto a tit and sucked my rock hard nipple into her mouth. I held her head tight to my breast and continued to purr as she teased, bit, and nibbled on my nipple.

She stopped, took my hand and led me onto the bed. I lay down next to her, naked for all practical purposes and slowly and seductively kissed my daughter while her hand traveled down to my wet pussy.

God help me but I just am not strong enough to resist all the naughtiness simmering within. First my naughty thoughts about my son and now I’m about to make love to my daughter. I felt like such a horrible mom but I no longer cared.

Her lips were sensual and seductive. Her ass was perfect for my hands. The way she first caressed then sucked my tit sent bolts of lightning tearing through my pussy. Now I’m lying in my bed kissing my daughter with a lustful thirst feeling her hands approach my wet hot pussy. My hips rocked with anticipation, my back arched wanting to cum.

I stopped kissing her, rolled over to my nightstand and pulled out my wand. I lifted my hips up as my daughter pulled my bottoms off.

Jessi traced my outer folds in no hurry to reach my insides and asked, “What are you holding mom?”

“It’s my wand vibrator.”

Her fingers teased my pussy, my hips rocked she said, “Mom you have such a beautiful pussy and you are so wet. I love you mom.” Leaning up to softly kiss my lips leaving her fingers lingering behind. I groaned and rocked my hips.

I said, “Jessi you have me so turned on please make me cum. Here use this.” I turned the wand on and gave it to her. Jessi ran the wand up my slit stopping near my clit. I groaned, “Oh yes baby. Just like that. Make mommy cum.”

My hips spasmed as I was now close to having a huge orgasm. Her words spurred me on and then she pushed the wand onto my clit and shoved two fingers inside me. Rubbing my clit, my daughter moaned, “Cum mommy, cum on your son’s big fat cock. Cum on it mommy. Nick wants to feel your cum juices coat his cock.”

That did it. My body tensed and then erupted in an earth shattering orgasm. My pussy clamped on her fingers as she push down on my clit with the wand. I moaned, “So good. I’m cumming so good. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Yes baby.”

My body collapsed back onto the bed as I savored the forbidden pleasures my daughter had given me. I opened my eyes and saw Jessi smiling, “I love you mom. You were great. Please make me cum you have me so turned on.”

I leaned up and gave her a deep passionate lovers kiss then pulled her nightshirt off. I said, “Lie down baby, mommy is going to make you cum.”

I grabbed both tits and started to suck on her nipples. I brought my hand down to her pussy lips finding them wet and swollen. I easily slid one finger in and searched for her g spot while feasting on her nipples.

Jessi started to buck her hips as I rubbed on that rough little patch inside her, “Oh mom that feels so good. Please don’t stop.”

I left her tits, found her clit and teased it with my tongue. I extended my tongue and swept her swollen clit bringing an involuntary gasp from her, I took the tip of her clit and teased it, then nipped lightly with my teeth, I slowly flicked my tongue back and forth.

She moaned loudly pushing my face into her cunt. I continued to slowly tongue tease her clit until she screamed in delight, “Oh yes that’s it. Make me cum mommy, Make me cum, I’m so fucking hot mommy.”

I took the wand and rubbed it across her clit. I pushed down with the wand and fucked her tight little pussy with my fingers.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” She gasped repeatedly, arching her back, forcing her aroused pussy into the wand. She was going wild, her quivering cunt walls clung to my fingers, her hips and ass shook with the vibrations from the wand which spasmed throughout her hips.

I pushed the wand onto her clit, “Oh my God that feels so good.” I moved the wand in a circular motion and she screamed.”Oh yeah!!! Yes!! Yes!!! Do it to me mommy! Make me cum! Just a little more and I’ll be there.”

Suddenly her legs shuddered and flailed as she panted, “Oh yes that’s it fuck my pussy. Oh. Oh, I’m cumming mommy. I’m cumming! Oh yes yes yes. Mommy it feels so good”

Her juices flooded my hand as she exploded into a violent orgasm. She writhed and thrashed from the intensity of the torrential waves of pleasure that ran through her body, I kept my wand on her clit, “Oh god yes yes I’m still cumming don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

I stayed still as I let the effects from the orgasm subside and then lovingly caressed my daughter’s thigh as she calmed down. Once I knew she was done I climbed back up to my daughter and held her in my arms. “Are you good with all of this baby?”

