Slutty Aunt Fucks her Nephew

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‘Looking…if you say so’ said Elaine, pouring her next glass of wine. ‘Another beer?’ It looks like there’s at least one part of you that seems to want to do more than look’ she teased her nephew pointing at his crotch. ‘Impressive, by the way.’ Elaine made sure her hips and arse swayed in the way that she knew made men want to grab them and take her there and then as she made her way to the living room. She sat at the dining table as Nathan made himself comfortable on the sofa, openly arranging his dick inside his jeans so it was at least bearable to sit with. He watched his aunty as she sat cross legged at the table, rolling her second joint and once she had finished she set it to one side for later and turned to face her nephew. The motion of her turning and the way that she sat really did show everything her nephew could have asked to see. Her cross legged sitting position providing a sexy of view of her shapely thighs and also the most deliciously tempting but tiniest hint of pussy, peeking out in the shadow of her dress and almost obscured by her angle, but it was there and Nathan was happy to look hard to see it. Above the waist line, Elaine’s dress bunched as she sat, causing the material to loosen it’s grip from her solid nipples and expose both breasts fully. Their sheer size caught Nathan by surprise along with the perfect shaped nipples that he had admired so many times during dozens of wanks that he no longer felt guilty about.

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‘So’, started Elaine. This had escalated a lot quicker than she’d expected at the start of the night and she hadn’t really thought she’d have to make the decision so early. ‘All of this seems a little unfair. You’ve seen all of me…many, many times I’m guessing. You can’t deny it, I saw my picture on your phone when you went to order dinner…but I haven’t seen any of you. Even now you’re looking at my tits. I think it might be time to even things up a little!’


‘What do you want me to do? Take my cock out now for you!?’ Nathan was joking when he threw that out there. He finished with a chuckle which was cut short by his aunty. Her eyes had changed and her breathing was quickened.

‘Pretty much.’ Elaine’s voice was different. Now full of intent she was going to get what her dreams had been filled with for months. ‘Lets be honest. You have been wanking over me for nearly two years nit and if I’m honest, I’ve been doing the same. You probably know every inch of my pussy from the amount of times you have cum while looking at it. And yet me, every time I have cum imagining you fucking me has had to be a guess at what the cock using me looks like. If you don’t want to take it out, you could always bring it over her and I’ll take a look for myself.’ With that, Elaine uncrossed her legs, placing both feet flat on the floor, smoothing her dress down making herself look almost conservative. She did up the lowest of the open buttons, followed by the next one up. Leaving nothing on show, other than the hard nipples that still poked through her dress material for all they were worth

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