Happily made my husband cuckold – part 3

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Hello to all the readers and especially my followers who were asking me about my other encounters of my sexual journey. So here comes the most awaited story between me and sultan.

Those who are reading this story for first time please read the earlier two parts to have a better insight into the story. Without wasting anymore time let me get into the story.

A brief intro about myself – im sanjana aged 30 living in outskirts of Hyderabad city. My husband vijay aged 40 works in nearby pharma industry. Im a plump women, you can say plus sized. My stats weigh around 36-34-38 and full fair in colour. I belong to a north indian family but settled in Hyderabad.

After the cuckold incident with raj kumar, things were not as before between me and vijay. We are not like husband and wife anyone. We stay together for each others benefits. My daughter wants both of us so we kept it as a secret between us and I was given full rights to enjoy my life in my own way. I got wings to fly and get my sexual desires fulfilled. This incident happened on 30th of December with sultan. We both were friends from past 3 years. He stays in old city. He is around 33 married with no children. We met through some dating site and slowly became friends and known each other. Although we both stayed in same city I never dared to visit him. He was nice muscular man with nice biceps and strong body. and most importantly his dick which was more than 8 inches and soo thick like a banana.

From past 1 year we have been sexting and he sent me his pics which I liked a lot. After my sex with raj, I crossed all the lines and thought to meet sultan. Sultan was married to shahiba before 4 years and they still don’t have kids. Shahiba has some issues and she even cant take half of his dick inside. So this way be both met online and developed some bond. Post Diwali I informed him about my personal issues with vijay and I explained him everything and he was happy for me for fulfilling my desires. He was sas that he wasn’t getting enough everyday from his wife. So then immediately I opened up and asked “ Do you like plump women with big tits and bid round ass” he replied “ absolutely yes. I like women with nice fat and flesh” I told “ Get ready to fulfill your sexual desires for one night with this women”. I immediately send my full pic with face closed. Till then I never shared any of my pic or my contact details. He asked “ who is this lady” I replied “ She likes you and wants you in and make her orgasm minimum 3 times” he replied “ ok. But when and where will I meet her?” I asked “ did you like her? Tell me frankly” he replied “ im soo happy to fuck her. She is so hot im hard now only to bang her. But please tell me when?” I replied “ within a month I will confirm the date and share you the location”.

On 25th December vijay was made into superwise night shifts. Though there is no problem inviting sultan and having sex with him in my flat, yet I feel my little daughter may see or feel uncomfortable. And I don’t want vijay to know about my other encounters. So on 30th December I texted sultan to book 2 rooms in a 4 star hotel.

He shared one room payment details on my behalf and he took his with him. I checked in 1 hr before the planned time i.e on 8 pm. I asked him to check in and wait for the signal. At 9 pm he arrived and checked in to the room. My room was 406 and his was 401 which was adjacent to mine . I texted “its time for a wonderful night, go and enter the room 401. Your beautiful lady I waiting for you”. He didn’t text me and came all over to my room.

I changed my self to bathrobe with no inners. As soon as he entered he told hii and asked are you sanjana friend? I laughed heavily and said no. he was worried and said “ oh im sorry!! I guess I entered the wrong room” and he started moving out. I pulled his hand near me and said in his ear “I am sanjana sharma” he was shocked for a moment!!! He was silent and was asking “ really!! I don’t believe it”. I showed my mobile and conversations with him. He felt very happy with my surprise.

I told will you waste time seeing me or you are interested in doing anything? He pulled me over onto him and hugged me tightly. I can feel his hard chest and biceps around me. I was rubbing my nails onto his back and he lifted my face and kissed me on my lips. This was the first time I was kissing any muslim man. He smelled very tasty. We almost kissed for 10 minutes. Meanwhile I inserted my hand into his pants and touched his dick. It was soo big that I cannot measure it with my hand. I broke the kiss and pulled his pants. I don’t know y but I was soo desperate to take his dick directly in my pussy.

I pulled his pants and he removed his shirt. His dick was big very big that it came out of his inners. I pulled his inners and made way to his dick. It was the firat time I was seeing a circumcised dick. No skin on glans and it was looking very pretty. Without wasting any more time I took it into my mouth. I don’t know y but his precum tasted very less salty unlike others. He maintained himself clean shaved and neat. I used my ridht hand to stroke his dick while his glans are still in my mouth. Within 10 minutes he released few more drops of precum which I licked to avoid making mess.

I was still in my bathrobe, now I stood up and sat on corner of the bed, took a bpillow below my head and slept. I now pulled my bathrobe thread and threw it down. To be frank im a white complexed plump women with big round ass and a light shaggy big tits. He was seeing me standing like a statue. I told “ what the fuck are you seeing? Come and fuck me” he came into senses and sad near the corner and inserted his tongue in my vagina. Umm I was already wet after the blowjob and as he inserted his tongue I became more desperate and hungry for him. I pushed him with my legs and told “you can lick me afterwards. Come and fuck me now fast. I cant wait anymore” as per my order he positioned his thick white dick with pink glans on my entrance and made a strong push. I can feel him very huge in my cunt. He penetrated slowly. I can feel his dick sense my outer walls of my vagina. He started slowly and increased speed in pounding me. I was moaning ummm ahh more speed more speed fuccck mee . he increased the speed and force. At one stroke I felt his glans had hit my cervix area and I thought im gone. Tears started rolling in pain. He told sorry and did slowly, I enjoyed it happily and he licked even my tears with his tongue. Within 25 minutes of penetration I cummed huge on his dick. I had multiple contractions and lost all my strength and laid down. I felt soo relieved after a long time and slept aside. He asked me “ how did you feel” I replied “ you really have a knife down your crotch”.

He didn’t cum yet and asked me whether he can continue, I told him to relax and give sometime. He sat on his knees and brought his mouth near my cunt and started licking my cum on my pubic hair and legs. I closed my eyes and enjoying his touch and I was lost in my world. Meanwhile the room boy arrived with the fruit juice which I ordered and we don’t want to cover, so I hid in the blanket and he took it and sent him out immediately. I drank it and I was ready. He made me sit in doggy position and pushed his dick in me, I was not addicted to it and was able to take it completely inside me.

I was moaning loudly like a whore. He penetrated me like around 20 minutes and he came inside me. i don’t knew how much he came, but I can feel the heat of his semen inside my cunt. I don’t want him to use protection as I use copper t inside me. we had few more rounds and I cummed again. I made him sleep and booked a cab around 12.30pm and reached my home. I texted him for the wonderful night and he was also very happy seeing me and sharing bed with me. He asks me every now and then for a meet again but it didn’t workout again. Im very eager to see him soon. This was my biggest fantasy fulfillment to get fucked by a uncircumcised dick.

That’s all for today and those who liked my story please do comment with suggestions at [email protected].

I have one more sexual encounter with arpit which will write soon

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