Visiting Hours

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Visiting Hours
by brwneyedwitch70

It had been a busy day at work, I didn’t get a chance to call you so I decided to stop by your hospital room to say hello. Your surgery had been a simple procedure, but you were still required to stay a few days to make sure that your knee was better. I was surprised to hear that you would be out in two days. Being away from you had been difficult at first, but knowing that I’d have you all to myself again soon was enough to keep me horny.

As I was driving toward the hospital, I noticed a costume shop. “Why not stop in.” I thought to myself. We were always talking about dressing up and doing some role-playing games. Why not go in to see if something catches my eye. As I walked in to the store, I noticed there was much more than just costumes—this was an adult bookstore. I quickly walked around the store and then something caught my eye. It was a “How To” book, I quickly thumbed through the pages until I found what I was looking for. I walked around the store to have a look around and decided on making my final purchases.

I went back home to change, hoping that I wouldn’t be late for “visiting hours,” but as luck would have it, I didn’t make it in time. I got to your floor and I talked to the nurse on staff. I explained to her the situation and how it was your birthday today and I hadn’t been able to stop by earlier because I forgot your gift. She listened to me patiently and gave me permission to visit you. She made a note on your chart not to bother you for the next few hours and quickly informed me that you didn’t a roommate. I entered your room rather quietly; I took off my rain coat and adjusted my costume. I walked to your bed and watched you sleep before making my move.

“Mr. Winters, I am here to check your body temperature,” I whispered softly in your ear.

“But nurse, they just took my vitals just a few minutes ago” you said with an annoyed tone. You happened to look over and noticed that I was standing slightly over you dressed in a very short white nurse’s uniform, with thigh-high stockings and high heel shoes. My top was open exposing a white see-through bra.

“Well hello there patient, I am Nurse Naughty-Nice. I will be checking your body tonight” I smiled coyly.

“Tabby, what are you doing here? Do you know there are nurses that can walk in right now? ” you asked with some concern.

“Oh no Mr. Winters, tonight you are going to be MY patient and do what I tell you.”

I began to unbutton my nurse’s uniform slowly at first just so you could see that I wasn’t wearing any panties just the lacy thigh highs and bra underneath the white uniform. I slowly began to lift the hospital sheets off of you. “Now, I must check out your body’s reflexes…let me check and see if your body responds to the stimulus?” I said with a fake accent.

I pulled up your hospital gone gently caressing your bandaged knee. “Oh..Mr. Winters, I will be careful with you. I will not hurt you, but I will make you scream in pleasure.”

I carefully climbed on your bed. I asked you to adjust the bed so that your upper body was slightly more elevated than you lower half. I wanted you to see what I was going to do to you! I began to caress your cock with my hands and then I began to kiss it.

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