A Loving Lockdown Christmas, A mother finds love, desire and passion on Christmas.

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A Loving Lockdown Christmas A mother finds love, desire and passion on Christmas.


1 year ago…

“Do I have to? I got offers from both state colleges I applied to.”

Vivian Kesley grimaced as she glanced over at her son, knowing exactly why he was reluctant.

“And miss out on Stanford? Seriously Jason, do you know what you’re about to do? I know you want to stay with me and I’m glad you do baby… but as your mother I know what’s best for you.”

“I mean they do have a really good tennis program and they’re offering an athletic scholarship… but, leaving you for that? Not worth it. Not after what happened with dad.” The 18-year old’s forest green eyes blazed with fury, the last word spat out acidly. Seeing the disapproval on his mother’s face, he frowned but continued. “Besides, the sports psychology course here isn’t bad, and they’re giving me a partial scholarship too.”

Vivian massaged her temples, growing more frustrated by the minute. “You can do a better sports psychology course at Stanford and be a part of one of the most reputed tennis programs in the country. I know this is your dream, and you’re not giving it up for me. Give it a thought honey, if you really care about me give it a thought.”

Burying his face in his hands, Jason let out a deep sigh. He looked up at his mother, staring intently at her — almost making Vivian self-conscious, as if there was something on her face.

“Fine, I’ll accept their offer but…”

“But what?” A grin embellished Vivian’s delicate features, she was glad she could finally end this tug-of-war battle that had waged on for weeks.

“I’m gonna skype you every day,” a matching grin now spread across Jason’s face as he reached out to clasp Vivian’s smaller hands into his own, “I’ll miss you, Mom.”

“I’ll miss you too baby.” Vivian couldn’t fathom how life was going to be without her son. After all he had been her rock, supporting her through the toughest of times. There were moments when she had sunk into deep depression. That’s what months of abuse had done to her and if it wasn’t for Jason… She shuddered to think about where she would have been now.

Deep down she knew they had made the right choice to give him the best future possible. Something she had worked hard to achieve, especially as a single working parent.

“So college boy, what do you have planned for the summer?” She got up from the sleek grey barstool, turning around to begin dinner — Japanese styled fried rice. Vivian had added her own mix to the recipe and customized it. She reached for the small jar of organic spicy seasoning, grabbing it from upper cabinets. “Jason are you even lis-“

Vivian turned around, and was quick enough to catch her son’s eyes jerk up to her face, his eyes wide at being caught.

“Uh what?…yeah, Mom.” She glanced at him skeptically. The simple polka dot summer dress had ridden up during the stretch and she smoothed out the ends pulling it down. ‘Was he staring at my…ass? No that’s couldn’t be it.’

“I asked you what your plans were for the summer.” Vivian stood, with her hands on her hips. Something was up and the way he was acting seemed fishy to her.

“I- I just realized I have to call Jimmy. He..uh called me earlier, we might play some Fortnite. I’ll be down for dinner.” And he was already dashing up the stairs. Vivian heard a faint, “love you, Mom,” before the she heard his door slam shut. ‘That was weird.’

The ringing of her phone that lay on the marble counter distracted her, and as expected it was an important call from one of the professors from her faculty.

❆ ❆ ❆

All good things come to an end, and such was the case as Vivian watched her son carry the last suitcase out of the house. Sure, there was a part of her that regretted persuading him to leave but she tried to feel happy for him. She really did, or at least she had initially, but then as the summer break drew to a close, she began to dread the day that Jason would have to leave for California. Vivian’s only solace was knowing that this was what was best for her son to have a successful future, and what she felt was the right decision.

Her father, Frank, who would be accompanying Jason to settle into his dorm, had already settled himself in the driver’s seat of the Volvo V70. The car’s sound system on full as one of Frank’s favorite Elvis Presley albums played and even from across the street Vivian could make out the lyrics.

Jason stood before her, his eyes focused on hers. She could see the beautiful green orbs holding back tears.

“I’m so proud of you baby. We’ll talk every day, okay? Don’t be upset.” Vivian held back her own tears, and was surprised how steady her voice came out. ‘No, I can’t break down in front of him.’ Vivian reassured herself.

Jason’s lips parted, as if he was going to respond but nothing came out.Then he darted forward and grabbed Vivian into a bone-crushing hug planting a chaste kiss on her left cheek. His long arms enveloped her slim form and pulled her to him pressing her breasts up against his broad chest. He was a good 7 inches taller than her own 5’7, and her head fit perfectly under his chin. She could faintly detect the spicy aftershave he used.

Her nipples, involuntarily hardened at the intimate contact and all of a sudden, the embrace between mother and son transitioned to one that would be shared by lovers. Vivian let out a soft gasp, partly embarrassed by her reaction then, before things could get out of hand, she eased away from Jason.

There was an awkward silence.

“Mom…can I kiss you?” Jason choked out, his voice shaky with emotion.

Vivian stared at him, confused. His eyes dropped to her plump red lips. ‘That couldn’t mean what I think it means’, she thought. ‘Did her son really-‘

“No,” he said, leaning forward his lips now only a hair’s width away from her own. She could feel his gentle breath lingering over her lips. “I meant like this.”

The very next moment, Jason’s lips were on hers. First, it was just a peck before Jason slowly brought his lips to gently suck on her lower lip. It was chaste and sweet. There was no tongue — but it was far from a kiss a mother and son should share. It was then that Vivian finally realized who she was kissing and immediately pulled back.

“Jace,” she said, stepping back as she brought her trembling fingertips to her lips which a minute ago had been attached to her son’s. “This is wrong.”

