My sister and her Game

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I am Nader a 18 year old well built boy. I had two sisters, one elder and one younger, Arefa is 6 year elder than me and Madiha is 5 years younger. When I was just a boy Arefa got married and went to live in a small town. Her husband was a sort of engineer and working on a project there. She soon became mother of a boy named Kabir. She kept paying us short visits often. Due to our age difference I was not very close to her but she was kind to me like a elder sister. Then came a time when I failed in my 12th standard. My parents were angry and Mother told this to my sister Arefa. She advised mom to send me to her house, where she can guide me in my studies. At that time her husband
was on a training course outside and her house was very peaceful. My mother got convined that for a proper study I should go and live with my sister Arefa.

Finally I agreed and mom sent me with the advice to obey my sister and do not mess with anyone unnecessarily. I promised her and one day moved to my sister’s house. She was living in a two room house. Seeing me after a break Arefa hugged me hard. After some time she separated from me and introduced me to her son Kabir. We were already familiar so I took him in my arms and kissed him. We entered inside the house and she told me that in absence of her husband I can sleep in her room. There was a single bed there for her son but he was sleeping mostly with his mom.

Our first day went into talking mostly and getting free with each other. My nephew was very happy as he was an only child and there is no playmate near him.

Next day on breakfast I received a minor shock. Arefa was dressed up in a long shirt, but when I looked closely, it seemed that there is no bra under her shirt. I could see her nipples standing out around the front of her shirt. I was so worried when I was spoken to that I couldn’t look directly at her. She behaved normal perhaps she was used to live like that in her house. I never took sexual interest in her before but that day her boobs had an effect on me. I was in a wrong age bracket now. I noted that my sister still had a girlish look but had put on some weight near her chest and hips. I interpreted that she was not trying to look erotic but taking me as a kid. In the middle of day we discussed about my studies and she looked serious in her advice.

By night another shock was waiting for me. After dinner we watched TV for some time and then lay down for sleep. My nephew wanted me to tell him a story. I started telling him one from my bed but he said he is not hearing me proper. I asked him to come to my bed but Arefa intervened and said her bed is large so I should come to her bed. Kabir was laying on the side of wall so Arefa let me lay down in the middle. As I started telling the story she also took interest in my story. The only problem was that She was was still bra less and laying close to me. Her hair smelled of a nice shampoo and her body radiated warmth. I started getting hard but kept it secret under the sheet. After some time she dozed off with an arm resting on my chest and a leg hitting my leg. Meanehile my nephew fell asleep also.

“Api Api are you sleeping?” I asked but got no answer.

Turning towards her I wanted to leave the bed. One of my hand touched her chest and a current ran in my body. I stopped where I was. Slowly I gripped one of her breasts. In the dark her tit felt very Soft to the touch. Her closeness was more intoxicating than anything I could have ever imagined. In my brain I knew that I had to get out of this soon, but my heart was racing and I was totally lost in the moment. I hugged her and caressed her lips with my fingers. She suddenly woke and I stopped my activity. I told her that I wanted to go out of the bed.

“You can sleep here if You want.” She said in a sleepy voice

“No. I want to go to bathroom.” I said

She moved a little and I pushed myself out in a way that my hard cock brushed her somewhere. Once I was in bathroom I did what I used to do after watching porn. Then I quietly moved to my bed.

Next day was not much different from the previous. Arefa kept dressing lightly. I saw her going to buy vegetables from a street vendor. As she stood in an open door, All she did was to pull a scarf over her braless breasts. The scarf was a thin one so it was not hiding much. I kept playing with her son to avoid a eye contact with her. She was grateful and pleased when she saw me playing with her son. It seemed that in absence of his father Kabir kept her busy a lot.

Avoiding my sister completely in a small house was not possible. During the day I saw her crawling on all fours with her head on the floor.The plump buttocks are naturally turned up, and her white panties were showing through her thin lower dress. Below the panties I could see the shape of her thighs. With a wodden rod in her hand she was trying to search something under a storage cabinet.

“Arefa Api what are you searching?” I asked

“Kabir lost his plastic ball somewhere. I think it is under this cabinet.” She replied without moving.

