Mom and son get under the blanket

The mid-summer heatwave enveloped the city for seven days straight. It drove everyone a little crazy. Evening brought some relief, but even as night fell the heat lingered, hours past sunset. With heat so constant and so intense, everything loosened up: clothes, morals, and passions that otherwise would have stayed buried deep.

Maddy Ryerson had long since tired of the heat. It wore her down, a little more each day. She poured herself a glass of chilled white wine and walked with it to the living room. It was 10 p.m. in the Ryerson house, and the family’s favorite T.V. show was about to begin.

Her husband, Carl, already lay comfortably grooved into his favorite chair, not far from the large-screen television. He had taken his seat to watch T.V. two hours earlier, and he hadn’t moved the whole time except to grab beers from the kitchen. He was nursing his fifth can. His day at work had been long and stressful, and the beers had done a lot to dull the edges off his frayed temper.

Maddy saw her 19-year-old son, Kyle, sit on the love seat to the left of and behind Carl’s chair. Kyle, a sophomore in college, lived away from his parents during the school year, but he had chosen to stay in in his old room for the summer, and he worked long hours for a local construction firm. Kyle kicked his shoes off and put his feet up on the low table in front of the love seat.

Maddy noticed how much the living room had cooled. Carl had set the thermostat to a low temperature, and the air conditioner was blasting cold air into the house, giving everyone welcome relief from the summer heat. Earlier in the day, mindful of the scorching day-time temperature, Maddy had put on a light, cotton, sleeveless sundress with buttons down the front. Now, at 10 p.m., it was cooler, even a little chilly, and goosebumps popped up on Maddy’s exposed legs and arms.

As she swung around the love seat to sit down, Maddy noticed both Kyle and Carl in her line of sight. Kyle looked a lot like his dad, with short, blond hair and a well-defined, strong-featured face. He was taller than his father, though, and while his father had gone soft in middle-age, Kyle kept his body fit and free of fat through steady exercise and the daily rigors of his job.

Maddy’s brow furrowed at the sight of her husband’s figure. She wished he took better care of himself. Maddy, unlike Carl, took excellent care of herself. Although she was nearing 40, Maddy

retained the fresh-scrubbed, girl-next-door looks of her youth. The short dress, snug and hitting mid-thigh, did little to conceal Maddy’s voluptuous curves. Long, light-brown hair cascaded over her bare neck and shoulders.

She looked critically with pale blue eyes at the placement of her son’s feet.

“Kyle, take your feet off the table,” she said.

Kyle removed his feet from the table with the slowness and reluctance of a teen.

“Sorry, mom,” he said.

Maddy was about to sit down at the other end of the love seat when Carl spoke.

“Hey, Maddy,” Carl said, his voice slurring just a trace from the beer, “You might not want to sit there. I spilled a beer on that end of the love seat. I tried to clean it up with a wet towel but it’s all wet on that end.”

“Oh!” said Maddy. She leaned over and sniffed the seat cushion. It didn’t smell like beer, so Carl must have succeeded at wiping it up. But Carl was right; it was very wet. She thought about turning the seat cushion over but thought it better to leave it up to dry.

Maddy took pride in taking care of things. She liked things to be just so. It wasn’t easy to keep things that way with a job of her own to manage and a husband who grew lazier, it seemed, with every day. Thank goodness that her son Kyle, though like a teen boy in many of his habits, often volunteered to help with chores around the house.

“Here, mom,” Kyle said, patting his hand on the love seat on his left side. “There’s some room here. I’ll move over so you can sit next to me.” Kyle pressed his legs as far as he could against the right side of the little sofa.

Maddy squeezed next to Kyle on his half of the love seat. She put a pillow on the other cushion to keep her dress from contacting the wet part of the little sofa. Kyle wore shorts, and when Maddy sat down the warmth of his leg surprised her. So did its hardness; his thigh muscle pressed against her like steel.

Kyle felt surprise and pleasure at the cool, soft skin of his mom’s leg against his own.

The T.V. show, called “Angel City Detective,” began. It had premiered on a cable channel a year ago and had become their favorite. The series was about an attractive, young, female detective fighting crime in the dark underbelly of modern-day Los Angeles. Her name was Angel, and the irony of her name was that despite her by-the-book police methods, along with her innocent looks and understated beauty, she had a dark, wild, sexual side that she struggled to keep secret from her work colleagues. Its deft combination of sex, violence, and smart writing — not to mention, the sex appeal of the actress that played Angel — had made it a big hit. The Ryersons sat down to watch it every week.

