Saturday Night Fun with Jaya, Anjana, Smita and Nagaveena

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Nagesh and Smita had a fairly small but active social circle in Bangalore in 2011. The third Saturday of the month, they always dine with their friends, Ajay and Anjana Sharma. We take turns, one month at their house and one month at our house. the two couples were very close to each other, but were not in any known sexual relationship between the two families till then. While Nagesh and Smita had taken part in a swap, it was all in the family.
Last month at our house, while setting the table, Anjana and my wife Smita discussed how men can be self-involved. As an example, Anjana went on and on about how Ajay spent a lot of time and money on photography. The DSLR camera, the Lenses, the upkeep of all the items, not to be outdone, Smita mentioned how I spent a lot of time and money on crossdressing. I turned beet red with embarrassment. My crossdressing was a family secret. I was incredulous that Smita would let the cat out of the bag, but in the heat of the moment, she wanted to up Anjana’s complaints about Ajay.

“Who would have thought that about Nagesh,” commented Anjana. “I’m shocked,” said Ajay. “Yes, ‘Nagesh the Man’ likes to become ‘Nagaveena the Girl’ about twice a week,” added Smita. Smita then went on to show the pictures taken during Nagaveena’s public appearances.

Anjana, liked the Graduation Party pics and the ones take at Amoeba and the Olde House. “Nagesh you look so pretty as Nagaveena. If I were a guy, I would have kissed you.”
“I’d like to meet her and if I were not married. I would have definitely taken the Ghagra Choli Nagaveena to bed, but since I am married now I will probably make her portfolio” Ajay said with a Cheshire Cat grin. My mood was spoilt for the evening. Ajay and Anjana wanted to see Nagaveena, I refused saying, ” It takes time to prepare” I did not say a word and the subject was dropped for other topics that I cannot recall because my head was spinning about what just happened.

While having dinner, with a twinkle in her eye, Anjana suggested, “Maybe Nagaveena can dine with us next month and Ajay’s wet dreams can be full filled.”. “I think that can be arranged” Smita replied giggling away. “I can’t wait!” Anjana exclaimed.

Post dinner, we dropped Ajay and Anjana to the car, and on the way back, Smita apologized for telling Ajay and Anjana about Nagaveena, but was pissed off at my silence during the dinner.
“I accept your apology, but why did you go along with Anjana’s idea about Nagaveena showing up for dinner next month? Nagaveena is not ready to meet Ajay.”

“At first, I thought it would be too embarrassing for you, but Anjana and Ajay were so enthusiastic that I thought, why not. Nagaveena is a beautiful woman and she deserves to go out and be seen. Ajay is not lecherous. So why this attitude.” “I’ll think about it,” was where I left it.
The month passed and I thought it was a dead issue. Over breakfast on the morning of our next dinner with the Ajay and Anjana, Smita asked, “What is Nagaveena wearing tonight?” I didn’t see that coming. “Nagesh was planning to go to dinner without Nagaveena tonight,” I replied. “Anjana and Ajay were expecting to see Nagaveena. In fact, I was expecting to see Nagaveena, too.”

“Nagesh, you are going to disappoint everyone. Why don’t you stop being so self-centred and think about others for a change? We are friends with Ajay and Anjana for almost 4 to 5 years, Ajay is a handsome gentleman and Anjana is very close to me. We share a lot of secrets between us. Other than Veena, she is the closest I am to in this city.”

“But they are not family. Nagaveena does not like coming out to people who are family” I said. Smita was angry… very angry. “What about the Shop keepers in Safina plaza and Jayanagar, where Nagaveena buys clothes and footwear? What about the random people in Mysore Zoo, Palace, and the hotels where we have stayed, What about the children’s school, where most of Kiran’s classmates and their parents? Smita stormed off into the kitchen to clean up.

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