Saturday Night Fun with Jaya, Anjana, Smita and Nagaveena

Nagesh and Smita had a fairly small but active social circle in Bangalore in 2011. The third Saturday of the month, they always dine with their friends, Ajay and Anjana Sharma. We take turns, one month at their house and one month at our house. the two couples were very close to each other, but were not in any known sexual relationship between the two families till then. While Nagesh and Smita had taken part in a swap, it was all in the family.
Last month at our house, while setting the table, Anjana and my wife Smita discussed how men can be self-involved. As an example, Anjana went on and on about how Ajay spent a lot of time and money on photography. The DSLR camera, the Lenses, the upkeep of all the items, not to be outdone, Smita mentioned how I spent a lot of time and money on crossdressing. I turned beet red with embarrassment. My crossdressing was a family secret. I was incredulous that Smita would let the cat out of the bag, but in the heat of the moment, she wanted to up Anjana’s complaints about Ajay.

“Who would have thought that about Nagesh,” commented Anjana. “I’m shocked,” said Ajay. “Yes, ‘Nagesh the Man’ likes to become ‘Nagaveena the Girl’ about twice a week,” added Smita. Smita then went on to show the pictures taken during Nagaveena’s public appearances.

Anjana, liked the Graduation Party pics and the ones take at Amoeba and the Olde House. “Nagesh you look so pretty as Nagaveena. If I were a guy, I would have kissed you.”
“I’d like to meet her and if I were not married. I would have definitely taken the Ghagra Choli Nagaveena to bed, but since I am married now I will probably make her portfolio” Ajay said with a Cheshire Cat grin. My mood was spoilt for the evening. Ajay and Anjana wanted to see Nagaveena, I refused saying, ” It takes time to prepare” I did not say a word and the subject was dropped for other topics that I cannot recall because my head was spinning about what just happened.

While having dinner, with a twinkle in her eye, Anjana suggested, “Maybe Nagaveena can dine with us next month and Ajay’s wet dreams can be full filled.”. “I think that can be arranged” Smita replied giggling away. “I can’t wait!” Anjana exclaimed.

Post dinner, we dropped Ajay and Anjana to the car, and on the way back, Smita apologized for telling Ajay and Anjana about Nagaveena, but was pissed off at my silence during the dinner.
“I accept your apology, but why did you go along with Anjana’s idea about Nagaveena showing up for dinner next month? Nagaveena is not ready to meet Ajay.”

“At first, I thought it would be too embarrassing for you, but Anjana and Ajay were so enthusiastic that I thought, why not. Nagaveena is a beautiful woman and she deserves to go out and be seen. Ajay is not lecherous. So why this attitude.” “I’ll think about it,” was where I left it.
The month passed and I thought it was a dead issue. Over breakfast on the morning of our next dinner with the Ajay and Anjana, Smita asked, “What is Nagaveena wearing tonight?” I didn’t see that coming. “Nagesh was planning to go to dinner without Nagaveena tonight,” I replied. “Anjana and Ajay were expecting to see Nagaveena. In fact, I was expecting to see Nagaveena, too.”

“Nagesh, you are going to disappoint everyone. Why don’t you stop being so self-centred and think about others for a change? We are friends with Ajay and Anjana for almost 4 to 5 years, Ajay is a handsome gentleman and Anjana is very close to me. We share a lot of secrets between us. Other than Veena, she is the closest I am to in this city.”

“But they are not family. Nagaveena does not like coming out to people who are family” I said. Smita was angry… very angry. “What about the Shop keepers in Safina plaza and Jayanagar, where Nagaveena buys clothes and footwear? What about the random people in Mysore Zoo, Palace, and the hotels where we have stayed, What about the children’s school, where most of Kiran’s classmates and their parents? Smita stormed off into the kitchen to clean up.

I felt guilty and started reconsidering. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Ajay and Anjana already know and it might be fun to get out of the house en femme, as the “girls” say. I walked into the kitchen to pick up the table mop, not wanting Smita to get into a rage, which will anyway spoil the evening dinner, but also the rest of the weekend. I relented and giving Smita a light peck on the back of the neck said, “I guess Nagaveena can make an appearance tonight.” Smita’s anger turned to elation, “Great! I’m so happy that Nagaveena has changed her mind.” She turned back and kissed me very passionately.