Maddy glanced at Carl again, annoyed. She wished he would control his drinking better. Maddy didn’t mind Carl having a couple of drinks to relax when he came home. But lately his routine had involved more than a couple of drinks, and by the time he turned the T.V. off he often was drunk. Maddy’s love life suffered as a result of Carl’s drinking habit. Lately, it seemed like he loved his six-pack more than his wife. Carl’s inattentiveness had left her feeling perpetually frustrated and horny.

The relentless heat of the last seven days had just made it worse.

While Maddy was annoyed at Carl, Kyle was thinking about how his mom’s leg felt pressed against him. It felt surprisingly good, which was kind of weird, Kyle thought, because it was just his mom. Kyle, too, was agitated and antsy. He hadn’t had sex once since coming back home from college for the summer. His summer job kept him working long hours and left him tired at the end of the day, and he hadn’t had time to date. So far, the only sexual relief he’d gotten all summer had been through jerking off. And he’d been too tired even to do that for the last five days. Sitting on the sofa, he was hot and agitated, and he thought his balls were going to burst.

As the opening credits for the show rolled, Maddy realized suddenly that the blast of air conditioning left her uncomfortably cold.

“Carl,” she said. “It’s getting a little chilly. Do you think you could turn off the air conditioner?”

“Gee, baby,” said Carl. “The temperature feels fine to me. I think it’s because you’re dressed so skimpy. Here.”

Carl grabbed a colorful, crocheted throw blanket hanging over the back of his chair, and, hardly looking up from the T.V. screen, he tossed it to Maddy and Kyle. Maddy scooped it up and spread it over her bare legs and brought it up to her chest.

Kyle shook his head at his dad’s rudeness.

“I’ll do it, mom,” he said as he got up to turn off the air conditioner.

She left a space for him and half a minute later he was back in the same spot on the love seat.

“Would you like the blanket, too?” she asked.

Kyle wasn’t really cold, but the room was cool and the idea of sharing the blanket with mom sounded cozy.

“Sure,” he said.

All three of them sat, watching the show.

The lead character, Angel, arrived at her apartment after a tough day investigating a murder. She poured herself some bourbon on the rocks.

Something about Angel looked familiar to Kyle.

“You know, mom,” he said. “She kind of looks like you. Don’t you think so, dad?”

Carl grunted, barely registering Kyle’s question through the fog of his growing drunkenness.

“Maybe the way your mom was ten years ago, I guess,” he said. “I don’t know.”

His attention didn’t stray from the T.V. screen. Obviously, he didn’t want to be interrupted.

Kyle leaned over to his mother’s ear.

“I don’t think dad’s paying attention to what he’s saying,” he whispered to her so his dad wouldn’t hear. He gestured to the T.V. screen. “She does kind of look like you. But I think you look better than she does.”

Maddy, who’d scrunched her face into a frown at Carl’s rude remark, perked up and smiled at Kyle’s kind words. She patted him on the thigh with her hand. Again, she was struck by the tensile strength of his leg muscles, and also how much warmer his legs were than hers. Kyle felt a little electric shiver at her touch. Maddy left her hand lightly on Kyle’s leg under the blanket.

No sooner had Maddy touched Kyle’s leg, however, when the character on the T.V. screen, Angel, quickly pulled all her clothes off and walked with her drink, naked, to the balcony of her high-rise apartment. She stood at the railing with the twinkling lights of the city spread out beyond her.

Then the doorbell rang in the T.V. show. Angel went to answer it, still naked, and after opening the door she pulled a man, obviously younger than she was, through the door and into her arms. They fell to the floor and she pulled his clothes off and they writhed on the floor, naked, together.

One of the things Kyle — and the rest of America — liked about the show was that the lead character, Angel, looked so wholesome and straight-laced, but had such a dirty and kinky side. She took her clothes off in almost every episode. It gave Kyle something to look forward to ever week.

But he felt odd having just compared the woman who was naked on the floor to his mom. Mom also looked wholesome and innocent. She had a proper way of doing things. He couldn’t imagine her having a sexually wild side to her. But he wondered whether mom ever got wild, before he banished the thought and told himself he shouldn’t be thinking things like that.

Meanwhile, Maddy watched the sex unfolding on the T.V. screen with a twinge of envy. Carl and I used to do things like that, she thought to herself. But it had been so long. Carl didn’t seem to be interested in sex much, lately, and on the few occasions when he did show interest the drinking impaired his ability to keep it up, or even to get hard in the first place.