“What’s wrong?” Jason replied, a mischievous smirk now on his face, and it seemed all the sorrow had vanished, perhaps rejuvenated by the kiss. He reached forward again, quickly pecking his mother on the lips a second time.

“Gramps is waiting, I better go. I’ll call you tonight.”

A stunned Vivian stood, as she watched Jason casually get into the car as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. At the same time, her eyes focused on her father — who luckily seemed engrossed in the song. ‘What the fuck Vivian! Your son just kissed you and you’re more worried about getting caught? Get ahold of yourself…’

As the car sped out of the street, the dam broke and she couldn’t stop the tears. Yet, now she couldn’t figure out why she was crying. Because he had left? Or was it because she felt guilty over the unwanted arousal gathering between her legs as she thought of the kiss she had just shared with him?

Chapter 1: Home for Christmas

The front door slammed shut with a bang, as Vivian jerked up from her well-worn copy of ‘The Tenant of Wildfell Hall’ — the current novel she was teaching in her Feminism in Literature class.

“Bitch, where the fuck are you? Get me my beer.” Her husband, Jefferson Kesley, staggered into the living room, leaving no doubt he was drunk. Immediately, Vivian regretted letting her son, Jason, leave for a party on that Friday night. This would be one of those nights, she thought.

Vivian dropped the book onto the round coffee table, “Right away honey.” She hurried to her feet, scurrying to get a glass to pour the chilled beer into.

It had all begun a few months earlier after Jeff had undertaken a million-dollar project developing an app for a well-known sporting brand. As his workload significantly increased, so did his violence towards her. Sure, like any other married couple they did have their problems, and he had hit Vivian on several occasions, but that was nothing compared to his newfound abusive behavior.

With Jason out of the house quite frequently for his tennis commitments, or his friends and the occasional party, Jeff would typically pick these days to torment and vent his frustrations on her. It was as if she was just a punching bag to him. When her son was home however, Jeff would just grumble around the house before retreating to his den in the basement — leaving her alone, probably he didn’t want his son to witness his true face.

“What’s taking so long bitch, make yourself useful for once. Or can you only bury yourself in those rotten old books all day?” Vivian’s eyes blazed in defiance at his comment. ‘So now he was taking a dig at her profession’, she thought. To him, English and Literature were inferior to the natural and physical sciences. Something he had made clear more than once. But she couldn’t bring herself to speak up, as she was afraid of what could happen.

Jeff was a mountain of a man. He stood a few inches over six feet and had at least 70 pounds on her slim stature. He had let himself go though, since his high school years, partly due to the sedentary nature of his job. Nonetheless, Vivian knew he could overpower her easily, and she planned to be careful tonight, hoping he would be back to his usual self when he was sober next morning.

Jeff’s beady green eyes scanned her from his light grey recliner armchair, as she walked towards him with the chilled beer in hand. His gaze unnerved her enough that she tripped over the leg of the coffee table. She caught herself by gripping onto the edge of the table, but the glass mug went flying, shattering into pieces on the polished hardwood floor.

For a moment, there was only deafening silence before Jeff’s loud, gravelly voice pierced through the short-lived quietude. But then before an evil grin adorned his rugged features.

“You slut, you’re going to get it today,” he thundered. Filled with trepidation at her careless mistake, Vivian swiftly turned and rushed for the guest bedroom, hoping to lock herself in until her son got back

“Get back here you bitch!”

A small shard of glass pierced her bare right foot, causing her to grimace as pain shot through her leg. Slowed down considerably, she barely got to the doorway before she was sent flying into the room as Jeff landed a rough kick to her lower back.

Vivian huddled into a ball, cowering as her Jeff’s huge frame loomed over her — effectively sealing any form of exit. Her eyes widened in fear as she caught sight of a large shard of glass gleaming from the moonlight. The rage in his eyes, making her blood turn ice cold. Her heart was thundering, and she could hear every beat in her chest.

“Ple..please I’m sorry Jeff. It won’t happen aga..again. I’ll get another glass for you right away.

Vivian pleaded, tears now threatening to drop from her soft, brown eyes.

“Too late bitch, now you’re gonna pay.”

Jeff grabbed her left arm roughly as he swung his right hand backwards to slice her with the sharp glass. She clenched her eyes closed, waiting for the impact. But it never came, and Vivian forced her eyes open.

She was still in bed, her thick brown locks plastered to her forehead, drenched in sweat. The howling of the gusty winter wind could be heard outside from her bedroom window. Vivian looked up at the digital display. 6:58am.

It’s been 3 years and I’m still having nightmares.’ She reached for the glass of water on her nightstand, tugging the covers off. ‘Might as well start the day early.’ Some meditation after a warm shower should relax her. Clutching the long white nightgown tighter around her lithe frame, Vivian chugged down the glass of water replenishing her dry, sore throat.

Feeling a little better, she made her way to the master bath. Glancing at the vanity through her peripheral vision, Vivian struck a sideways pose. She liked with what she saw. Even in her late thirties, Vivian had maintained her naturally slim figure. Falling into depression 2 years ago after the incessant abuse from her now ex-husband, it started with weekly meditation sessions recommended by her counsellor. Watching the yoga sessions that began at the same time, Vivian found herself with a new hobby in yoga and later Pilates, both of which not only improved her physical wellbeing but also the mental aspect. She shrugged off her nightgown, letting it fall onto the cold tiles.

As expected, breastfeeding and age had caused her tits to droop slightly, but the creamy melons were still full and firm enough to stand out from her chest. They had always drawn attention from men, and pregnancy had increased cup size to a 36D. Moving lower, Vivian’s stomach was reasonably flat as she traced her fingertips over a faint, almost invisible scar from the stretch marks following childbirth. Her ass was pert and firm, stretching the cotton material of the baby blue panties.