Smita then told me to wear the little black number that I was planning for a long time. It seems the girls had decided that thy will also dress in western wear to keep Nagaveena company.

I completed my Saturday chores by mid-afternoon and began transforming myself into Nagaveena. I disrobed and applied hair removal cream on my legs, arms, chest, pubes and as far as I could reach on my back. While waiting for the cream to do its job, I applied a shaving gel to my face, neck and armpits, put a fresh blade in my razor and got in the shower. As the water washed the depilated hair from my body, I shaved. Then I cleansed my whole body, rinsed and stepped out of the shower. After drying myself, I rubbed moisturizer into my soft skin, then I slipped on a pair of black cotton panties (the only kind I will wear) and sat at the vanity to do my makeup. My toe nails were the first to be painted, dark red.

I used some concealer to hide the faint shadow of my beard, then applied foundation and powder. I did my eyes next. The eyeliner makes them stand out and a deft application of mascara and eyeshadow make them look smoky and mysterious. Some blush and a red lipstick followed. I took out my 36B breast forms, and put the adhesive spray, waited for 30 sec, before pasting it over my man breasts.

Nagaveena was horny tonight and picked out the sluttiest thong and bra from her cupboard. I removed my black panty pulled on a Low waist red thong panty, while tucking little Nagu and his two nutty friends Changu and Mangu out of sight. Next came the matching push-up bra and 36B silicone breast forms stuck to my chest, that went into its cups. I adjusted the silicone boobs to form a nice cleavage. I slipped a black sheath dress over my head being careful not to smudge my makeup on the fabric.

Then I asked my spouse, “Smita, would you please zip up my dress?”. “Yes, honey,” she answered. She stopped combing her hair to assist with my zipper. “There you go,” she said when she finished zipping me up and closing the clasp just above the zipper. “Thank-you, sweetheart.” realising that Smita’s morning anger had made her horny too.
I then added the dark brown wig, with curly hair which falls up to the middle of the back. I used a banana clip to pull my hair into a bunch. I completed my look with some tasteful jewellery: a silver watch on my slender wrist, a hanging silver heart clip-on earring and my wedding band and a thin silver anklet on my right ankle. Finally, I added a set of stick-on nails to my fingers which had a dark red nail varnish matching my lingerie and toenails.

I straightened out my dress and smoothed the hem, which fell about three inches above my knees and adjusted the neckline to accentuate the deep cleavage created by the Bra and silicone breasts, then slipped on a pair of 4-inch black patent pumps. A spritz of perfume on my wrists and on the nape of my neck and I stand back to admire the finished product in our full-length mirror. Nagesh has left the building and Nagaveena had taken in his place! I announced, “I’m ready,” using a feminized version of my voice. Nagaveena wanted action tonight, and she was going to get lots of it tonight.

“You certainly are, Miss Nagaveena! I’m almost ready, too. Can you return the favour?” Smita had just slipped on her green belted sweater dress which was mid-thigh and was waiting for me to zip her up. “Sure thing,” I said and I zipped up her dress. “Check me out, honey, to make sure I look okay,” she asked. She spun around with her arms posed akimbo so that I could see any flaws in her ensemble. She had worn her large 6-inch golden hoops in her ears, a pretty pearl necklace. “You look perfect, the right slutty dress to make anyone horny” I said, “I am so lucky to be married to a drop-dead gorgeous woman.” Then I spun around with my arms posed akimbo so that she could see any flaws in my ensemble.

“Perfect… I am lucky to be married to a drop-dead gorgeous woman, too,” she replied. We air-kissed each other so as not to smudge our makeup, grabbed our purses and walked to the garage.