In the show, Angel had surrendered to her lover’s strong, muscled arms. Maddy shivered a bit at the fantasy of being held and taken like that. The man with Angel was young and blond, and he had lean but pronounced muscles, like her son Kyle, she thought.

The room warmed quickly with the air conditioning off. The blanket probably was no longer necessary, but Maddy felt snug and comfy lying under it with Kyle, so she kept it on.

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Suddenly, on the show, a gunshot sounded offscreen. Maddy jumped, startled. She pulled her hand off Kyle’s thigh and grabbed his hand. They interlocked their fingers and without thinking about what she was doing she pulled his hand back to her until it rested on her thigh.

Kyle was surprised to feel the soft, cool skin of mom’s thigh under his fingers, because his hand was high on her leg. The sundress must have risen a lot up her thighs. He couldn’t complain, though; if mom didn’t mind it, he didn’t either.

Maddy felt it too, and she felt how heavy Kyle’s hand was on her thigh. She felt the impression it made. She felt, too, how her entire right leg was pressed against his left, and the toes on her right foot touched his calf lightly. She thought for a second that perhaps there was too much contact between them, but to do something about it would call attention to the fact, and she decided it was better just to let things lie.

Carl stood up and scratched his belly.

“I’m going to get another beer,” he mumbled. “Anybody want anything?”

Maddy and Kyle both said no.

Maddy peered at her husband, again, with disapproval. Laziness and beer had taken a toll on his once-muscular physique. She was struck by the contrast between her husband and her son.

Kyle, for his part, was annoyed at his dad, who seemed totally unappreciative of mom. Kyle knew that, many years before, they’d been high school sweethearts, and dad had been a star on the football team, but that had been a long time ago. Looking at his mom and dad now, they looked like a mismatch. Dad was getting plump and jowly, while his mom still looked fresh and fit and pretty.

She was better looking than any of his friends’ moms, no question about it.

After his dad left to get a beer from the kitchen, Kyle looked through the side of his eye at mom under the blanket. He hadn’t noticed before how much her breasts mounded under the striped crochet blanket. It rose and fell fetchingly over her breasts with her breathing.

His hand still was clasping his mom’s, and it lay on her thigh. He squeezed her hand in an affectionate gesture and tapped her thigh with his hand. The result was to bring his hand further up her thigh and to push her thin dress farther up her legs as well.

“Your dad’s not behaving very well, Kyle,” Maddy said.

“I know, mom,” he said. “He should be nicer to you.”

Maddy struggled with a vague sense that Kyle’s hand was higher on her thigh than it should be, but his hand wasn’t doing anything wrong and there wasn’t anything sexual about it, so she supposed it was O.K. It felt good. She was amazed at how much warmer Kyle’s body was than hers; he was like a furnace. She was warmer under the blanket than she had been, but she still liked the warmth of his body, and she didn’t want his hand to move.

Carl returned to the living room, with not just one beer but two — one to drink right away and one to be held in reserve if needed.

Maddy hoped he wouldn’t need another one. He already had drunk too much.

Carl settled into his chair with a heavy sigh. He popped the tab on the beer can and soon was lost in his program.

Maddy suddenly felt moisture on the underside of her left thigh. There wasn’t enough room on the right side love seat cushion for two people, so her bottom and leg kept sliding onto the other cushion, which still was wet.

“Ugh,” she said.

“What’s wrong, mom?” Kyle asked.

“I can’t keep myself on this side of the sofa because this cushion is too small. My leg keeps pushing up against the wet part on the other cushion,” she said.

Kyle thought about getting up and offering his spot to his mom. That would be the chivalrous thing to do, he thought. But then he had another idea. He wasn’t sure about it, but there didn’t seem to be any harm in suggesting it.

“How about if you get on my lap?” he asked his mom. He said it as normally as he could. But inside, against a little voice that cautioned him against putting his mom’s cute bottom on his lap, he tingled at the idea of his mom’s body on him.

“Are you sure?” mom asked. “Don’t you think that will be uncomfortable?”

“No, mom,” Kyle said. “You barely weigh anything.”

“Well,” she said. “You’re sweet. I know that’s not true.”

She paused.

“I guess we can try it. It’s really uncomfortable constantly feeling the wet part of the sofa against me.”

Maddy lifted her bottom and set it on Kyle’s lap, while Kyle took the blanket and lay it over the two of them again. Then he settled his strong hands on his mom’s waist.

