Slutty Aunt Fucks her Nephew

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Nathan went from pinning his slutty aunt down by her hips, to using them to pull Elaine on to his cock as he thrust hard inside her. Loosening her insides that were still tight from cumming so hard earlier on, enhancing the sensation as he got deeper inside her. Reaching her deepest part and nudging his enormous helmet against his aunt’s cervix, Nathan began to withdraw his dick in a smooth motion, bringing more loud groans from Elaine’s mouth. She raised herself up on to her elbows, now truly presenting herself to be fucked from behind and Nathan pushed back inside her, once again grabbing her hips and entering more purposefully this time. With every withdrawal motion, Nathan could see Elaine’s pussy gaping with fresh orgasms, her arse cheeks parted wide and her arsehole puckering as she came.

‘Oh god, fuck, Nathan fuck me hard and fast, I can’t take too much more. Use me hard. Cum in me like the slutty aunt I am.’ Elaine was loud now and totally lost in feeling used and abused. Needing no second invitation, Nathan began to increase his speed. Sawing in and out, each thrust hitting the deepest parts of Elaine. She dropped from her elbows, gripping the duvet, biting down on the pillow in front of her head as she tried to muffle the screams of pain and ecstasy that she couldn’t contain. The sounds of their bodies slapping together grew more and more frequent as Nathan slammed in to his aunty Bo as hard as he could. Encouraged by her screams he continued, on and on until he could barely hear a sound coming from Elaine. She felt like she had been fucked in to submission and was now staring at her headboard, mouth wide open making short grunts with each thrust inside her cunt.


Nathan knew he was nowhere near cumming. He was young and fit and his stamina was good from his military training. He didn’t want to tell Elaine that though. He’d been in this position enough where women couldn’t take anymore and he ended up having to wank over them or something less fun. He wanted to fill Elaine’s pussy, his gorgeous aunty Bo’s cunt to the brim with his seed. On and on he went until he felt the familiar surge of cum building in his swollen balls. Flipping Elaine over like a toy, he put one of her legs on each of his shoulders and lined his cock up with his aunt’s waiting hole. Elaine wanted to object. She knew he was way too big for her to take him comfortably like this, let alone with a pussy that was as red raw as hers was currently. Placing both her hands on his chest in her only manageable form of resistance, Nathan either didn’t notice or didn’t care as he lowered himself down, parting her cunt lips with his bell end, the first few inches of his cock sliding in easily. He felt Elaine’s finger nails dig in to his chest at the same moment he felt her pussy contract around his cock in yet another orgasm for his filthy aunt. Lowering himself down further he obscured the light from behind him a little, once again casting shadows across his face that immediately made him recognisable as a younger version of his father. Elaine urgently brought her legs down and around Nathan’s waist as her mind took over. Once again the sluttiest of actions that she was partaking in not being enough and thinking of how she’d feel even dirtier if it really was Mark fucking her right now. With a little more pressure Nathan buried the last couple of inches of his cock inside his aunty, supporting himself above her and staring directly in to her deep brown eyes as the distance between them become zero. Latching her legs around his middle and reaching up to grab his neck, Elaine pulled his face towards her and passionately kissed him. Their tongues becoming intertwined and their attraction to one another exploding. Being able to hold back no longer, Nathan quickened his thrusts sawing his huge cock against his aunty’s g-spot. Elaine gripped tighter and as one both exploded in a moment of taboo bliss that went on seemingly forever. Closing her eyes, Elaine went between the reality of her own nephew emptying his seed inside her and her filthy images of her big brother doing it instead.

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