Mousy mom submits to son, Then sets up her friend to fall

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As I fussed in the mirror next over what to wear, the thought did occur to me that I was being silly, I was only going to watch TV with my son in the living room. I knew David was literally just showering and throwing on pajamas, but I justified it by saying to myself that I never go out on dates anymore, so I should at least practice making myself looking good. I liked being girly and he looked so good all the time lately that I wanted to look my best too. I loved when he complimented me or when I could feel his eyes on me.

He said he was going to get comfy, so he was probably going to wear what he would sleep in, either pajama pants or gym shorts and a t-shirt. I decided I didn’t want to wear a bra but I also didn’t want my nipples to be clearly in his face so I wore a cute light yellow camisole with a built in shelf bra. I often just wore a long t-shirt to bed with sometimes panties, sometimes nothing but that wouldn’t have been appropriate to watch a movie in. Since the camisole only went down to a little past my belly button, I looked in my drawer for some cotton boyshorts. I selected a modest lavender pair with a black trimmed waist band.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked cute! Maybe too cute, and my nipples were still showing through the extra layer of my top. I played with my hair a little until it looked natural but perfect.

I put an almost imperceptible dot of perfume on my chest between my small breasts and then slightly on my neck behind my ears. I didn’t put on any deodorant because I didn’t anticipate sweating very much and the powdery smell of it could sometimes be overpowering. I checked myself once more in the mirror, and then turned around to see how my butt looked. The squats are working, I thought. My ass looked good, but was it too much? Half of my cheeks were out. David might like that. I brushed the silly thought away and kept moving. I’m allowed to be comfortable in my own house.

As I walked downstairs to kitchen I saw David already on the couch searching Netflix for a movie to watch. He was just wearing an old Pink Floyd t-shirt and some black and white plaid pajama pants. I could feel that so much of my skin was exposed and I was a little scared that I was overdoing it.

Its just your sleep-wear, I thought to myself. Just act normal and it will be normal. I looked down at myself and saw my nipples were hard and still slightly visible even through the extra layer on my top. I grabbed two waters from the fridge and approached the living room.

“I got you a water,” I said as I dimmed the overhead lights and grabbed a plush throw blanket from the love seat.

“Thanks,” David said, not taking his eyes off the TV as he searched.

Where should I sit, I wondered. I approached him to hand him the water.

“What do you want to watch?” he asked as he looked up and took the water bottle. I could see an immediate change in his eyes as he quickly looked me up and down. I felt good, but slightly embarrassed and I just quickly sat down next to him on the couch. I could feel his eyes on me. I swallowed nervously and spread the small throw blanket out to cover my naked legs. As I turned to look at his face, I saw he was still looking and our eyes met. I could feel my pulse rising. Our faces were very close.

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