“Oh!” Maddy said to herself, as she settled into Kyle’s lap.

Something big and firm nudged against her butt. It was her son’s penis. It wasn’t erect, but it wasn’t completely limp, either. It was . . . somewhere in between. She hadn’t expected to feel it, and she hadn’t expected it to be quite so . . . big.

She wasn’t sure what to do. It seemed wrong to remain sitting on Kyle while feeling him in this way, but it would be embarrassing to call attention to it. Then, too, she had nowhere else to sit. After a moment’s indecision, Maddy decided to remain where she was. She even twisted her pert bottom back and forth to find the right part of Kyle’s lap into which to settle for the rest of the show.

The contact with his mom’s bottom sent a powerful electric jolt straight into Kyle’s cock. Kyle felt his mom twist in his lap. The blanket started to fall so he grabbed it and adjusted it so it would stay over them. He didn’t know what to do with his hands, so he brought them around her and set them on his mom’s bare thighs, just below the hem of her short dress.

Maddy and Kyle tried to concentrate on the T.V. show, but each had a hard time doing it. Kyle’s full attention was focused on his fingertips and the way the cool skin of his mom’s bare thighs felt under them. He wrestled with the feeling. You weren’t supposed to think about your mom that way, he thought. But he couldn’t help it. His mom’s bare exposed shoulder was in front of him, inches away, peeking out from under the blanket. He saw a thin bra strap — pink, he noticed — nudging out the side of the shoulder of her sleeveless top.

A tense action sequence in the T.V. show distracted both of them from the way they were pressed together. Maddy couldn’t stop herself from jumping again during a scary scene. Her hands clasped Kyle’s hard and when they rested again his hands were even higher on her thighs than they had been before.

Maddy wasn’t sure what she was doing. What she did know was that his strong hands felt good on her skin. She hadn’t felt hands like that on her in a long time. His fingers lay right at the hem of her dress, which, she could tell, seemed somehow to be creeping up her thighs.

Kyle didn’t know what to think, either. Seemingly, without him having done anything he could think of to make it happen, his hands lay on his mom’s cool, soft thighs; the hem of her short dress obviously was bunched higher than it had been before, and his hands were right at the edge of it. He tried to control his thoughts — this was his mom, after all — but he couldn’t help but think that his fingertips must have rested no more than a few inches from mom’s panties under the dress.

He wondered if his mom’s panties were pink, like her bra.

Kyle had laid his hands on a girl’s legs before, but it had never felt like this. But this was his mom. His hands would behave. They had to, he thought.

But sometimes hands have purposes of their own.

Kyle spread his fingers out, as though they needed a good stretch after lying still. The effect was to encompass more of each of mom’s thighs with his hands, and to press the hem of her dress up a little farther. Without thinking about what he was doing he gave his mom’s thighs a gentle squeeze with each outstretched hand.

To Maddy it felt better than the best massage, and she instinctively moved her thighs up and against Kyle’s strong fingers. The motion caused his fingers to slip just under her dress. They both sat still like the under the blanket. Maddy felt glad the blanket was covering her, because she wouldn’t want Carl to see where Kyle’s hands were on her. On the other hand, he was probably too drunk to notice.

She didn’t know what to do. She thought she should object, maybe with a whisper, or maybe with her hands pushing Kyle’s hands back. But she wasn’t sure she would be able to. His hands were so big, and so strong, and they lay heavy and implacable against her thighs. And she thought it would be worse to call attention to what was happening. After all, nothing had really happened. Saying something would be awkward.

It was important to Maddy to do the right thing. But she wasn’t sure what the right thing to do was. Plus, there was a little voice inside her, soft and barely audible, but growing in intensity, that said that Kyle’s firm, strong hands on her thighs felt very, very right.

Kyle began to feel hot under the blanket with mom on his lap. Ordinarily, he would throw off the blanket. But with dad a few feet away there was no way he’d be able to hold his hands against mom’s legs like this with the blanket off. It was worth a little heat to keep them where they were.

Kyle moved his body, as though he was making himself more comfortable under mom in the seat, and as he did so his right hand moved up mom’s thigh another inch or two.

Now he was sure that his thumb was close to mom’s panties. And he knew that mom knew it too. Kyle knew he wasn’t an expert at reading women, but he was having an especially difficult time figuring out what mom was thinking. She hadn’t done anything to encourage him, as far as he could tell, but she hadn’t discouraged him either.

His hand felt good there. He decided to leave it there a minute and see what happened.

