Sister, Me and Lockdown

Hey guys I am Abhi (Abhishek Singh). I am 20 yrs old. I am a reader of S4S, I also wanted to tell you about my sex story with my sister Aditi. She is 22 yrs old with her body size 32-24-33.She has a height of 5 ft 2 inch.She completed her Bachelor of Mass Media course from Jai Hind College, Mumbai. So she is very frank to talk with every one.

We started to have sex when she was in Mumbai.When she was in mumbai we were free to kiss and have sex anywhere because no one knew we were brother and sister.Her apartment had a balcony and swimming pool and wall full of glass.We used to have sex in balcony often because her apartment was in 21st floor and there was no chances of anyone seeing it.For 3 yrs we had so much fun.I used to vist her 2 times a month and return with full satisfaction.

After finishing her course she returned to home after3 yrs.We both were very happy because we thought that we can have sex anytime we wanted,but the things happened exactly negative.We had to hurry because sometime parents or sometimes servants used to come in room.We both were fraustrated and this covid 19 had made more difficult to have sex.Parents would be home everytime and can’t go outside.After there was decrease in covid effect we planned for a short trip to our farmland.It was 600km away from our house.Our mother told to take driver ,so as he could be the stone we convinced our mother to drive ourselves safely.

Now we were ready to go for a trip.We loaded all our food,clothes and requirred things in our car.We were going for 8 days,and in these days we planned to have sex till we both are satisfied.On the way we bought 50 packet of condoms.When we reached far from the city, Aditi opened my pant zip and took my dick out.She started to suck it very fast because now the thirsty person in the desert had got a water.I stopped car in side of road and we went to back seat.Firstly we started to kiss wildly and my hand was in her boobs while her hands was catching my dick.After kissing for almost 20 min she went downward and started to give a blowjob.I catched her hair and put my dick inside her mouth myself.I was about to cum and I increased my speed and left my all cum inside her mouth.She was licking until last drop.Now it was her turn to cum.I pushed her in the seat and started playing her pussy.I rubbed her pussy,and while I inserted my finger she had pre-cum.I started to lick her pussy with my tongue.I touched every corner of her pussy with my tongue.She was moaning loudly,and I was trying to touch her deepest part with my tongue.And she was moaning heavily and she cummed in my mouth.I licked it clean.I lied upon her for few minutes.We kissed and started to drive .

We reached our farmland gate.Our farmland is in the hill covering twenty five acres of land.There was jungle in all land and our farmhouse was at the top from where we could see the best vision of sunset.We reached to top(our farmhose).We unloaded our belongings,Aditi was calling our parents to inform them we reached safely.Till she was ending phone I had already opened my clothes and became fully naked.When she ended her call I pulled her toward me opened her clothes and carried her in my arm.I carried her outside and threw her in swimming pool.I kissed her pulled toward me It was time for a sunset.I was catching her from behind and sitting in swimming pool watching sunset.The view was marvelous.I put my dick inside her pussy and watched the scene. after the sun went down we came out of water and went to kitchen.As we two were only on the top of hill we both were naked.Aditi started to cook and I helped her.

We had our dinner and went to watch some movies.We slept in couch and started our movie.The movie had a erotic scene in middle of film and I got erection.I wore a condom and started to fuck her from behind.She was moaning softly and watching movie.I wsnot watcching movie ,was just fucking her.After the movie was over I wanted to fuck her hard so I asked her for anal.She agreed.We took mattress outside house to fuck in the open sky.We kissed passionately and I was squeezing her boobs.I turned her back and put some oil in her ass hole as well as in my dick.I inserted my finger first.She felt pain and shouted.Now it wwas already giving me satisfaction.I took my dick in hand and pointed it toward her ass.I hold her ass and made o way to her ass.I inserted tip of my dick,she screamed loudly,we could hear echo of her scream.I put some more oil and pushed my dick.She was crying of pain and told me to stop.

Aditi:Abhi please stop,I can’t bear the pain.

I didn’t move for some time but my dick was still inside her ass.After some time she was relaxing ,I was kissing her back neck.She was coming in mood and seeing chance I pushed my whole dick inside her.She was shouting to stop but I became deaf and couldnot listen what she was telling.

The sound “pat pat”in her her fatty ass was giving me more mood to fuck her.Now she was also enojying and moaning,Fuck me hard Abhi,go deep………………………………..,tear my ass ……………yes …..yesss…………fuck me hard abhi.I pulled her hair also and her pain was so erotic for me.I increased my speed and cummed inside her ass only.I turned her toward me and kissed her.I was so tired as her. We slept cuddling and my dick inside her pussy.

The 2nd day when I woke up……………..(To be continued….)

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