Smita wore her open toe sandals, which matched her dress. Her Nails were tastefully done with a shade of green. We locked the door and stepped into the car, adjusting our dresses very carefully. It was only a 12-minute ride to the Sharma home and we parked the car on the street and walked hand-in-hand to the Sharma’s front door on the 16th Floor of the apartment complex. It was almost 8 pm when Smita rang the bell and we soon heard the clicking of high heels approach the door from the inside. The door was opened by a beautiful woman, who I didn’t recognize.
Smita said, “Hi, Ajay. You look lovely.” “Thank-you, but Ajay’s not here. Please call me ‘Jaya.’ May I assume your beautiful girlfriend is Nagaveena?”. Smita gave Ajay a very ladylike peck on cheeks saying “You assumed correctly, Jaya.”
I was speechless. Jaya nee Ajay looked fantastic. She was wearing a white jacquard mini-dress, with legs that anyone would drool over, and silver strappy 4-inch sandals. Her Nails were painted white to match his dress. His shoulder-length hair was made-up in a beautiful cut and her makeup was perfect. “Jaya you look fabulous,” I gushed while giving Jaya a warm ladylike hug and a light kiss on the dark maroon lips. Did I see a stirring in Jaya’s tucking?
Anjana joined in from the kitchen where she was finishing preparing the wine glasses and she looked stunning in a red ensemble with a diving neckline which ended thigh length. her short, plump frame with the red ensemble was a striking contrast with her fair skin. Her red pumps, her red ear hoops and the contrasting black leather belt, made it clear, what her intentions were. Smita and Anjana hugged and kissed. “Damn you Anjana, you are usually pretty, but today…. I left the sentence hanging while giving her a warm kiss on the lips. As I bent down to kiss her, I felt Anjana’s left had on my waist, pushing me closer to her. Our breasts touched, and She replied “You, too, girlfriend. Let’s have a drink and then take some photos to start the evening!” So Smita and Nagaveena weren’t the only sluts in the room.

With some small chitchat and the red wine going down, Jaya went in to get the camera. As Jaya was clicking the pictures, Anjana grabbed Smita from behind and started to fondle her breasts thru the clothes that she was wearing. Smita reached behind and pushed her delicate hands into Anjana’s panties and started massaging her pussy. Jaya and I took a few pics of the two lesbian lovers. I Separated the two lesbian lovers and pulled Anjana closer to me, lifted her on to my waist, making her lock her arms and legs around me and kissed her passionately. our lipsticks were smudged and I reached out behind Anjana and pulled down the zipper of her dress, while pushing the fabric off her shoulders. Her dress was bunched at her waist. her plump and fair body was a real treat to watch and caress.

Meanwhile Smita pulled Jaya and pushed the camera on the table, while pulling Jaya on to the carpet, and dropped on her knees, she pulled down Jaya’s white panty and was playing with Jaya’s 6 incher. Ooh, Jaya was horny and had waxed her pubes and balls as well. Smita lovingly started sucking it, while playing with Jaya’s balls. The bliss on Jaya’s face was something I could relate to..

Anjana, who was still hanging from my hips was tonguing me like a hungry calf. I unhooked Anjana’s bra as she wiggled it off her body while I feasted on her 38C melons like a hungry child. I sucked them hard till she was squealing in pleasure. She got off my hips, to take her panties off slowly. I removed it from her and stuffed into her mouth. she was tasting her own juices. Wow, the hairless pink pussy was sweet to see, smell, touch and I only had to taste it to satiate my horniness. I pushed the fully naked Anjana on to the sofa and went down on one her and licked her pussy in a slow rhythmic stroke. within seconds she was squealing and squirting her juices all over my face ruining all the makeup. Anjana unzipped my dress and freed Little Nagu from the thongs. Meanwhile Jaya had blown her load into Smita’s throat and Smita swallowed every drop as she was squeezing Jaya’s dick and balls dry of all the cum.

I was fully erect and quickly removed my red thong, and moved over to Jaya and Smita. I kissed Jaya and made her taste Anjana’s juices. I pushed Jaya to bend on to the sofa handle, and used a some saliva to quick thrust and enter her boy pussy. With slow thrusts, I was giving Jaya all the pain that she could take. “Oooh, Aaah, my pussy is on fire” moaned Jaya.
Smita used the moment to take off her sweater dress. Smita took off her bra and panty, while getting down on all fours on the carpet and presented her behind to Anjana to lick. Anjana, meanwhile had other ideas and crawled under Smita and the two girls were 69ing each other, while using the hands on the boobs and ass. The two of them were squealing in pleasure like puppies. I thought Smita had come twice, and Anjana thrice. Smita, could no longer hold herself in the air, and promptly laid down on top of Anjana. They were holding each other tight, and enjoying the waves of pleasure flowing through them.