Jessi smiled and lovingly caressed the side of my face, “Oh mommy I’m more than good with this. I love you so much. Are you you good with this?”

“You know what Jessi, I am too. I’m good with this. You and Nick are all I have. I love you both so much. Yes I’m good with this.” She smiled and buried her head into my chest, “Mom can I sleep with you? I want to be held and I want to hold you as well.”

We kissed softly, sensuously, and endlessly. The love I was feeling was indescribable. I cradled my daughter, my lover, in my arms and fell asleep.

Monday was busy for me at work so I didn’t get an opportunity to be with Jessi until after 9:00 when I finally got home. She met me at the door and welcomed me home with the most deliciously soft kisses I had ever hoped to share with someone. We made love again, sensually, passionately, and tenderly before we once again fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Tuesday morning I woke up feeling sad, a growing pit in my stomach knowing that Jessi was leaving for Atlanta. Even though she was still sleeping when I was ready to leave I couldn’t resist my urges and crawled into bed with her.

I pulled her up into my arms. I was in a horny daze as I felt her grab my hips and kiss me smashing her breasts into me. All I felt was her wet tongue in my mouth exploring, twisting and swirling sending more sparks through me. My eyes closed as I returned her kiss.

I moaned, “Baby I’m going to miss you so much. Can I come up and visit you?”

Our lips met and parted. God her lips felt so soft and warm. Our tongues danced and swirled as my desire continued to grow. She said, “Mom I’m so glad you asked. I was going to ask you to visit me as often as you want but I know how busy you are with work. Yes please come see me. I’ll miss you.”

“Are you set with your Uber ride to the airport?”

“Yes mom I ordered it last night I’m all set. See you soon.”

We kissed one last time and I got up to leave when I heard Jessi call out, “Mom two more things.”

I looked at her and saw an evil smirk on her face, “Yes?”

“First of all don’t forget to bring the wand with you when you visit and secondly make sure you fuck your son before you visit me. I want to hear all the details.”

I got home late Tuesday evening to an empty house. I poured myself a glass of wine and sat in my family room feeling very lonely and sad. For the first time in a very long time I took note of the emptiness I felt. I had sacrificed so much with my career to make sure my kids had everything they wanted to the point where I had no one to share my love with.

It’s crazy what finding my dirty underwear in my son’s room did to me. I don’t know how to process the wide range of emotions that I’ve gone through in just a mere four days. I always thought of myself as indestructible yet I feel so vulnerable.

My time with Jessi was an unleashing of all my pent up desires. It was wonderfully pure to make love to Jessi. She listened, she probed, and she comforted. I’m so blessed to have her in my life yet in a cruel twist of fate, now she is gone!

I came home from work Wednesday evening around 8:00 hoping to see Nick. Surprisingly he was not home and had not texted me. I started to worry but when I checked his room I saw his travel bag on the bed.

I changed into a pair of gym shorts and a baggy pullover and went into the kitchen. I wasn’t hungry so I poured myself a glass of wine and went outside to relax as it was a nice evening. I wondered how Jessi’s first day at Coke went. I thought about calling her but I didn’t want to be an overbearing mom. I went inside and poured myself another glass and sat thinking about Nick. So much has changed for me and it’s hard to keep my feelings under control.

I kept going back to what Jessi had said, “Fuck Nick before you come visit me.” If my willpower wasn’t quickly fading, now I had my daughter’s admonition to fuck my son which leads me back to my used panties. Sipping on my wine I savored the wicked thoughts coursing through me. My pussy dampened as I recalled seeing his enormous cock. I started to feel the effects from the wine on an empty stomach so when I finished my glass I went inside to see if I could grab a quick snack.

