Slutty Aunt Fucks her Nephew

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‘Oh did you now?’ she reached inside Nathan’s shorts and continued her slow gentle motion, using the pool of pre-cum to lubricate her hand as she tormented his shaft. Up and down, sometimes gentle scraping her nails, others with a firmer grip, but mostly barley touching him at all, each trip up and down rewarded with more and more fluid as she reached the tip. ‘And what about this one? She had barely looked at the screen herself as she asked the question, keeping her eyes glued on Nathan’s face as he grew hornier and more frustrated with her attention on his cock. She turned her head and was greeted with a picture of herself, not dressed sexily but with her every day clothes pulled down to reveal her standing with her back to camera, no panties on and an invitation written on her back to ‘FUCK HERE’ and an arrow pointing directly to her grabable arse. She didn’t know about this one and caused her to snap in to a moment if reality. Normally she kept that for boyfriends and partners but this made it look like everyone got to take her in the arse. She decided to try to distract him in the hope they would move on to the next picture quickly. She parted Nathan’s legs and dropped to her knees between them. ‘I’m not sure this would fit, Sweets.’ To distract him further she began to place delicate little kisses on his balls, occasionally letting her tongue dart out and sending shocks through Nathan’s body that were almost enough to make him explode on their own. For the first time Elaine got to really examine and admire the impressive cock in front of her. The first time she was face to face with it she was lost in a whirl of her own orgasms and watching her nephew jerking his dick in front of her and didn’t really pay much attention to his member itself. She knew it was a bit cock – she felt it reshape her insides when he forced it inside her earlier as he came. But now she could really take it all in. From the angle she was at, looking directly up the base of his shaft that she had lifted up to plant the kisses on his balls, Nathan’s cock looked not just big but bigger than all but one of her dildos big. And she had some challenging toys. This was going to be fun. Letting her eyes lower, she could see thick veins that she didn’t make the most of earlier. She wanted all of this inside her while lowered herself on to the full length, enjoying all of the throbbing contours. She reached his smooth, freshly shaven balls that were already swelling again from the attention she’d been paying to her nephews loins. Elaine tightened her grip on his cock and slowly lowered it toward herself, taking in the rest of her pleasure stick for the night.

”What’s next?’ said Elaine with a breathiness that was giving away her own desire to get on with fucking. The motion of straightening Nathan’s member to carry on her assessment and admiration caused it to draw closer and closer to her face. Her hands coating themselves with pre-cum as her right hand went from gentle strokes to a slow hand-job. Nathan had taken the phone from his aunty to allow her to make better use of her hands and was greeted with a picture of her sucking an ex boyfriends cock.

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