“Can I help you.” I asked

“Yes. Bring your mobile and throw some light.”

I brought my mobile and lit up its torch. While bending near her I casually put my hand on her ass. I felt very turned on but To my surprise she was unresponsive.

“Ah, uh, there it is, true … wait a minute.” She said,

As she bent more, I pressed my hands on her ass. It was like playing basketball. The plastic ball was pushed out and she stood up. She was happy over her success like a child.

In the evening we sat together to watch TV. My sister wanted to watch a show but her son insisted on watching wrestling. As we switched the channel of his choice it was showing mixed wrestling. In a tag team match we saw a young man wrestling with a young women. The woman was trying to pull down the young man’s shorts while he was trying to pull her bikni away. I asked Kabir to change the channel but he refused.

“You should not see such things on tv son.” I said

He smiled and said, “Me and mom like this type of wrestling. We play too after watching.”

“Today you can play with your uncle beta.” Arefa said

“Sure mom” he replied

There was no shortage of shocks in the small house of my sister Arefa. As soon a short break appeared during the match Kabir switched off the TV and asked me to wrestle with him. He moved to a 6×8 ft rug in front of the TV. To please him I started playing reluctantly but realised soon that he was quiet a menace. He hit a couple of good blows to me and pushed me on ground.

“You won Kabir, you won.” I cried

“Let’s bring mom in it and make it a rumble jumble” he suggested,

I thought that Arefa will refuse but I was shocked to see her moving on rug without any argument. She started with by throwing Kabir aside but then I pushed her away from Kabir. She started to wrestle with me. It was as surprisingly as it was erotic! Of course, my sister was in a dress but she was still braless. As I worked hard, her shirt turned up to her stomach, and the area below her navel was exposed. I touched her bare belly a little violently while pretending it to be an attack.

“You cheat, I will teach You a lesson.” She shouted

She pushed me away with some force. By now Kabir grabbed her and started to wrestle. While she was concentrating on him, I pressed on the meat of her hips and touched her breasts. Pretending to support her from falling I moved behind her and put my hand on her hanging tits. Thanks to the absence of a bra, I felt the the softness of her flesh and the hardness of her nipples. Now my lust was my guide.

She was not wearing panties so I extended my fingertips down and let a tip reach the part of her cunt. I moved my tip to make sure her willingness. She was a lot damp there.

Arefa was on all four like a mare. When my nephew sat on her back, I grabbed her around her waist.

“Ha ha ha, that’s it!” He kept laughing

As he was pinning her down, I let My dick go between her soft hips. My dick was already hard like steel and curving. It was like getting crushed between the two cushions. A childish game was turning into a sex game. I intentionally cupped the pelvis of my sister with my hand and rubbed it.

“Ahh! Kabir, you got it. Chahaha, mama is defeated.” She said.

“No, I want to play more.” He insisted

I tried to press my steel-like dick against her butt. It was like virtual sex but looked really good. I got sweaty quickly and couldn’t do it that long. I was once again surprised by Arefa innocent and indifferent attitude. Eventually, I pushed the head of my cock on her cunt.

“… Huh … Huh, uffff …”

I pressed the head of my cock in her cunt over the dress. Her wetness allowed me to go a little deep. It was too much for me. My inexperience couldn’t withstand such a shock. Yaba! Get out! I told myself and hurriedly pulled the head back from her cunt. I tried to put a hand in between but my white liquid started coming out against my will! There was no time to feel pleasure, as it kept coming out without permission.

Suddenly she turned her head and looked back in a surprised manner. She asked Kabir to leave her and then ….. put her hand on her back to see what was wrong. Once touching a wet spot on her dress she stared at my face. She even looked at my hand with a suspicious expression.

“I’m sorry Api, I’m sorry !!!” I said

She just smiled and said, “Don’t apologize anymore. It happens sometime.”

“I apologize for your dress.” I said

“Oh, I’ll chage and wash this one … I thought you are a child but you’re already an adult.”