Slowly, as if performing a striptease, she eased her panties down her toned legs revealing her curly brown bush, that she trimmed occasionally, surrounding her pinkish outer lips that slightly parted, with her prominent inner lips visible. Her light brown nipples grew erect, exposed to the colder surrounding of the bathroom.

She got into the shower stall enjoying the warm water cascading down her naked form. Vivian washed her hair first, lathering it with the organic conditioner. The cherry blossom scent smelled divine. Then, she focused on her body, gently massaging goat milk body wash onto her aching muscles. Slowly, she brought her hands to her tits — now slick with soapy water, kneading them. “Ohhhh that feels so good.” She moaned.

Her fingers moved to her nipples, pulling and twisting on the sensitive buds. “Ahhh mhhmmm.” Her gasps and moans getting louder steadily. Vivian thought about Tim, the psychology professor she had gone out with a few times with before the Covid-19 pandemic hit hard, and restrictions were put in place.

Tim was around her age, maybe a few years older, and really charming with his dashing good looks. She imagined his strong fingers working her nipples, pulling and twisting them between her fingers. “Ohh fuck Tim, that’s it baby.”

Vivian’s right hand traced down her stomach, her left still stimulating her erect nipples. Leaning against the wall, she spread her thighs allowing easier access to her pussy lips. She brought her thumb to her clit, rubbing against it in circular motions. In her mind though, it was Tim’s fingers doing the work. Her body shuddered and her legs twitched with pleasure. “Oooohh!” Another high-pitched moan left her mouth, her lips forming into an ‘O’ shape.

Slowly, Vivian eased a two fingers into herself. “Yess ohhhh right there, fuck me, Tim.” She imagined his blue eyes staring intently, as she moaned wantonly with her hips giving little jerks to meet his eager thrusting fingers. Her labia glistened with her juices which was then washed away by the warm jet streams of water.

Vivian’s fingers were moving frantically now, her orgasm fast approaching. Her left hand was now firmly placed against the wall supporting her weight. Oh, how she would have loved a hard, pulsating cock hammering into her right now. Tim pushing her up against the walls as they passionately kissed, with his fingers in her and his throbbing hard-on brushing against her hips. As she thought about his lips on hers, her mind instantly shifted to the kiss she had shared over a year ago with Jason when he had left for his freshman year. Suddenly, it was no longer Tim who was finger fucking her. His blonde hair was now brown and his blue eyes were replaced by Jason’s forest green ones.

And then with a loud scream, she came hard. Spasming over and over again, as she succumbed to the immense pleasure of her self-induced orgasm and the image of her very naked son under the shower with her. “Ahhh Jason, yes baby. Oh god, yes ohhh Jace.”

As soon as her orgasm subsided, Vivian felt terrible. Quickly she washed up before roughly turning the knobs, and the streams of water immediately stopped. The immense pleasure from before was now replaced by immense guilt at her actions and shame at the words she had just uttered. ‘That was so very wrong..oh my goodness what have I become? My own son…how could I do this?’

It wasn’t the first time this had happened. No. Over the past year, she’d had so many immoral thoughts that no mother should ever have of her son. Thoughts that featured acts that were forbidden between mother and son. But Vivian couldn’t help it, as she no longer saw Jason as her little boy. As she thought of their short-lived, yet loving kiss, Vivian now saw him as a man. His beautiful green eyes had held so much love as he gazed at her before bringing his lips to hers. It was the purest form of love, a love that could only exist between a son and the woman who brought him into this world.

Vivian slammed her palm against the sliding door, frustrated at the thoughts she was having. ‘I really need to see a psychiatrist and get my head checked.. She would do just that. But first, she had to prepare for a Zoom meeting she had to attend. She dried off and put on her baby pink silk robe, as she made her way to her room to get dressed.

❆ ❆ ❆

Overall, the meeting had gone smoothly. The directors of the American Writers museum were fascinated with what she had to say and were more than glad to give her an hour session to talk about Plath’s poetry particularly ‘Balloons’, a poem about Christmas which would be apt since Christmas Eve was just 3 weeks away. Normally, this wasn’t something she would have done, with Christmas just around the corner. The museum was located in Chicago and under normal circumstances, it would have been impossible for her to travel at this time of the year. But the impacts of Covid-19 saw an increase in the usage of video conference tools such as Zoom, and it would be perfect for her to give a talk to the limited audience that would be gathered at the museum.

She shut her laptop, and got up to make herself a cup of coffee when her phone rang. A picture of Jason hugging her popped up on the screen, and the caller id indicated that it was indeed him. Vivian hesitated for a moment, the guilt weighing her down. But she ended up answering the call anyways. Even though things had been awkward between them for the past year, she still talked regularly with him. After all, he was her son and she couldn’t ignore him.

“Hey Mom, how’s things there? Covid all under control?”

“Everything is fine here honey. You don’t worry about me, and how are your classes going? Still online?” It’s been so long since she’d seen him and even hearing his voice brought her joy.

“Mhmm, and it looks like it will be for the rest of the semester. So Jimmy and I, we decided to move back home so we can save on the rent. Everything’s been transitioned to online mode and there’s no point in us staying here.. I’ll be home for Christmas and probably stay till campus reopens…is that okay with you?”

She didn’t know how to respond. Obviously, it was good Jason could come home but with things the way they were she didn’t think it was a good idea. She had heard it was really infectious, and you could even contract Covid-19 through touching objects. Vivian let out a deep sigh before responding, “Jace, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to come home right now.”

“Mom if this is about the ki-“

“No! Don’t finish that…and this isn’t about that. How will you be traveling here? I know interstate restrictions have been lifted but are you sure it’s safe?” Vivian could feel her heart hammering, and she hadn’t expected him to bring that up.

