Jan part 3

When I finally got out to the hot tub Jerry was lounging in a corner seat, Janet was just dropping her sarong and climbing the steps into the tub. Then once she was seated in a middle seat and I on the opposite side of her from Jerry, we settled in to listen to the game, Jerry filled us in on the score up to that point and we chatted, it was soon obvious that the game was secondary to the relaxing heat of the hot tub. Janet said she was going to make margaritas and asked if we wanted beers. When she stood up her new suit was clinging to her curves and completly see through, her trimmed and shaved pubic area was very clear and her breats and nipples were visible as if painted bright green. I glanced at Jerry and saw he was looking at her beutiful mound, when I looked at Janet she was smiling at Jerry.

Once Janet was inside Jerry turned to me and said, “I saw you watching the other night, how long were you there?” I felt my face blush and tried to look confident, I told him the whole time. “You saw how she wined and tried to get away after she felt how big it was? You saw how I held her in place and made her finish what she started?” Jerry asked smuggly. Jerry rose out of his seat and sat on the edge of the tub, the yellow suit once again showed his thick, meaty cock. Jerry stroked it through his trunks and stated matter of factly, “You must be pretty small, Janet is one tight little bitch, or at least she was” Jerry chuckeled and continued, “you know I screwed her again tonight, right?” I looked up from his now hard cock and nodded, “Yea I noticed that”. Still stroking his cock through the shorts he laughed, “Yea she cried and asked me to stop, but I gave her what she really wanted”. Jerry stood up and crossed the hot tub to stand in front of me, my eyes we glued to the bulge in his trunks, he hooked his thumb in them and pulled them down, his cock sprang out at me. Jerry put his hand on my head and pulled my face against his hot meat, I resisted weakly but when he rubbed it against my lips I opened my mouth and took the head in. Jerry pushed me away and chuckled. “Come on lets compare, stand up” Jerry commanded, I stood and pulled my shorts down to reveal a very hard cock, but beside his it looked small and thin, Jerry chuckled again “I told her you must have a clit instead of a cock” Just then the patio door banged shut and Jerry smiled and whispered conspiritorily,”Well, sorry you missed the show, if you want I can give it to her again just for you”. I nodded my accent.

When Janet got back both Jerry and I were in our opposite corners, Jerry stood up, held out his hand and helped my wife climb into the tub, his cock was rock hard and pressed against the translucent shorts. Janet was looking at his erect cock on full display, and after I looked back at it for a moment I looked at her again and she was watching me. Jerry asked if we had anything to eat as the beer and the hot tub had made him hungry, I offered to go make some sandwiches, Janet looked worried and quickly said she would do it, but Jerry pulled her back against him and said “Aww Jan you just got back in, Alexander can do it”. In that simple sentenance he established his familirarity with her and formality with me. When I got inside I made three sandwiches and then almost ran up to the landing. When I got there Jerry had Janet pulled to his chest and was kissing her, Janet was returning the kiss with hunger, Jerry looked up and our eyes met, he slid his hands down and started kneading my wifes buttocks, my wifes small hand was working her lovers cock, “You want this big cock dont you” Jerry asked. Janet moaned but the tried to push away. “We dont have time, we cant” she gasped. When Jerry started sliding her bikini bottoms down she whispered, “Please, I am still a little sore from earlier”. Jerry laughed and said “Well I can understand why now that I’ve seen that straw Alexander calls a dick”. “What? what are you talking about, when did you see Alexander” Janet asked. My heart sank, I had been betrayed by Jerry and my wife had used my formal name too. ” He showed me his little clit right after he tried to suck my cock and before he asked to watch us fuck” Jerry chuckled in her face.

Janet slapped him and moved away to the other side of the hot tub and said angrily, “I dont believe you”. I quicky hurried outside with the sandwiches. Janet was looking at me strangely, not mad, but more curious than anything. I climbed into the tub and Jerry tore into his sandwich. Janet stood up, giving both of us a look at her hot body in the clinging green suit and sat back between Jerry and I. Janets hand slid up my thigh and started massaging my cock to hardness, she smiled at me then sat back and relaxed, Jerry finished his sandwich and rose to get a couple beers, I got the impression that Janet had to move her arm when he rose up and wondered just what she was up to. Jerries cock was at full attention when he stood up, he handed me a beer and took a sip of his as he sat back down. Janet continued to stroke my cock beneath the steaming foam and I moved to slide my hand up her thigh, she instantly stopped her massage and grabbed my hand before I could get to her crotch. I persisted against her resistance and when I got there instead of feeling her soft mound I found a hand already there.

Janet looked at me, I looked at her and removed my hand to give Jerry have full access to my wifes cunt. Janet sat up and with her eyes locked to mine she undid her top and removed it, then she stood and peeled down her bikini bottoms. Jerry stood and removed his shorts and out sprang his rock hard cock, Janet looked back to me again and wrapped her small hand around it, her fingers didnt even meet. My wife tried to drop to her knees in front of him but Jerry pulled her back up and shook his head silently, Janet nervously nibbed her lower lip and slowly turned around and leaned against the side of the tub. Jerry took her by the wrist and wrapped her hand around his thick meat, Janet rubbed it up and down along her slit and Jerry pushed it in all the way, Janet yelped and wimpered but didnt try and escape this time. Jerry eased it back out and janet wimpered again but this time it sounded like disappointment. My wife looked at me, still nibbling her lip and pushed back onto his cock. I watched his meat sink into her small body and when I looked at her face again she was looking me in the eye “You really wanted to watch me screw him didnt you?” she asked quietly. I nodded. “You like the idea of me being screwed by a big cock, a really thick one?” I nodded again as if I had lost the power to speak. Janet threw her head back and locked lips with Jerry in a open mouthed kiss. I watched the muscles in her arms strain to keep from being pushed forward by his powerful thrusts, Janet looked back at me and asked, “Did you try and suck his cock? did you really do that Alexander?” My face got hot with offense and I nodded yes. Janet looked deep into my eyes, arched her back and moaned in orgasm, she bucked back against Jerries cock until it looked like he was breaking a wild horse. Jerry grabbed her hard by the hips and ground his cock into her grunting. They locked mouths together again and when Jerry finally pulled his half hard cock from her slit, she was gaped open and running cum, Janet turned and sat on the edge of the hot tub, I moved to kiss her but she put her fingers against my lips and urged me to my knees with her other hand.

This time it was in the open, we both knew for certain that I knew I was licking Jerries cum from my wifes once dainty slit. I licked and sucked at it. Jerry laughed and said “I told you earlier he should be wearing panties” I kissed Janets clit, sucking and nibbleing it until she grabbed my head and smashed my lips to her cunt in a wild orgasm. I stood between her legs and my cock plopped right into her open slit, Jerry grabbed my shoulder and pulled me away, “Whoa there fairy boy”. Jerry looked at Janet and said “You better tell him what I told you earlier, or I will”. Janet looked at me with a almost appologetic expression and whispered, “Jerry doesnt want you screwing me anymore, and really Alexander it wouldnt be good for either of us anyway… ya know,… not now, not after… Janet looked at Jerries heavy cock. ” But we can still do other things, I promise, ok?” Janet pushed me back to my knees and pulled my head to her slit again, Jerry moved closer and kissed Janet, I felt his wet sticky cock against my shoulder and I looked up just as I felt my wife’s tiny hand pushing my face toward it. I heard them both laugh as I let it push between my lips. Jerry chuckled and went back to kissing my wife.

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