In 3 1/2 minutes of pumping, I was close to coming, and told Jaya “Jaya Darling, I am coming, where you want it. Mouth, Face or Ass?”, while in the waves of pleasure, Jaya was squirting her cum involuntarily on the side of the sofa, ” Ass” said Jaya, and I let my cum throb into Jaya’s ass in six deep pumps. Completely wasted, my dick plopped out of Jaya’s cum filled ass. The Cum was slowly dripping of Jaya’s ass onto her thighs. She was still bent over the sofa handle, unable to move.
My black dress, was crumpled and lying next to my thong, and I took it off the bra, I went into the kitchen as I walked back with my silicone boobs and limp dick bouncing as the 4-inch heels really made them bounce, much to the glee of Smita and Anjana, and brought out the half empty bottle of wine into the hall, refilled everyone’s glass, and sat down on the sofa. Jaya got off the sofa handle, was taking off her jacquard dress, which was completely crumpled.
“Smita do you think Nagaveena’s boobs bounce more than yours? Or is it the wine and heels that make it so jiggly?” asked Anjana. Smita was giggling when she answered “Our boobs and bums will give Nagaveena some competition. Let’s do the catwalk with Nagaveena and Jaya can take some pictures.”. I pranced around with Smita on my right and Anjana on my left. Did the catwalk, while Jaya took dozens of pictures of us walking around in the nude, with just our heels. Those pics are going to be worth a million dollars each.
After a few minutes, the three of us came back to the sofa, Smita sat on my lap and was kissing me. My cum which was streaming out of Jaya’s ass, was crusting up. Anjana, slowly got up from the sofa and was licking my cum which was on Jaya’s thighs and calf. Smita’s right hand was holding my head as we were kissing, and with her left hand, Smita started playing with my dick and balls. Little Nagu was loving the soft hands and slowly started tenting up.

Anjana remarked that “Nagaveena, your cum is saltier than Jaya’s, and with Jaya’s ass it is tasty. I want it in my pussy now” Somebody was horny as hell. Smita smiled at the situation, and asked me to lie down on the carpet. Anjana, mounted me cowgirl style. While slowly lowering herself on the not so little Nagu, She called out Jaya, who was in her bra, filled with socks filled with Mung Dal, in place of boobs, and begged Jaya to take her ass cherry. Smita helped Jaya lubricate her dick, by spitting some saliva on to Jaya’s Dick and held it as Jaya thrust it into Anjana’s ass. ” Oooh, Oooh Oooh” screamed Anjana as both her holes were being stretched vertically and horizontally. I was thrusting from below her, as her melons were crushing my chest, and Jaya was pounding her from behind. Smita took the nearly empty wine bottle, and poured the wine on Anjana’s back, and was licking her back. My right hand, quicky moved to Smita’s pussy and I was fingering her.

After 4 to 5 minutes, Jaya shot her 3rd load of the day into Anjana’s ass. Anjana had 3 climaxes in this session, as I was still pounding her pussy with slow strokes. As Anjana collapsed on my chest to her 4th climax, I shot my second deep into Anjana’s pussy. The smell of sex, was quite strong, and all of us were with a lot of sticky gooey cum all over our bodies. Jaya suggested that we shower ourselves, before we sit for dinner. So all of us took off our footwear, cleaned up the cum on the floor and sofa, and went into the shower and Jaya unhooked her bra. Jaya and I picked up all the crumpled clothes, and arranged them neatly on the bed in Jaya and Anjana’s bedroom and joined them in the shower.