There was a brief moment of silence, before Jason replied, “I’ll be driving home with Jimmy. Don’t worry about it, Mom, we’ll make sure to have our masks on and everything.”

“I don’t know Jason, you sure you’ll manage? I don’t want you to take such a huge risk just to save on a few months of rent and be home for Christmas..”

“Trust me, Mom, it’ll be okay. We’re leaving early on Sunday, so I’ll be home for dinner.”

“Alright, just be extra careful, ok? I’ll see you on Sunday. Gramps and nana will be glad to hear you’ll be home.”

“Yeah, I miss them a lot too. And I’ll be careful, don’t worry. I’ll call you again when we leave.”

“Bye Jason, and remember to sanitize yourself regularly, put your mask on and stay safe.”

“Jeez, Mom, I know. You stay safe too.” And the line went dead.

Chapter 2: Lockdown Announced

The first few days since Jason’s arrival had been fairly uneventful. Now a sophomore, he had matured and changed a lot over the past year. He had always been handsome. His tousled, dark brown was hair thick and lustrous. His features strong and defined with chiseled cheekbones. Over his time in California, he had even developed a nice tan, which was in direct contrast to Vivian’s ivory, pale complexion. But they did have the same facial structure and thick brown hair. She had been about to hug him tight when he arrived, before realizing he’d have to self-quarantine in his room for 14 days, and their contact would have to be limited. They had quickly set out a routine for the next 2 weeks, and luckily on the last day of his quarantine he had come up with no symptoms.

Vivian had just finished her talk to the American Writers museum and the reception she received at the end was well worth the longs hours she’d put in. As she made her way out of the study and into the living room, she saw Jason sprawled out on the couch, his Xbox controller in hand. Christmas break had begun for most colleges including her own, and until early January they would both be free. Jason paused the video game, turning his attention to his mother. As always, she looked beautiful even in her formal work clothes. She had a simple white V-neck shirt and matching light blue suit pants. Her matching blazer wasn’t there, so he assumed she had taken it off in the study. Not that he minded of course, graciously sneaking glances at the modest cleavage visible through her shirt. It seemed she hadn’t worn a bra underneath, or at least none that Jason could see allowing a better view of the upper half of her smooth tits.

“Now that went well.” Vivian took a seat next to Jason, stretching her sore arms and unwittingly baring a better view of her creamy breasts as they squeezed together as a result of the movement. “And you’re still on the same game. Don’t you have anything else to do?” A teasing grin appearing on her face.

“I mean what else can I do? I wanted to go for a run but it’s freezing outside… hey you think we’ll have a White Christmas this year?”

“Looks likely, it’s been colder than usual,” Vivian looked up at the miniature antique grandfather’s clock that hung at the beginning of the stairway, “mind putting the news on?”

“Sure thing, let me disconnect my controller first.”

❆ ❆ ❆

The headlines flashed: ‘Breaking News: Stay-at-home order for Colorado residents during Christmas Week’.

On screen, Jared Polis, the governor of Colorado, was giving a briefing.

“…It is with great reluctance that we’ve had to enact such tough measures, especially during Christmas week. With a record number of cases for the past 3 days, it is essential we go through another period of lockdown, and it is with the advice of local health officials that we announce this….”

“Oh dear, this is terrible. It was a good thing you came a few days ago.”

“Yeah, and I’m lucky I did. It looks like it’s just gonna be us for Christmas, I don’t think gramps and gran will be visiting this year. Nor should they, with how the situation is. I’ve read a lot of research suggesting the elderly are the most vulnerable.”

“Mmhmm, you’re right. Anyways I better call them to let them know. It’s going to be our first Christmas without them, but we’ll just have to make do.”

“Oh it’s gonna be amazing alright!” A wolfish grin on Jason’s face, that Vivian knew only spelled trouble for her. Literally.

❆ ❆ ❆

With just a day to Christmas Eve, Vivian got Jason to bring up the boxes with the wreaths, garlands, and other small ornaments for the DIY self-assemble artificial tree they had ordered online. It took some time, but they worked methodically. It didn’t go unnoticed by Vivian, the discreet looks Jason threw her way, his eyes following her when he thought she wasn’t looking. To be frank, it scared her. She was terrified at the way her body was reacting to the appraising glances of her 19-year old son. In an attempt to distract herself, she immersed herself in hanging the red stockings by the fireplace increasing her pace as she went.

In no time, the living room was decorated lavishly, and the Christmas mood was very much set. It was then that Vivian noticed something odd, and quite frankly she should have guessed. ‘Where did he even get that? I don’t even remember owning one…’

From the overly polished surface of the red berries, Vivian knew the mistletoe wasn’t real. But that wasn’t her concern. ‘He’s planned this alright,’ she thought as he smirked at her from the dining area, a mischievous glint in his eyes — as if this was part of some bigger plan. She avoided his gaze, determined not to acknowledge his actions.

This is going to be one long Christmas.’

Chapter 3: An Incestuous Christmas Eve

“Now you have to pour the hot milk mixture in slowly, and make sure you keep whisking.” The singsong voice of Vivian’s mother Jill sounded from her phone. Vivian looked at her mother’s visual from the video call, as she followed the instructions. One of their traditions was drinking a glass of eggnog on the night of Christmas Eve, and having not much experience making it before she had naturally called Jill, who was more than happy to guide her daughter through.

Once the mixture was ready, she strained out the milk and added the vanilla, spices, cream and a ¼ cup of Bourbon – essential to the spiced homemade eggnog.

“There, that’s all there is to it.”

“That was easier than I expected. Thanks, Mom. By the way, I got the gift you and Dad sent. You know you didn’t have to get me or Jason anything.”