The show continued. Dad seemed barely awake. He hadn’t looked back at or said anything to Maddy or Kyle in over ten minutes.

Maddy realized, suddenly, that she was excited. Her whole body was tense and alive. She was aroused by the feeling of her son against her. That was wrong, wasn’t it? And yet they hadn’t really done anything inappropriate. Kyle’s hands were hidden under the crocheted blanket. With the hands out of view, she could sit and watch the television program and enjoy her arousal — something she hadn’t felt in a while — and pretend that nothing was really happening.

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But it was. Something was happening. She liked the feel of Kyle’s hands on her. She wondered if he liked it, what he felt, what he was thinking. She thought she was good at reading men but she was having a hard time figuring out what Kyle was thinking and feeling. His hands were close to her panties, in a place they weren’t supposed to be, but they lay so still against her. They weren’t doing anything.

What if she sent him a signal? Just a little one. Something barely noticeable. What would he do? How would he respond? She wondered.

She squirmed against him. She noticed his cock — she let herself think of it as his cock, not a penis — felt bigger than before. When she was done squirming her legs were farther apart than before.

Kyle responded immediately, his body moving with hers to keep up the appearance of innocence. His hand moved up her thigh until his thumb contacted the side of her panties. There it stopped again.

The side of her panty was just a little string. Oh mom, Kyle thought. He had no idea that his innocent-looking mom wore such tiny panties.

Barely aware of what she was doing, Maddy moved her right hip toward Kyle’s hand. Just a tiny bit.

It was in invitation. She knew it, and he knew it, and there was no doubt about it.

His cock grew under her bottom. She felt that too, and she liked it. She pushed her bottom against it, just a little, in response.

In a quick sweep, he moved his right hand up under her dress and rested it on her belly. He brought his left hand up until the little string side of her panty was between his thumb and forefinger. He snuck a finger under the string and snapped it lightly against her hip bone.

It was getting very warm under the blanket. But neither Maddy nor Kyle minded and neither of them was going to take it off.

Maddy leaned to the side a little so she could look back and to the side at her son. She and Kyle stared into each other’s eyes. They said no words, but understanding passed between them. Kyle looked back at his dad’s chair. No movement from dad.

He looked back at mom, and he gave her a kiss –just a peck — on her lips. She smiled back at her son. Her loving, strong — and increasingly large — son.

Maddy couldn’t pretend it wasn’t happening. Kyle was holding her like a lover, not like a son. Her body loved it. It tingled with the feeling of his hands on her belly and on her panties.

She looked at the back of Carl’s chair to make sure he wasn’t looking, and she leaned over and gave Kyle a quick kiss back.

She couldn’t let this get out of hand. This was her son, after all, and her husband was right next to both of them. But she would continue to enjoy the feel of Kyle’s hands on her. She turned back to the television screen and tried to watch the show.

Kyle was past watching T.V., though. The feel of his mom’s smooth skin against his hands and her soft voluptuous body in his arms electrified him, and every sense was at high pitch. His nose caught the fresh scent of her hair.

Mom was enjoying this, Kyle thought. And she wouldn’t want to make a scene in front of dad. Her sense of propriety would give him some latitude to keep touching her.

He pushed his right hand down her belly and between her thighs, and he let it rest right over her panties. He pressed his middle finger down, right over where he guessed her pussy would be.

He found it, all right. Maddy reacted. She couldn’t help herself. She pressed her mound against his finger before she could think of a more appropriate response.

I shouldn’t have done that, she thought. But she didn’t want his hands to stop. If she just sat there quietly, watching television, she could enjoy it and pretend it wasn’t happening at the same time.

Kyle’s finger and Maddy’s pussy mound began moving in rhythm against each other. She was impressed at her son’s skill with his finger. It knew exactly where to be and how to press, and she could tell it was starting to make her damp below. She couldn’t let herself come in front of husband, however. Even in his current state he would notice that. But Kyle’s finger kept pressing against the slight panty fabric over her pussy. If he kept going he definitely would make her come.

But he stopped. She wondered why, but not for long.

His right hand moved away from her pussy to the string on her right hip. He hooked both his thumbs under the sides of her panties and began pulling.

Her son was going to remove her panties under the blanket, while her husband sat just a few feet away.

She couldn’t let him do that. It was too risky. Her lap was under the blanket, but her legs were exposed beneath he knees. If he happened to look over —

But her body didn’t listen to her scruples. Maddy raised her bottom, slightly, to make it easier for Kyle to take her panties off.