I was looking up in the cabinets for something to eat when I heard Nick come in. Out of nowhere he was suddenly behind me, his hands on my hips, his mouth on my neck, kissing me gently.

He whispered, “Such a sweet ass,” his hands slid down and cupped my ass. My body responded as my pussy dampened, his lips lightly kissing my neck sending little wisps of pleasure throughout my body. Being a little tipsy I closed my eyes and lost myself in the wave after wave of little tremors running through me. His arms wrapped around my waist as he pulled me back onto his hardening cock.

My hands gripped the countertop as my legs weakened from the feel of his big cock on my ass. I moaned softly as Nick’s hands slid up and to my tits, his thumbs rubbing over my now very stiff nipples. I knew I had to stop this but the feelings were too powerful.

I moaned, “Oh Nick we can’t do this. I’m your mom.” But he kept fondling my tits as he licked, nibbled, and feasted on my neck. I was lost in a torrent of forbidden desires. I unintentionally rested the back of my head on his shoulder and arched my back, pressing my ass back into his crotch.

Nick swirled his tongue in my ear, he licked and nibbled on my neck, his arms circled my waist pulling me deeper into him. “Mom you look so good. You feel amazing.”

I gasped, my eyes opened I turned my head to look at him. Before I could say anything he kissed me, softly at first, then with a little more fervor. I was so consumed with my desires that I parted my lips and found his tongue with mine, the two of them licking each other as he continued fondling my tits. We kissed passionately as the sexual tension between us rose to fervor pitch.

He spun me around and lowered his mouth onto mine. My eyes closed as my lips hungrily searched for his. Finding them we softly meshed our lips lovingly caressing our mouths. I was burning up with taboo desires and I opened my mouth to accept his soft wet tongue.

My legs weakened as I felt the power and enormity of his cock and saw the fire in his eyes. He grabbed my hand and brought it down onto his cock. I instinctively grabbed it. I groaned as I felt like I was ready to cum. Now that I was holding his beast my willpower faded quickly.

I devoured his mouth with mine as I held onto him tight. This was wrong. I know it’s wrong. I have to stop but it felt so good. I don’t know what happened but I pushed away from him and looked at his lust filled eyes and said, “I can’t do this Nick. It’s wrong. I’m your mother. I can’t do this.” I turned and ran into my room closing the door.

I fell into my bed with tears welling up in my eyes as I heard Nick outside say, “Mom I’m sorry. Please let me in so we can talk. Please mom.”

I said, “Nick let me be. We will talk tomorrow night when I get home from work. It’s okay. You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s my fault. Good night.”

The next day at work I was a mess, unable to concentrate as I struggled with what I did last night. I texted Nick, “Nick I’m sorry about last night. My behavior was inappropriate. It was entirely my fault. I’ll be home around 8:00 tonight. We need to talk. Grab something to eat as I won’t have time to make something for dinner. Let me know if that’s okay. Love Mom.” Within seconds I got a thumbs up emoji response from Nick.

I went about my business the rest of the day until I received a text from Jessi just before I was heading home. It said, “Job at Coke is great. Have you fucked Nick yet?”

I cringed as I read the text but noticed a pronounced tingle ooze throughout me. I responded, “Great about Coke. No about Nick.” She sent a simple reply. It was a sad face emoji. I shook my head and left the office.

When I got home I heard Nick yell, “Hi mom. I’m in the family room.” I put my purse on the kitchen island and walked into the family room to find my son sitting on the sofa wearing just a pair of gym shorts.

As I approached he said, “Mom you look so hot in that outfit.” My pussy immediately dampened as I looked at what I was wearing, a black skirt that stopped a couple of inches above my knees, a white sleeveless button down shirt, and a pair of black heels. I didn’t think I looked hot but rather businesses like.

“Nick, you shouldn’t be looking at me that way. It’s not right honey”. I can’t believe the emotions running through me. My thoughts were inappropriate as I was overcome by my growing desire to be with him.

He responded, “Mom I’m sorry to tell you that I’m not going to stop looking at you however way you think I am looking at you. I think you’re so beautiful and sexy.”