“Ahh, just enjoy it dear, you’ll love what we got you. And Jason’s too. Took us some time choosing it, but mostly because you father kept going back from the checkout screen…you know how he is when it comes to these small computers.”

“Mom, it’s called a laptop. Where’s Dad anyways?”

Vivian saw her mother turn away from the screen for a moment, before turning back. “Oh he’s just cutting up some firewood, the weather forecast predicted we might have some snow today and the rest of the week until New Year’s Eve.”

“That’s wonderful, what’s it been? Almost 3 years since we had a White Christmas. A pity though because of the lockdown.” The disappointment was evident in her tone.

“Now Viv, remember what I used to tell you when you were young. Always count your blessings, and besides it’ll be good for you to spend time with Jason before he’s back at college. Hopefully, this awful disease is gone soon.”

“You’re right Ma, anyways, I better get off the phone before the ham burns. I’ll call you tomorrow. Love you so much, and tell Dad we miss him too.”

“I will honey, love you too.”

“Merry Christmas, Mom.”

“Merry Christmas, Honey.” The smiling face of Jill vanished, as Vivian ended the video conference.

“Jason, could you come down and help me set up the table?” Vivian put on the oven mittens, ready to take the maple glazed ham out of the oven.

“Yeah, Mom, I’ll be down in a minute,” The faint reply came, before she heard the slamming of his bedroom door, followed by the thuds indicating his descent down the stairs. As she brought the tray over the dining area, Vivian noticed the mistletoe was no longer there.

‘That’s strange, but at least it’s gone…’

❆ ❆ ❆

“Mom, look it’s snowing,” Jason shouted, his face pressed against the window pane overlooking the street, watching the snowflakes fall over the blanket of freshly lain snow that covered the lush grass and the sidewalks. Vivian made her way into the living room, two mugs of eggnog in hand. His back was turned towards her, and as he bent down to get a better view she was presented with a view of his muscular butt through his grey sweatpants.

Look away Vivian, what the hell are you doing?’ She got up next to him, and was immediately enthralled by the pristine blanket of white that was beginning to engulf everything.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” she said, handing him the warm mug. She took a sip from her own, relishing the delicious creamy, warm eggnog. It was perfectly sweet, with the bourbon and pumpkin spices giving a nice punch.

“Just like you,” he turned to look at Vivian. A rosy blush coloring her cheeks, as she stared right back at him, drawn in by the sheer intensity of emotion in his eyes.

Exhaling a deep sigh, “you know you shouldn’t say that, Jason.”

“Why? Can’t a guy compliment his mother?” He eased one arm arm over her shoulders, but Vivian shrugged it off.

“What are you doing?” Frustration evident on her face as she turned away. Jason though, continued staring at her.

“Nothing. The eggnog’s real good though, but I bet your lips taste sweeter.”

Vivian almost dropped her mug, her jaws dropping in pure shock. “Jason, that’s not something you should say to your mother.”

There was no response. She heard the sound of Jason’s mug being set down on the coffee table, but she refused to let her gaze waver from the glittering snowflakes that fell soundlessly — as if searching for answers to her current predicament. A moment later, Vivian felt his hands on her shoulders, lightly massaging them.

“Mom,” slowly he maneuvered her to face him, “we’re under the mistletoe.” She looked up through her thick eyelashes first at him, then up at the spray of mistletoe hanging deceptively at the corner of the curtain rod.

Vivian reluctantly turned her eyes to his, “Jace” she paused to reflect on her words, “I-“

“You don’t have to say anything, Mom. I’ve been meaning to say something to you…in fact for quite some time now…”

“I’ve desired you for as long as I can remember. I thought it was just a phase I was going through, but by the time I was sixteen I knew it wasn’t just some silly boy crush. I couldn’t stop thinking of you, Mom, you drove me crazy. Then the thing with Dad happened, all I wanted to do was beat the shit out of him for even touching you that way. I wanted to protect you, to love you.”

Vivian let out a long-held gasp. She hadn’t expected this. Now, she could see it all, he had always been close to her. All those innocent hugs, the kisses on her cheek, now held a different meaning entirely. Her head was swirling with conflicting thoughts.

Jason continued, “For a long time I fought with these desires. I went out with other girls, but it just wasn’t the same. After the divorce, it was just you and me, and those feelings I had just got stronger. I’m in love with you Mom, and if I can’t spend the rest of my life with you, give me just one night. One night to love you the way I want to. They say that the magic of Christmas is to bring love. I want to share that magic with you tonight, Mom.” His voice was almost pleading by the time he finished.

“Oh Jason, I don’t know what to say.” She walked over to the couch, gulping the last of the drink, setting the empty mug next to his before slumping against the soft cushion. He was by her side immediately, laying a comforting hand on hers. “You know, I’ve had thoughts about you too. Ever since the day you left for college… I’ve had thoughts no mother should have of her son. You mean the world to me Jace, and I do feel the same way about you. But this… it’s so very wrong.”

“That’s what the world says mom, but I don’t care anymore. How can a love so pure and unconditional be wrong? No one could ever love you the way I do.” He moved his hand up to her chin, tilting it upwards and Vivian didn’t resist. Perhaps it was the alcohol, but her defenses were crumbling slowly but surely.

From her peripheral vision, she could see the mistletoe hanging, daring her to make the final step. A step to what… she didn’t know, and as if by instinct she closed the gap bring her lips to her son’s.

It was hot, she could feel herself literally melting into his arms as Jason deepened the kiss. His arms circled her waist, tugging her closer to him and she was half-straddling his lap. She brought her hands around his neck leaning, returning the kiss with vigor. One hand slid down to grip her firm ass cheeks, eliciting a low moan from her, before they parted to replenish their breath.