The panties were tiny, and she could feel the thin material being peeled down and off her thighs. She looked down and saw the movement of Kyle’s hands under the blanket as they helped the panties off her legs. To assist him she had to bring her legs up and closer to her, just a bit, and Kyle had to lean forward. It wasn’t easy from their position, but the panties continued their progress off of her.

Carl noticed nothing.

Kyle’s hands went as far as they could go from his position, so Maddy leaned forward to finish it. She felt the panties slip over her knees.

Kyle saw the panties come into view where the blanket ended at his mom’s knees. They were pink, and shiny, and very, very tiny. He couldn’t be certain, but he thought he saw a slightly darkened patch, which he guessed was wetness.

He would find out soon how wet mom was.

Both Maddy and Kyle watched as the panties dropped out of sight beyond the edge of the sofa. Carl still didn’t notice. With her foot Maddy tried to push the panties under the love seat. It was incredibly risky but there was a good chance Carl, in his current state, wouldn’t notice.

It was getting harder for Maddy to be passive about what was happening. She knew this wasn’t right, but her body surged with arousal and desire.

Kyle’s hands — those amazing hands, Maddy thought — came back to her dress. Then, Kyle started to unbutton the dress, starting with the bottom button.

Maddy realized her son was going to strip her naked under the blanket, next to her husband. She had to stop him.

But she couldn’t.

He finished unbuttoning her quickly, then he pulled back the edges of her dress, away from her body, under the blanket. Then Maddy felt his hands on her bra-clad breasts. His fingers, exploring her breasts and her bra, found the bra’s front-side fastener, and they nimbly unsnapped it. The bra cups sprang away from her ample breasts. Both Maddy and Kyle could hear it unsnap. Carl’s attention didn’t waiver from the show, so they guessed he hadn’t heard it.

Maddy felt her strong son’s rock-hard cock under her, and she ground her ass against it. Her ability to resist him was fading fast.

Kyle grabbed his mother’s big breasts under the blanket. He pinched her nipples and was surprised at how long and hard they were.

One hand stayed on mom’s breast and the other slid down her torso to the junction between his mom’s legs. Maddy spread her legs open farther to accommodate his hand when it got there. Kyle slid a finger down over her clit and along the fleshy gash below it. Mom already was dripping with excitement. He plunged a finger into her.

Kyle finger-fucked his mom under the blanket. She stifled a gasp. She’d completely given her body to her son now, and she loved it. She was his, to play with and do with as he wished under the blanket on the love seat.

But she still had to be careful about not letting Carl find out what was going on.

Suddenly, Carl spoke. His voice startled both of them and their bodies jerked under the blanket.

“I think I fell asleep for a minute,” he said. “You guys enjoying the show?”

Carl leaned over and turned toward them.

Maddy and Kyle froze under the blanket, both of them holding their bodies still. Only Kyle’s finger continued to move, pistoning in and out of Maddy’s wet pussy while his father looked at them under the blanket. Kyle moved just his finger; his hand lay still so his father would see no suspicious movement under the blanket.

Maddy looked at her husband and didn’t speak. Her underwear and dress were off of her or peeled back and she was aware how naked she was under the blanket. And, of course, she felt her son’s thick fingers in her damp pussy and his hard cock pressed against her ass.

Maddy and Kyle saw, fortunately, that Carl’s eyes had trouble focusing after seven beers. He looked tired, besides. His eyes swept over his son and wife without any hint that he realized what was going on.

“I gotta go to the bathroom,” he announced and stood up again, more unsteady than before..

He left the living room for the hall, and Maddy and Kyle stayed frozen in place until the bathroom door closed and locked.

When they heard the lock, Maddy threw off her blanket and turned toward her strapping son.

Without hesitating for a second she turned around and lifted her bottom off Kyle’s lap and knelt at his side. She didn’t care about the moisture on the love seat on her shins now. All she cared about was getting her hands on the hard cock that had been pressing against her bottom for the last half hour.

Kyle watched in astonishment at his mom, naked and gorgeous, full breasts bouncing in excitement inches away, descending on the fly of his pants. She unzipped him and pulled out his cock and with one hand gripping his shaft she guided his manhood unerringly into her eager mouth.

Well, that decided it, Kyle thought. His mom did have a wild side. She was as wild and cock-hungry as any woman he’d ever seen. And a lot hotter.