Both of us stood up and went to two different washrooms for cleaning. While showering I was happy to realise that She will not report any of this to mother.
However, to me I decided to avoid getting close to her.
Later we ate dinner together and once again Kabir insisted on a story. I insisted that I will tell him a story only if he come to my bed. He agreed and Arefa kept silent this time. When Kabir went to sleep and I put him near his mother, she said to me, “please promise you won’t complain anything to mom.”

I said, “I was fearing that you might complain against me to mom.”

We both laughed and the night went peacefully for both. The next day, there was no wrestling like yesterday. I played a lot with Kabir alone, and finally put him to sleep.

Arefa was just organizing the cloths, and was very grateful to me for taking care of her child. I had never been praised by my mother. I was very happy to hear praise from my sister. Her behaviour was so normal that I forget everything about last day.

I was wrong. When Kabir woke he ate some food and then started watching the wrestling again. He compelled us to watch with him too. Once again he insisted on playing wrestling. Arefa took leave for kitchen. Aftef playing with him I asked him to invite his mother. On his demand she joined the game. Of course I gave my sister a lot of body touches like yesterday. In various situations. At one stage I covered her body by my body. It was very pleasing to hold her soft body to my hard body. Wiggling a bit she said, “I will…see you”. She wrapped her legs around my waist, and flipped me onto my back. She was now sitting on my stomach, looking down at me, holding my wrists together, above my head, with her hands, her face just mere inches from mine.

“Looks like I win.” she saud, I couldn’t help but blush deeply and smile. “That’s what you think.” I said. Pumping my hips and stomach up, I tried to throw her into the air but failed. I tickled her armpits and she fell on me laughing. I tried to turn her below me but she held me tightly at my ears.

My cock was touching her belly and she was aware of it. To my surprise she kissed me on my ears and I responded by kissing her on neck. She started rubbing my body in a sexy way.

Instead of taking part in the game Kabir was clapping. Arefa got hold of him and pinned him down by her upper body and raised her lower body in air. I came behind her and got biggest shock of my life. Her Pajamas were torn in middle and she was not wearing a panty. The hole in pajamas was large enough to show her nether parts. First time in my life I saw a live cunt and a hole in a butt. When she took a position on all fours, she stuck her buttocks out.

I saw pinkish Meat folds of her cunt that looked like wrinkles divided into several parts. The folds of meat were joining her thighs but were open in the middle. And the inside of the open meat fold, was all Red? You can clearly see the typical parts and the very holes.

I understood what she wanted from me. I gripped her waist and loosened cord of my pajamas. Bringing my hard cock out, I let it go into the torn part and then let its bare head touch her bare hole. Slowly I let the tip of my rod slip in her pussy.

“… Huh … Huh, don’t push hard …. Nader”

While she muttered something I didn’t understand, I went ahead with my fuck. She moved back and I forward. “Hurrah!” Half of my cock got inserted in her pussy. A look at her pussy revealed how its folds were distorted by my insertion. I could never forget the feeling I was getting. She was paying less attention to me but more to Kabir. Her cunt was so wet that after a few pushes I slipped in her easily.

“Accept defeat or you will be sorry.” She said to some one but I don’t know to whom.

I started pushing and pulling on insctict. She started moaning. Her grip on Kabir got loose and he slipped from under her. I grabbed her from her middle and impaled on my cock. Due to our dress Kabir couldn’t see much. I sat down on corner of a bed and let her do some pushing and pulling by her. I slipped my hands under her shirt and rubbed her nipples with my fingers.

“Ahhhh … Ohhhhh… Uffffff” she moaned

At first I thought she was in pain but then realised it was pleasure. Every time she moved, an electric current flew through my body. Even if I stayed still, it seemed to be cool at all times. The feeling was completely different from that of masturbating.
Eventually, I couldn’t stand it anymore. “Ah, Ahhh”

Finally I came and spat out as much cum as I could while reaching the innermost part of my sister. I didn’t think of a pregnancy at all. Because I didn’t have much knowledge about it.

“Thank God, I am not ovoluting” she whispered

She stood up from my lap and stared to go toward washroom. She took hold of Kabir and told him that wrestling made them dirty and sweaty so they will take a bath. I showered separately and afterwards we dined together. Once again Kabir heard a story from me before going to sleep. As soon as he fell asleep, my sister joined me on my bed.

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