Slutty Aunt Fucks her Nephew

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With her nephews member covered in her drool and now half way back in to her mouth, Elaine looked, up through the top of her eyes and nodded accordingly. Not only was Nathan pushing his cock in to Elaine’s mouth but he had began to use the grip he had on her hair to move her head backwards and forwards, quicker and quicker as he got impatient to release what he knew would be another full load in to her. Each time his engorged helmet made contact with Elaine’s throat a new gargling noise appeared from her mouth, promptly followed by more and more saliva, covering the intruding cock and covering her chin and beginning to run down her neck. Nathan grew closer and closer to orgasm and continued to take advantage of Elaine’s submission and used her mouth mercilessly until he was on the brink of eruption.

‘Finish me off, Bo. Show me how desperate you are to taste my cum’


Now knowing her nephews cock was a two handed job, Elaine brought both hands round from behind her back and began working them up and down his shaft with the same urgency as Nathan had moved her head backwards and forwards.

‘Oh, I’m desperate,’ Elaine assured him ‘Cum for aunty Bo, Nathan.’

In a brief role reversal, Nathan did just as his aunty instructed and began to erupt. On seeing his first thrust forward Elaine just about covered the end of Nathan’s cock with her mouth as the first wave of cum arrived. The force of the explosion caused the cum to hit the back of her throat and before she could adjust, another hit, causing gargles and coughs and cum to slide from around the side of Nathan’s cock, dropping on to Elaine’s thighs and floor around her. Steadying himself and making sure he caught the moment clearly on camera, Nathan pushed his cock a little deeper in to Elaine’s mouth as he spasmed once more and another wave of jism left his enormous cock and he knew he was as deep as he could get and held his aunt firmly in place as he finished emptying his balls in to her willing mouth. Swallowing as quickly as she could, Elaine still couldn’t keep up with the amount of cum pouring in to her mouth. She needed to breath but trusted now that her nephew would let her up soon and let herself just be used to empty his balls in to. Another few seconds passed and Nathan released his grip on his aunty’s hair and she instinctively pulled away and up, gasping for breath. She sat back and gave a little cough, bringing up a bit of cum, landing on her lacy bralette, causing it to go even more transparent.

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Nathan hit the red button on his phone which stopped the recording and put his phone down.

‘You ok?’ he enquired. He really did get lost in the moment and knew his aunty well enough that if she wanted something to stop, she would say so, but still, he had just fucked her face pretty hard. The way he would normally do to a one night stand or a prostitute while he was away on tour with the army. But this was his aunty Bo so he really did want to make sure she was ok.

‘Fuck yeah,’ Elaine assured him. ‘That was almost exactly what I’d had dreams about. Not that I had imagined your cock as quite that big and that I wouldn’t be able to breath, but close enough.’ She laughed. ‘I’m going to go and get myself tidied up…again…hot tub?’ she asked as she stood up.

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