Maddy let only the head of Kyle’s cock into her mouth, at first. Her tongue swirled around the tip to lap up any precum; there was a lot, more than she’d ever encountered. Her son’s cock head was big and bulbous in her mouth and she savored the saltiness of her son’s fluid. When she was done she opened her mouth wider and pushed down to take as much of him as she could.

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She couldn’t take as much as she wanted, not right at first, because he was bigger than she expected him to be. Bigger than his father, that was for certain. Carl, she imagined herself saying, your son’s cock is so big and it feels so good in my mouth — so much better than yours. Lust clouded all Maddy’s other thoughts.

Maddy had never mastered the art of deep-throating, but she’d never regretted her lack of skill until now, because the only way to take all of her big, hard son into her mouth was to swallow him until his cock tip hit the back of her throat, and she wanted every single inch of him. She kept taking him until her throat gagged and her eyes watered, but she didn’t let that stop her. God, she wanted it so badly. With the cock head disappearing into the depths of her mouth, she kept her tongue busy swirling against his engorged shaft, tracing its length and swirling around its girth.

Kyle lay his hands lightly over mom’s lush hair, not believing what he was seeing and feeling. He held his head back and at an angle to get the best look possible, and he pulled a handful of hair away from her face so he could see his hard cock disappearing into his mom’s pretty mouth.

Mom pulled her mouth back, her lush lips stretched against him, until no more than the tip lay between her lips. And then she plunged back down.

Kyle threw his head back and moaned at the ceiling while mom serviced his dick, her head bobbing up and down wildly. The sensation was pure heaven.

Then they both heard the toilet flush and the bathroom door open down the hall. Carl’s heavy footsteps followed.

With one hand Kyle pushed on his mom’s head to keep her in place and stop her from moving, and with the other he gathered what he could of the blanket and threw it over her nude body.

Dad came walking woozily down the hallway and back into the living room. He stood in back of the sofa, just far enough away that Kyle didn’t think he could see the bulging blanket that shrouded mom on his lap.

Carl looked in an unfocused way toward the T.V. screen as though to decide whether there was anything there that required further watching. The T.V. show continued playing but none of them had any idea what was going on.

Carl pointed vaguely at the television.

“Did she ever find out what she was looking for?” he asked.

Kyle had no idea what his dad was talking about, but he decided to play along.

“Yeah, dad,” he said. “I think she’s right on top of it.” It was all he could think to say.

“Yeah, well,” Carl said, “That Angel always gets what she wants.”

“Yes she does,” Kyle said, trying to keep his voice steady.

Carl looked around the room.

“Where’s your mom?” he asked.

“Ahhh,” said Kyle, “I think she went to the laundry room to get something.” He was winging it.

That seemed to satisfy Carl, who wasn’t thinking clearly. He turned and headed toward his bedroom. He swayed a little as he walked.

“I’m going to bed,” he said. “Don’t turn the show off on account of me. You two just keep doing what you’re doing. See you in the morning.”

“We will, dad,” Kyle said. “Good night!”

When his dad’s lumbering footsteps grew quieter and Kyle could hear his parents’ bedroom door being closed, he threw the blanket off mom.

She looked up at him, still as a mouse, eyes wide, red lips still wrapped around his thick cock.

Kyle stared at his mom for almost a minute as she tended sweetly to him.

“Sit up, mom,” he said.

Mom was naked in front but the dress and bra still clung to her back. Kyle pulled them off her. Then he pulled off his shirt and threw off his shorts and briefs in a quick motion.

Kyle and Maddy sat naked together. Their bodies shone with a light film of sweat in the dim, flickering light coming from the television. The rest of the room lay in darkness.

“I can’t stand it anymore, mom,” Kyle said, his voice barely more than a hoarse whisper. “I have to fuck you.”

Maddy stared at her son, naked. Her breasts heaved with her deep breaths. An hour earlier it would have been unthinkable to hear what he just said to her, and she could not have imagined sitting naked with her son as she was now. But a lot could happen in an hour. Maddy knew now that he would fuck her, and she wanted him to fuck her.

Kyle’s eyes swept over his mom’s nude body — the heavy breasts, the flat belly, the shapely legs, and the thick, wild pussy lips between them. He grabbed mom’s hips in his hands.

Maddy felt herself lifted with astonishing ease. She knew what her son was doing but marveled at how easily he did it. She held her legs open in expectation and readied herself. She was about to experience her son in a way she’d never dreamed of.

And she wanted it, more badly than anything.

Kyle’s cock stood straight and hard and improbably long over his lap, and he held his pretty mom in his hands over it. Then he pulled her down on top of him.