I sat down next to him and kissed him, tenderly at first but then our mouths opened and allowed our tongues to explore. Eventually I broke the kiss and said, “Nick I know I haven’t been acting like myself lately. I feel almost powerless to control the feelings I’m having for you. Do you know why?”

Nick grabbed my hand and softly caressed it as he said, “I don’t know why mom but I’ve noticed that you’ve been looking at me differently lately. Tell me.”

“I accidentally found one of my panties in your room when I picked up after you last Friday night. What are you doing with my panties?”

“Mom I have been attracted to you for so long but you are always so busy with work that you haven’t noticed. I’ve been taking your dirty panties so I can smell your pussy as I masturbate.”

I stood up and pulled him into my arms. We held each other close while keeping our foreheads in contact as we looked at each other. I whispered, “I love you baby.”

He kissed the side of my neck and said, “I love you too mom.”

I turned my head and our lips met in a fiery passionate kiss. He ran his hands down to my butt and cupped it as he pushed into me. My heart raced as I knew the threshold I was about to cross.

My lips opened as I let his tongue gently push into my mouth. I returned his kiss, my tongue probing with a feral passion. I moaned as his tongue meshed with mine further dampening my little black lace panties. I felt the hardness of his manhood push into me. His hands slowly unbuttoned the top button before proceeding to the next two. My breasts ached for his touch as my desire for him was beginning to overflow.

I asked, “Nick what do you think about when you masturbate with my panties?” He groaned into my mouth and said, “I dream about you stroking my cock until I cum.”

Still kissing with a passionate force I moaned, “Take my panties off.”

Our tongues made love as I felt my skirt being pulled up slowly past my hips. My panties were drenched as we kissed fiercely with utter abandon. His strong hands caressed my bare butt sending jolts of pleasure down to my pussy and then I felt a strong tug on my panties as he pulled them down my leg.

I whispered, “Give them to me.”

He gave me my wet panties and I pushed him back onto the couch. I sat next to him, my swollen pussy lips exposed, my blouse open revealing my sexy black bra I said, “Take your shorts off.”

He yanked them off to reveal the largest cock I had ever seen. I was mesmerized by its size and strength. My little hand gingerly traced up and down causing his cock to spasm. It was intoxicating to see his beast up close. I grabbed my panties and wrapped them around his cock.

I brought my tongue to his ear as I stroke his beautiful cock with my panties. I whispered as my tongue swirled inside his ear, “Is this what you dream about? Do you like what mommy is doing?”

His cock spasmed as I slowly teased it wanting this to last as long as possible. I groaned, “Tell mommy what to do. I want you to cum for mommy.”

He turned his head and devoured my mouth. The strength of his kisses sent shock waves through me as I kept stroking his cock.

I stopped and gave him my panties and said, “Suck on my wet panties while I suck on your cock.”

He groaned, “Oh mom this so hot. I love you.”

I swirled my tongue around his magnificent head, concentrating on the sensitive underside while I stroked his cock. I looked up at him as he sucked my juices from my panties, his eyes closed. I bobbed up and down on his hard cock, caressing his tight balls, I knew he wasn’t going to last long.

I asked, “Is this better than your dreams baby? Tell mommy.”

He groaned, “Yes. Yes. This is incredible. I’m going to cum.”

His hips bucked and his legs trembled as the first spurt shot down my throat. I pulled back so that I could see his subsequent spurts shoot into the air as I furiously pumped his cock. Once he finished I licked his cock and scooted up to be in his arms. His tongue pushed into my mouth as I continued to feel the strength and enormity of his cock in my small hand.

He smiled, lovingly looked into my eyes in a way that made me tingle and lightly kissed my lips. He pushed me back onto the couch and quickly crawled between my legs as they trembled at his touch. My pussy quivered in anticipation as he licked down my leg, his hands lightly caressing my thighs.

His mouth kissed the inside of one thigh and then the other. My body trembled as I savored the sensual wetness of his mouth on my legs. Reaching my swollen outer lips he kissed them gently and repeatedly as he teased my pussy and clit that ached to be touched. I was now moaning non stop. I closed my eyes as I felt his fingers begin to roam up and down my wet slit.

