Slutty Aunt Fucks her Nephew

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‘Just like your dad,’ Elaine said playfully, noticing where Nathan’s eyes were stuck. ‘He’s a boob man as well.’

‘Talking of Dad,’ replied Nathan, his eyes finally leaving the floating mounds of pleasure at the surface of the water. ‘His birthday do in a few weeks is going to be a lot more fun now.’


‘Oh shit, I’d forgotten all about that. We will have to behave that night. Is Demi coming? She said, sitting up, momentarily becoming aware of the gravity of having just fucked her big brother’s son.

”No way. If I’m around you, then I want to be able to get my hands on whatever part of you I fancy. We will just have to make sure nobody sees or hears us.’ Nathan corrected his aunt. He had seen how she submitted earlier and wanted to indulge in that a little more. ‘I don’t think Dad would be that surprised though. I had to tell him when your pictures were put on Xhamster because you were in such a bad place. I know he looked them up and reported them because he asked me which ones I had been sent.’

This piece of news shook Elaine a little. She knew her brother knew about the pictures online, and she knew that Nathan told him he had been sent them. What she hadn’t known up until that point was that her big brother had purposely sought out her naked photos and if, as he had told Nathan, he had reported them all, he had even seen close ups of her cunt dribbling cum.

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”He must think I’m a right slut,’ Elaine replied to her nephew, feeling his hand rest on her leg, restarting the levels of contact that were so taboo that they made her pussy twitch with excitement.

‘And he’d be wrong would he? You’re not exactly prudish are you?’ He teased her, running his hand up her thigh and cupping her crotch, allowing a finger to briefly dip in to his aunt’s waiting hole.

‘And you’re complaining, are you?’ Within seconds of her pussy being held, Elaine was ready to go again. Try as she might, the thought of her brother scrolling through her pictures and seeing her pussy full of a dildo while she worked on her clit with her wand, wouldn’t leave her mind. And she found that despite her hoping it would embarrass her and that she would hate the idea of Mark jerking his cock to her, she actually saw the day dream through to it’s conclusion, imagining his face as he erupted and calling her name, only being broken from her thoughts by Nathan’s finger sliding over her sensitive clit, sending jolts of pleasure through her.

‘Not even a bit,’ Nathan responded, taking his free hand and turning Elaine’s head towards him, pushing one, then two fingers between her lips and fully inside her. He moved in to her long slender neck, gently nibbling and sucking and continuing to move his fingers inside her.

‘Oh, god. Ssshhh. The neighbours windows are open.’ Elaine said in heavy whispers as she grew breathless and hornier. Despite her verbal resistance, her body complied like a good slut aunt for her favourite nephew, raising her hips so he had better access to work his fingers into her.

‘Me ssshhh? You’re the one that makes more noise than anybody I’ve ever fucked. It’s you that needs to bite your lip while I make you cum.’

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