Kyle’s cock head found its target without hesitation. He felt the hard tip push against mom’s fleshy lips and spread them back and to the side, and then he felt himself slide into her wetness. Deeper, deeper, deeper; he kept pressing.

It took all of Maddy’s self-control to stop from crying out at being speared by her son.

No man ever had filled her so completely or plumbed her so deeply. She wouldn’t have thought she could have taken a cock that big that deep. Surely it would have knocked something aside inside her? But no — somehow her body accommodated her son, fully.

Maddy felt Kyle grip her hips more tightly and push his cock into her even more deeply. She was startled and worried that her body couldn’t accommodate him, so she tried to rock her body in the same direction of his cock. But Kyle wouldn’t let her. His grip on her hips was like iron and he stopped her from moving away as he ground his shaft into her, all the way, as deep as he could go.

Maddy moaned. She couldn’t help it. She had to hope that her husband already was asleep or couldn’t hear her through the closed bedroom door.

Then Kyle moved her body up and brought her down hard again. Up and down, rocking against her, Kyle fucked his pretty mom on his lap.

Maddy gave up all resistance and surrendered to the onslaught of her son’s need.

Kyle’s need was relentless, stoked by the heat and the days of frustration and the sight of his beautiful mother impaled on his shaft and obviously enjoying her submission to him. He pushed into her, again and again, staking his claim to his mom’s body with every deep thrust.

After fucking her on his lap for several minutes, Kyle lifted himself and his mom off the sofa. Maddy admired his strength and his ability to move her about as he wished so easily.

Holding mom fast to his body, Kyle turned around and then lay his mom with her back on the sofa. He was still inside her, and he didn’t let her go as he lay her back all the way and he spread her legs apart to savor the sight of his hardness buried in her to the hilt.

Then he began fucking her in a fast rhythm that got even faster as he kept going.

Kyle took his mom’s legs in his strong hands and spread them back even farther so he could enjoy the sight of her and enter her more deeply.

He looked at his mom underneath him in awe. Her whole body shook under the force of the hard fucking, and her ample breasts bounced and swayed, her hard, long nipples pointing in every direction.

There’s nothing like fucking your mother, Kyle thought. Nothing in all the whole, wide world like it.

Maddy couldn’t think at all. She was pure sensation — bliss, joy, passion, surrender — under the barrage of her son’s relentless pounding of her body.

Kyle felt the surge inside him coming. It was welling up inside him, and he wasn’t going to hold back. A week’s worth of cum was on its way.

This is for you, mom, he thought.

He erupted inside her, filling her with his seed. Thick spurt after thick spurt.

Maddy felt her body give way and she came too. Her body bucked uncontrollably against her son.

Kyle still was filling her but he wanted to see it. He pulled out and pointed his cock at his mom’s belly. Thick ropes of white cum spurted and splattered all over her — mostly on her belly but drops and splotches of it on her thighs and pussy, as well, and a sprinkling of it on her breasts as well.

Kyle pumped away at his cock with his hand to empty himself all over his mom. Her body spasmed and rocked with abandon while he did so, as her orgasm continued sweeping through her in waves.

They slowed down. Their bodies grew still and quiet together and they stared into each other’s eyes.

Maddy looked at the thick layer of white sloppy goo on her belly. She reached down and smeared it over her torso. Then she scooped as much of it as she could with two fingers and brought them to her mouth. She licked her fingers clean with a loud smack.

Kyle reached out his hand. He swept it lovingly over his mom’s sweat-soaked, cum-spattered body.

“I think you’re going to have to take a shower,” Kyle said. “What would dad think if he found you with my cum all over you?”

“I’m not going to shower,” she said. “I’m going to bed like this, marked by you. It’ll dry on me and I can wash it off in the morning. Your dad’s too drunk to notice.”

Kyle sat down on the sofa and engulfed his mom in his arms. He held her, gently.

The air conditioner had been off for nearly an hour, and the summer heat had returned to the living room, but Maddy didn’t mind. She sat hot and sticky in her son’s arms, and she liked it. The heat had brought out a passion she’d never felt before, and she didn’t want to let go of it.

The flickering light from the television distracted them. Maddy and Kyle, mother and son, turned toward the screen at the same time. The show was over and the credits were rolling.

“I like that show,” Maddy said, clinging to Kyle’s neck and panting in his ear as she said it.

Kyle agreed. He couldn’t wait for the next episode.

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