Slutty Aunt Fucks her Nephew

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‘I can’t, we still get tested every now and again when we get back to barracks so I’ll stick to my beer thanks, Bo’

‘Fair enough’ she said, stepping outside. The cool, late spring air hit Elaine as she stepped out and if possible made her already hard nipples even more prominent and obvious.


‘Chilly?’ said Nathan. All pretence that he was looking at anything but her tits and covering up his intent to fuck her had now all but disappeared.

‘A gentleman would at least offer to keep me warm. My nipples could cut glass over here.’ Taking a step towards her, Nathan reached out his strong arm and wrapped it around his petite aunt’s shoulders, pulling her in a bit closer until their bodies were touching. Elaine reached round his waist in response, snuggling in until she could feel the warmth of his body. She took a deep breath in and felt a surge of sexual excitement as her body started to react to the pheromones of the horny 25 year old in her grasp. They stayed this way, in silent realisation that their relationship was going to change course over the next few hours, with Nathan trying desperately to keep control of his hardening cock that was no more than a few inches from brushing against his aunty if he turned the wrong way.

‘I’ve missed you being around, you know?’ Said Elaine and looked up and straight in to the eyes of her nephew in their most intimate moment yet. In her heels, Elaine’s 5’4 frame was a nice height next to Nathan’s 6ft and she put her hands on his shoulders and kissed him. Not a full, French kiss and there was certainly no tongues or roaming hands. But a kiss of closeness, on the lips, with closed eyes relaxing in to each other for more than a fleeting moment, with softening lips and way past the line of any physical contact they had had before now.

Breaking the kiss, Elaine opened the door to the house just in time to see the lights of the delivery car turn up with their dinner for the evening. Nathan took delivery of the food and swiped his card, returning to the kitchen where Elaine was getting plates and cutlery ready. Dinner went past with regular chat and the general catch up that the evening had been set up on the pretence of. Talk of their family and Nathan’s on/off girlfriends and fuck buddy’s and their nights out from the past almost drove thoughts of the taboo line that they both wanted to cross from their minds until after finishing the meal Nathan walked in to the kitchen to find Elaine bent over at the cupboard under the sink, retrieving dishwasher tablets. Her dress had ridden up and her arse was clearly on display, as her nephew approached it was clear to him that her pussy lips were also showing. Without thought or care, Nathan slapped his aunt’s arse in a playful way that passed yet another boundary. ‘And you were saying about us both having the same surname?’, Elaine commented, turning to him.

Nathan was feeling bold now. Reaching out he seemed to undo her third button down with the click of a finger, leaving his aunt’s dress clinging on for dear life with only her hard nipples preventing it opening fully. ‘As you said, nothing I haven’t seen before. Plus, it’s only looking’

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