“Jason, this… this is only for tonight, okay? No one should ever know about this.” And even as she said it, Vivian knew the words were more for her than him.

He just smiled down at her, “whatever you say, Mom,” before pulling her in, claiming her lips again, this time more demanding and fervent, his hunger for his mother evident. Vivian felt her son’s tongue dart across, invading her parted lips, and conquering the depths of her mouth. Vivian slid her hands down his hard chest, feeling the firm muscles underneath the fabric of his shirt. Before bringing her arms around his neck, pulling him closer, their tongues intertwined. The heated passion was burning her up, and Vivian broke the kiss to shrug off her cardigan.

Jason’s lips were on her neck running his tongue over the soft flesh, leaving a trail of sloppy wet kisses. His hands gently caressing her all over. She could feel her pussy moistening with arousal.

“I want to see you baby,” she said, tugging at his shirt. He stopped his movements, allowing Vivian to take his shirt off, revealing the hard muscles she’d felt earlier. His shoulders were broad, his smooth chest well-defined, leading to his sculpted abs. Her hands roamed his bare chest, enjoying the feeling of his warm skin.

“Mom, can I?” His hands tugging lightly on the bottom edge of her form-fitting long-sleeved top. There was no hesitation as Vivian raised her arms, allowing Jason to lift it off, leaving her in just her lacy black bra. For a moment, Jason forgot how to breathe, entranced and mesmerized by the sight before him. Her large, creamy tits peeking out, her nipples were hard poking out from the material of the flimsy bra. To him, she was a goddess he had to worship. He slowly cupped her tits, using both hands to knead the sizable mounds.

“Oohhh, that feels good baby.” Vivian groaned.

There was a noticeable bulge in his sweatpants, and she brought her hand to slowly trace the outline of her son’s cock, astounded at its hardness. She gripped it firmly, moving her hand up and down over it.

“Fuck mom, that feels good… damn” Jason moaned.

“Now, Mommy’s gonna show you how much she loves her baby boy.” Vivian removed his roaming hands before getting off the couch onto her knees in front of him, with a naughty smile on her face. One hand still on his hardening cock, the other roaming up and down his strong thighs.

“Now Jace, tell me what you want mommy to do,” her hands moving to his waist easing down his pants.

“Oh God, yes. I want you to suck my cock, Mom.”

“Mhmmm, my baby is so big and hard for me.” It was the moment of decision for Vivian, for she knew there was no going back after pulling down her son’s boxer shorts. Taking a deep breath, she glanced up at him before pulling them down — exposing the throbbing cock that slapped against his abdomen the minute she released it. The mushroom head was bulbous, an angry shade of purple. His cock was smooth, and velvety. It was of moderate length, but definitely the thickest she’d ever seen. At the base, his brown pubic hair was trimmed neatly. Her eyes travelled down his length, to his heavy balls that hung low.

Vivian brought her lips to the spongy head, kissing it gently, before sucking it into her mouth for a few seconds. Jason was about to realize that she was a woman who knew how to make love to a man’s cock, nothing like the inexperienced coeds he’d been with before. She rubbed his cock against her cheek and enjoying the feel of the warm, pulsating manhood. Jason’s cock was already leaking at the thought of his mother’s pretty lips wrapping around it. Some of his pre-cum smeared across her left cheek.

Vivian began to lick his shaft up and down before slowly engulfing just the head into her mouth, eliciting a low groan from Jason.

“Oh, fuck, Mom,” he gasped, “please don’t tease me.” She swirled a tongue around the head in response, receiving another loud moan from Jason. Then, with no warning whatsoever, Vivian dove down taking him to the hilt, her nose buried in his pubic region. Her spittle oozed down his cock, as she gagged on his impressive thickness. Her eyes watering, his musk invading her senses.

“Fucking hell, Mom, that feels amazing.” He moaned and softy tousling her long brown hair, holding it back for her. She held there for a few seconds, gagging, as more saliva slid down around his now slick cock, before coming back up for air. Her lips were coated with her own saliva mixed with his cock juices.

“Did you like that baby?” She asked with a smile on her face.

“Hell yeah, Mom,” he said returning the smile. He let go of her hair, and his hands travelled down to her tits, unclipping the bra and letting it fall. And for a minute, Jason forgot how to breathe, entranced by the sight of his mother’s beautiful breasts. He cupped her left tit, and slowly brushed her hard nipple with his thumb.

“Ohh, that’s so nice Baby,” and Vivian pulled her long, wavy brown hair over her right shoulder, before returning her attention to his cock. Now sucking it gently — with just a few inches in her mouth – her other hand stroking the remaining length from the base of his cock. Vivian brought it down to cup his balls, as she continued her vigorous sucking, bobbing up and down — her heavy tits jiggling with every movement as Jason continued playing with the hard nubs. Vivian paused her sucking, bending down to place a chaste kiss on his balls before gently sucking on them, her lips covering her teeth. She teased the skin around his balls, lightly pulling on it.

“Oh fuckk, you gotta stop Mom. I’m close.” Jason gently eased Vivian off his cock. “Get on the couch, I want to do something for you.” Vivian climbed back onto the couch, laying back as Jason loomed over her, his hardness brushing against her hip. A loud gasp escaped Vivian’s lips, as she felt Jason’s head lower and he began kissing the smooth skin between her breasts. Their heated bodies now brushing each other, pressed skin to skin. He kissed his way up to her right breast, taking the engorged nipple into his mouth, sucking on it reverently.