We towelled ourselves and remained happy with our nakedness. Jaya however, wanted to wear her bra, to get into the girl gang. As Anjana and Smita brought out the Biryani and Raita, Jaya and I refilled the glasses with a new bottle of wine. Soft loving comments were made about the passionate lovemaking that had happened over the last 90 minutes.
As I cleaned up the table and put the stuff in the sink, Smita pulled Jaya and Anjana out to their bedroom balcony. Smita laid down on the floor, and pulled Anjana over to suck her breasts. Smita opened her legs wide open and asked Jaya to start pounding her. Jaya was looking at Smita and Anjana, and muttered, “I need help, after 3 loads and a biryani, it is difficult”. Anjana and Smita, were giggling and tried to help Jaya with their hands. As I walked in, I was very excited, and lovingly sucked Jaya to be strong enough to penetrate Smita.

Jaya was very delicately positioning her dick on Smita’s pussy and teasing her. As Smita was groaning in pleasure in the balcony, I caught Anjana by her waist and pushed her toward the railing. As she bent down, I gave Little Nagu and Changu and Mangu into Anjana’s soft hands. She loving licked little Nagu and then went on all fours. I penetrated her pussy and pounded her in a slow rhythm. Anyone looking from outside, would have seen some crazy sex happening on the balcony Anjana and Smita were squealing as the dicks were pounding them. After 4 to 5 minutes, I Shot my second load into Anjana’s pussy and the third load of the night. Almost simultaneously Jaya shot her load into Smita.

All four of us were so pooped as we sat in the cool air of the balcony, naked, except for Jaya who had her bra. Cum was dripping out of Smita and Anjana’s Pussy. Jaya walked into the house and picked up his camera and tripod. A few candid shots of the 4 chatting were taken for posterity. While chatting, Anjana said, “Naganeena, why have you humped me twice today, while you have not humped Smita? Want to try Sloppy Seconds?” I replied that “Jaya too has not humped me. Why not try a sandwich fuck?” Jaya started laughing. “I have had it once and done it four times. I cant get it up now.” All of us giggled. I was game for a sandwich fuck, and asked Anjana to get Jaya ready. Jaya and Anjana went to the hall and began 69ing on the carpet while Jaya was still filming. Jaya licked Anjana’s pussy clean of my cum, while little Jaya’s dick was getting stiffer.
I started kissing Smita, from the lips, boobs, and Jaya’s cum which was on her thighs. Hmm, that’s kind of sweeter than mine, I thought, I didn’t lick her pussy, as I wanted the lubrication. We went back inside the house, and as, Smita and I went up to the sofa. Smita bent down on the sofa handle. I gently pushed little Nagu into the sloppy pussy from behind, and bent over Smita. Jaya got up from the carpet, and aimed straight for my asshole or boypussy. The three of us settled into a nice rhythm, but I was worried that I will slip out that’s to Jaya’s cum.

Anjana got up from the carpet “ I don’t want to miss this action”, and positioned herself on the sofa, getting her spread legs on to my back and positioning her pussy right at Smita’s face. My boipuss was being drilled, but not like how Sudeeptasri has drilled me, but this was more than tickling. The smell of sweat and sex, and the 4 glasses of wine, and the biryani were all over the 4 of us. I could hear Jaya’s breathing getting faster. Jaya squirted twice and fell on top of me. A 5th load was just too much for Jaya. I saw Smita clenching Anjana’s hair and realised that she had also cum almost at the same time as Jaya. I had to pump a dozen times more before I shot my 4th load of the night into Smita. Anjana was in 7th heaven with the licking that she got from Smita.

As we got up, Jaya’s cum was slowly trickling out of my ass, Smita’s pussy was a total mess, red from all the licking and fucking, and dripping with Jaya and my Cum. Jaya pushed me aside to lick Smita’s pussy, sending her into the last orgasm of the night. Anjana, sat down and licked my ass clean. She was one hell of an ass eater.

Smita said “Nagaveena, I am too pooped to even wear my panties, let alone go home.” Hearing this, Jaya said, “No Problem, Sleep over, we start a fresh tomorrow morning. Why waste the Sunday” All of us laughed and walked into the master bedroom, and laid down on the king size bed, in a random order. We slept like that in the nude, hands and legs over each other.

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