Sex journey with Anjali – Living relationship

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Hii friends.
Those who are reading my story please read the part in the link below to have an understanding about the story.
Sex journey with anjali – The beginning

Its been 1 month I introduced my journey with Anjali. With the pandemic and the lockdown being imposed in Karnataka it was hard for me to meet Anjali. I was in Hyderabad and it was just cam sex and phone sex between us. After tasting her brown wet pussy, I was so horny and was soo longing to taste her again and again. Since it was work from home, I lied in home that I have a project meeting at head office in Bangalore and left home taking an e pass. After waiting for 10 days I got e pass and finally reached the same hotel in Bangalore. As soon as I reached I surprised Anjali that I am into the town. Due to lockdown I was not able to meet her that day. So without wasting time I searched for classifieds online and took a single BHK furnished room away from city.


I shifted to it the next day, cleaned it and made it ready. I went and picked her from her place and reached my room. She did not knew that I rented the place. After taking her in I informed her that I taken this flat for both of us. She felt happy with joy. When I requested her to vacate her PG and come along she readily accepted. We packed her all luggage and shifted them on the same day itself. We made all things and groceries ready for a week.

By the time we arranged the house and all things it was 7 pm. We both prepared lunch together and we had it. She then went to shower and changed herself to her one piece nighty with was just up her knees and started cleaning dished. I came out from the bathroom in just my towel and went near her and hugged her. She was continuing the work along with cooperating me. My dick became hard and my towel fell down making me nude and my pre cum was oozing out of my dick. She was done cleaning and washing her hands. I wiped her hands with the towel and turned on my side. She was blushing seeing my hard dick and said

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“Haha, It looks more longer than before”

I replied “Its been a month it entered your beautiful soul. Don’t waste time with just words”

She blushed and said. Im all yours till the lockdown is over. I took her hand and put it on my dick. She started stroking it and she was using my pre cum to lubricate the penis. In the meanwhile I was sucking her lips and making love bites. I lifted her nighty and she was just in her bra and panty. She was using a v shaped thong which looked more sexy. I made her sit on the kitchen spread her both legs and entered my face on her pussy. She has developed hairs and I just turned them aside to make way to her glory love hole. It was light pink in color and she was wet with bubbles on orgasm. I licked her pussy juices and made it dry. She pulled my head more towards her pussy and I was lost in her smell. I continued licking her. She was moaning like hell. Aah raaj slow ga umm inka lopaliki aahh (Aah raaj slowly , umm more deeply). I continued licking her pussy and her juices flowing increased. She tried to push me as I increased the pace, but I held her tight and she shouted aaahhhh aaah and orgasmed a huge load on my mouth. She was all drowning in sweat along with satisfaction on her face. She pulled my face and kissed me on my lips. Meanwhile I spit some of her orgasm in her mouth. She tried to spit but I lip locked her tight and exchanged orgasm between our lips.

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