He continued to lick and kiss my puffy folds, teasing my throbbing pussy wet with a forbidden desire. Sparks and illicit tremors fired inside me as I waited for his touch.

His warm tongue began running up and down my wet slit. He lapped my pussy sending me into a series of uncontrolled spasms. Easing a finger deep inside of me his tongue rose to greet my clit.

He inserted another finger inside my pussy and quickly found my rough spongy spot. Flicking it quickly with both fingers I moaned, “I love what you’re doing to me. Don’t stop baby. You’re going to make cum.”

He brought his mouth down on my clit and swirled it with his tongue as I groaned, “Oh yes baby make mommy cum.”

I was now thrashing wildly as he continued to assault my pussy with his fingers and mouth. My body stiffened as I screamed, “Oh my god. Oh yes. Oh don’t stop baby. Yes. I’m cumming. I’m cumming. Oh. Oh. Oh.”

My body convulsed on his hand, my hips bucked wildly, my legs shook as my orgasm ripped through me with a ferocity that I had never felt before. My stomach tensed and spasmed as the brunt of my orgasm tore through my insides. My body went limp and collapsed back onto the couch.

I felt myself being lifted off the couch onto my feet, my lips attacked with a passionate ferocity as my blouse was pulled open. My son growled, “Mom I’m going to fuck you so good you will never want anyone but me.” I looked down and saw that his beautiful cock was hard again.

My legs weakened as I anticipated the feel of his beast inside me. We kissed as he pushed me up against the wall. He pushed my bra over my tits and sucked one nipple into his mouth before alternating to my other nipple. I crushed his head onto my tits as I realized that my son was going to ravish me and I couldn’t wait.

My skirt still pushed over my hips, he spun me around and spread my legs. Slowly he rubbed his cock over my slit, coating it with my juices then ever so softly he pushed into me. I groaned as I felt the enormity of his cock stretch my pussy. His hand found my clit and stroked it as he growled, “Do you like my cock mom?”

I groaned as I realized I was going to cum quickly. I muttered, “Oh yes baby. I love your cock.”

He started to furiously pound my pussy as one hand rubbed my clit while the other slapped my ass. I could feel an enormous eruption brewing as I groaned, “I’m so close don’t stop. Please keep fucking me.”

My legs quivered, not sure if I could stand up as he pummeled my pussy. His mouth on my ear he growled, “Cum for me mommy, cum on your son’s cock.”

My body erupted in another enormous orgasm, falling off his cock, my body convulsed as I slid down the wall until Nick grabbed me. He held me tight as my body spasmed. When my orgasm subsided he dragged me back to the couch.

He sat down and plopped me down on his majestic cock. My back to his chest, I straddled his beautiful cock and slowly impaled myself on it. I felt so full as I slowly bounced up and down on his cock, still in a daze from the orgasm fhat had just torn through my body.

His hands grabbed my hips as he started to pump his cock into my wanting pussy. I leaned back and enjoyed his assault on my poor little pussy. I started to feel another orgasm ready to erupt as his fingers found my clit. I turned my head and found his mouth as my pussy began to convulse on his cock. I cannot believe how quickly i was nearing another orgasm.

I love my sons cock. I want my sons cock. I quickly rocked my hips on his pistoning cock as he continued to rub my clit. I closed my eyes and savored the impending explosion, surrendering myself to my son. I moaned as Nick groaned, “Mommy you are going to make me cum. I love you mom. I’m cumming. Yes. Oh yes mom. I’m cumming.”

My body convulsed as I felt his cum squirt into me, I rapidly ground my hips on his cock as my orgasm exploded inside me. I moaned, “Oh yes baby. Mommy is cumming on your wonderful cock. Oh yes.”

I rolled off him and kissed him with utter abandon. I cupped his face and asked, “Will you sleep with me tonight?”

He kissed me softly and repeatedly until he said, “Every night mom.”

We went into my room but before I jumped in bed with my son I texted Jessi, “YES about Nick!”

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