“Ahh, yes Baby, suck on my tits, just like you did when you were little.” Jason grunted, aroused by his mother’s dirty talk, as he continued his assault. One hand now sliding downward, his fingers pulled down her leggings, and then her lacy black thong. Jason’s mouth now shifted to her left nipple, teasing it with the occasional graze of his teeth. Electricity coursed through her, the sensations exhilarating as her body writhed and her moans increased at the stimulations.

Jason ran his hand through the thatch of brown hair between her thighs, caressing the soft curls, loving the natural look. He looked up at her, “you’re so beautiful, Mom,” he gasped under his breath. Vivian, though, was in no state to respond, completely submerged in the pleasures she was receiving, groaning loudly as she felt a finger enter her. ‘Oh, how long it’s been since I had something other than my own fingers,’ she thought.

Jason lowered his head down to her chest, now taking her right nipple into his mouth, as Vivian hissed in pleasure, her fingers locking into his thick brown hair bringing him closer — wanting more. He moved his lips up to her neck, placing small kisses up to her ear, nibbling on the earlobe tenderly. “Ohh, Jason,” Vivian cried.

Her pussy was already soaking wet, and Jason added a second finger, slipping it into the tight wetness. Jason moved to an upright position, now focusing solely on fingering her. He pushed Vivian’s legs as far apart as possible, softly stroking her slick clit with his thumb, spreading her juices. Vivian’s hips began gyrating against his moving fingers, developing a steady rhythm. Her fingers clenching the nearby cushions.

“Mom, I want to try something.” His fingers stopped moving, earning a mewl from her. Vivian looked up at him questioningly, disappointment etched on her face. With his fingers still in her, he moved his other hand to grab his unfinished eggnog. He slowly poured some into Vivian’s exposed belly button, before placing the mug down. The eggnog had cooled down slightly, and she let out a low moan at the chilled liquid touching the bare skin on her stomach, sending a tingle of goosebumps. With his eyes boring into hers, he bent down slurping the sweet alcoholic syrup from her stomach. Vivian let out a long moan, feeling heady with arousal, as her son’s tongue dove into her navel drinking the eggnog from her. ‘Oh god, he’s literally worshipping me. If only my mother knew what her recipe was being used for…’, a light blush coloring her pale cheeks at the thought of her parents seeing her like this, engaged in such a raunchy act with her son.

Satisfied with drinking up most of the eggnog on her, Jason kissed her navel once before leaving trail of wet kisses, making his way to her pubic mound. He sucked the velvety folds, brushing his lips over them, his nose digging into her brown patch. “Oh fuck baby, so good, so good.” Vivian moaned, throwing her head back. Jason started licking her, and Vivian could feel his tongue move over her clit, moving up and down, occasionally sideways, gently flicking.

Vivian felt her orgasm fast approaching. “Ohh, Jason, I’m cumming, I’m cumming Baby,” and she came, her body shuddering violently. Jason didn’t slow down at all, licking, flicking, sucking, lapping up her juices eagerly like a starved man. He came up licking the remainder of her juices on his lips, savoring the forbidden taste of his mother. Vivian lay gasping for breath after her strong orgasm and immediately felt guilty that he hadn’t come yet. She got up slowly, reaching for his cock, but Jason stopped her.

“Mom, I want to go all the way with you. I want to know if you really want this, as much as I do.” His face serious, as he stared intently at her.

Vivian looked back, her eyes filled with love. She felt so treasured in his arms. It was more than the heights of pleasure he’d just brought her to. He had taken care of her, when she was in some of the worst parts of her life. After all, nothing in the world could ever match a son’s love and devotion for his mother… and any previous confusion was gone. She was ready for this, and without any uncertainty she answered, “Baby, make love to your mother. I’m yours.”

His smile was blinding, as he replied, “as I will always be yours, mom.”

“Take me to m… our room.” Jason didn’t waste a second, easily lifting her up into his arms, carrying her upstairs as they kissed chastely along the way. He laid her down gently over the white covers.

Vivian brought up her legs wrapping them around his waist, her feet digging into his firm butt. She looked up into his eyes, as her hands found his hard cock guiding it closer and closer to her pussy lips. Words couldn’t describe that moment, but she knew it was the most magical moment in her life. Mother and son were about to become one.

And then, she felt his head of his cock brush against her wet labia. Vivian moaned, as Jason entered her. “Holy shit, oh God you feel so tight,” his eyes glazed in pure ecstasy. Their eyes locked again, as Jason slowly started moving in and out, his thrusts shallow allowing Vivian to adjust to his girth. Her hands gripped the sheets tightly, sinful moans of pleasure leaving her lips. He was fully in her now, she could feel his balls slapping against her ass, his pubic bone against hers — their pubes mashed against one another with each thrust. “Ohhh baby, Jace you feel so good. That’s it baby, make love to me..ohhhh!” Vivian’s hips now pushed back, starting to match his steady rhythm. Her legs flexing against his back, urging him closer.

Jason bent down kissing her hard on the lips, as they made out passionately. Vivian brought one hand to rub her clit as Jason brought his hand over the other. Their hands holding each other, fingers intertwined. Jason broke the kiss, renewing his assault on her neck, kissing and gently nibbling on her sensitive spots. She moaned at the sensation, sure he had left love bites on her neck — making his mark on her. She could see the muscles on his stomach tightening with every thrust, as he drove into her hard. Her feet, resting on his muscular butt, could feel it tensing, with every push. His chest was covered in a sheen of sweat.

The obscene slopping sound of his cock driving into her drenched pussy filled the room, along with their moans of passion. His hips increased their pace, his thrusts more powerful. It was clear he was nearing his climax, and so was Vivian. She tightened her core, clenching her vaginal muscles around his cock, earning a loud groan from Jason.

