Mousy mom submits to son, Then sets up her friend to fall

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I tried to keep my head out of the water because I usually tried to go a couple days before washing it after getting any color done. I was happy that it didn’t smell too strong. Sometimes after getting my hair done, it was all I could smell for days afterward. I washed the rest of my body, luxuriating in my moisturizing body wash all over my now totally smooth body. I pictured David’s dick glistening with my juices as he fucked me. I definitely needed to cum.

That was going to be my plan. I would turn in early and just masturbate all night in my bedroom. I dried myself off and applied some anti-aging moisturizer to my face and lotion to my skin. I walked back into the bedroom naked and picked up my phone which I had left on the bed. I had a couple texts from Amanda just reiterating that she was there for me if I needed to talk.

I had a new text from David.

Would you want to watch another episode of that show tonight? If you’re staying in too.

My heart was in my throat. I looked at myself in the mirror. Naked. Shaved and smooth. I sprayed a mist of my perfume and walked into it. I didn’t respond right away as I thought about my options.

I was so horny. Part of me wanted to just masturbate. The last time I watched Netflix and cuddled with my son, we both were turned on. Now, I had seen his laptop. I had seen my panties and my shirt in his room. I knew David at the very least fantasized about having sex with me. Whether he would escalate things or not, I didn’t know. What I did know was that I was barely in control of my own actions I was so excited. I felt high. I had started applying makeup to my face without even realizing it. Trying to keep it looking natural and like I didn’t have makeup, but accentuating my features in just the right ways. I wanted to look pretty for him. The best thing I could have done for myself was to tell him I was tired and I just wanted to turn in early. I was trying to fix my hair as best as I could to make it look cute. I picked up the phone and replied back.

I’m really tired baby. I think I just wanna stay in bed tonight.

As soon as I hit send, I started to have second thoughts. I started typing again.

Would you wanna just watch it in here on my tv??

As soon as I hit send on that one, I was shaking. Did I really just say that? Why? I was trying to think of a way to get out of it when my son texted me back.

Sure. I’m just getting out of the shower too. Just let me know when you’re ready.

I saw the “…” that he was typing more. I was going through my underwear drawer looking for the right ones to wear.

If you’re too tired, we don’t have to do it tonight.

He had given me the out. Did I want to take it? I put on my pink Body by Victoria sheer boyshort panties with floral lace. I turned around and checked my ass in the mirror. Even though they were boyshorts, the bottom part was thong-ish and half of my ass was showing. It looked sexy as hell. Behind the floral patterns, they were see-through as well. You could clearly see my camel-toe by the shape of how tight the material hugged my pussy lips. And you could see through the sheer panties that I was completely shaved. No way I could wear these around my son. Unless..

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