“Oh fuck mom, I’m close, shit! Can I — oh — cum in you?”

“Ahh yes, Baby, cum in me, fill me Baby. Give it to me, ohhh I’m nearing ohhh fuck.” Vivian rubbed her clit faster, and then she came again. Her eyes clenched shut and she was afraid she would almost pass out from the mind-blowing pleasure. Her pussy was pulsing and contracting around his cock. She could see stars in her vision as climaxed, squirting her juices onto Jason’s cock. Her toes curling, legs trembling and her breath coming out in short gasps. Jason could no longer hold back.

“Oh, Mom, I’m cumming, yes arrghhh.” With a loud roar, she felt Jason’s cock throbbing violently as he erupted within her, releasing spurts of warm fresh cum into her, filling the very pussy he had come into this world from. He pulled out with a plopping sound, their combined fluids oozing out of her, with some coating his cock. Jason moved up, hovering over Vivian spewing the last of his cum over her lips and her chin, a few droplets dripping down to her neck. She eagerly licked her son’s cum from her lips, relishing it.

“Let me clean you baby, you’ve been so good to me.” Vivian reached out for her son’s cock, giving it a long suck, feeling it pulsate and throb in her mouth. She licked the remnants of their lovemaking — tasting her own juices mixed with his cum.

They laid on top of each other, catching their breath before Jason placed a chaste kiss on her forehead, before rolling over lying beside her. His arm grasping her waist, as he pulled Vivian into his bare chest.

Silence ensued, with only their slow breathing to be heard until chiming of the old grandfather clock sounded from downstairs.

“Merry Christmas, Mom, I love you.” Vivian glanced up from his chest, gazing into his deep green eyes.

“Merry Christmas, Jace, I love you too.” She replied, before snuggling into him, pressing a kiss over his chest. Slowly, Vivian dozed off into deep slumber to the soothing sound of his heartbeat and the safety of his embrace.

Epilogue: A loving Christmas after all

The pale light of the wintry sun seeped through the window, as Jason awoke, his eyes blinking, adjusting to the brightness. His morning hardness was already straining against the covers, which he must have pulled over them last night. The spot next to him, he saw, was empty. Jason sat up slowly dragging his feet off the bed. Last night had felt surreal to him, a long-time dream finally coming true.

The bedroom door opened. Jason whirled around, knowing who it was, and as he saw the sight before him his eyes widened. Vivian stood at the doorway, a playful smile gracing her lips. She wore a red halter Christmas lingerie bra that did little to hide her immense bosom, and a red miniskirt, that barely covered her pussy lips surrounded by fuzzy dark hair. Matching the miniskirt, she had on pink semi-sheer nylon thigh-highs completed with a pair of red heels. Jason’s mouth gaped open and he was literally drooling at the sight of the costume that he had bought for her, not expecting her to have opened his present so early. But, he certainly wasn’t complaining.

“My eyes are up here,” Vivian snapped her fingers, her teasing grin still on her face.

“So how do you like it baby? Is it just like you expected?”

Jason gulped, “Oh God, Mom, it’s fucking amazing. Jeez, I-“

“Let Mommy take care of you again, would you like that, Jace?” Vivian replied, walking slowly to where he was sitting, swaying her hips seductively.

Jason nodded, his words failing him.

“This time, mommy’s gonna drink your hot cum. That sound good?” His cock throbbed at his mother’s dirty talk. “Oh god yes mom,” he whimpered, as Vivian slowly eased onto her knees, admiring the rigidness of his morning hardon. ‘Hard, thick and juicy…all for me’, she thought. A drop of precum oozed out of the swollen head, as she brought her hands around the firm hardness, squeezing it gently. Jason let out a low groan, enjoying the feeling of her soft hands.

Vivian rubbed the engorged cock against her face, gliding it up and down across her right cheek, leaving a light trail of precum on the cheek up to the corner of her mouth. Averting her soft brown eyes, to his forest green ones she kissed the tip, delivering a teasing lick over his sensitive head.

“Oohh fuck,” Jason moaned, now louder. She brought her left hands to his balls, fondling and kneading them. She moved her head down, now rolling her tongue over the base of his cock, moving slowly up the shaft, lathering it with her spittle. As Vivian reached the inflated head again, she took it past her rosy red lips, into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head, as she continued to massage the heavy balls, full of cum, just for her.

As Vivian began sucking the spongy tip, Jason groaned, throwing his head back at the sensation of her tongue teasing his slit. She began slipping more of his hard cock into her mouth, working her way down — deeper and deeper until Vivian felt her nose gazing the short brown hairs on the base of his cock. Her eyes watered, as she gagged, taking his cock all the way in, feeling the mushroom head nudge the back of her throat. Vivian held there for a few seconds, before coming up, gasping for breath.

“God mom, that was amazing,” Jason said, he held her wavy locks back, as she went down again, now concentrating on sucking the upper portion of his slick cock, bobbing up and down. Jason leant back slightly, his hips rocking to meet her eager mouth. Vivian could taste the salty flavour of the copious amounts of precum leaking from the head, and she knew he was close.

“Fuck mom, here it com — argggh” and with a thunderous roar he came. She felt the first streams of her son’s hot cum, straight into her mouth. She did her best to swallow, but the considerable size of his load, resulted in some of the warm fluid to overflow from her mouth, dribbling down her chin. She took his cock out, milking the last spurts onto her inner side of

her breasts exposed, staining the red lingerie bra. Vivian looked up at a groaning Jason, with as her tongue traced her son’s fresh cum on her lips.

“How was that for a Christmas present baby?”

With a satisfied smile on his lips, Jason answered, “The best, mom.”

It was going to be a loving Christmas after all, for both Jason and Vivian.




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