Slutty Aunt Fucks her Nephew

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The now desperately horny nephew heard his aunt start to ratchet the level of the hairdryer down and ducked down totally out of view and was downstairs in the kitchen as Elaine totally switched the dryer off. ‘Bo…’ he called out as if he had been waiting for her to switch off.



‘Drinks are ready…but we can’t get a cab til after 10. What shall we do?’ ‘stay in and fuck?’ he silently said to himself.

‘Stay in and fuck?’ thought Elaine. ‘No idea, let me get dressed and I’ll come down and we’ll sort it out.’

‘Is this good or bad?’ she wondered to herself? ‘It would be a shame to not put this dress on.’ With that she took the hanger with her button through dress on and threw it around herself and buttoned from the bottom up. ‘Now, where to stop’ she muttered to herself. ‘one shows nothing, so really, Elaine, what with him being your nephew, should really be the option you take. Two shows plenty of cleavage and my dermo-studs. They always get people looking at my tits. Three is way too much…for now at least.’ She finished her musing with a chuckle that Nathan heard from down stairs.

‘What’s so funny?’

‘Just that I’m thinking how much of my tits to show you’, Elaine thought to herself. ‘oh, nothing. Just that I haven’t been on a date in ages and then we can’t get a bloody cab’ she blurted out. She just let on that she saw this as a date. ‘Fuck! Maybe he didn’t notice’ she thought more in hope than expectation.

‘Date?’ enquired Nathan. ‘May I just remind you with have the same surname’ and then they both proceeded to laugh.

‘Date, night out, catch up. Call it what you want. I haven’t had a reason to put on a slinky little dress and sexy heels in ages’ Elaine called down.

‘Date, slinky black dress, sexy heels? She does think this is a date. Nathan’s brain was swirling. He knew what Elaine did on dates. She had fucked at least one of his friends that he knew of. Rumour had it that there was at least another two but he didn’t know for sure. Maybe if he treated her like it was a date, she’d finish the night like he knew she’d done on many others.

Upstairs, Elaine was more than aware of the language that she had inadvertently used. ‘So what, you want him to fuck you. You have admitted that to yourself. He’s going to have to know at some point’. Her inner slut was 100% back and as she sat down to slip on her first boot she decided that not only was she going to fuck him, but that if he wanted to, he could use her over and over again and she wouldn’t feel the slightest pang of guilt or regret.

She stood up, having slipped on her knee high boots and stepped out of her bedroom door to take a look at herself in the full length mirror. Her hair was on point and she was more than happy with her make up. Next her eyes wandered lower to her sexy, slender neck and between her tits and even her eyes were drawn to the glimmering stones of her piercing. Eyes darting to either side of her piercings, Elaine saw that her nipples were hard and protruding. This she had expected and almost wanted but they weren’t just hard, they were so undeniably ready to be touched, that not only were her nipples jutting through the material of her dress, but her areola were engorged and hyper sensitive and the outline of those were clearly visible too. ‘He is bound to look at least’ she assured herself and carried on scanning lower. As she twirled from side to side she caught in her view, the next button down straining and the gaping that it caused in the garment revealed the pale skin of the 34dd’s it was struggling to conceal. ‘I can’t get changed now’ and carried on her assessment of herself. Lower to the waist and the belt that pulled her in, giving her the hips of a woman you would want to fuck. Lower she was disappointed at the amount of leg the dress showed. It sat at the middle of her thighs and without hesitation she bent down and undid the bottom button leaving only three remaining. ‘There, a bit of leg without being too obvious’ she said to herself and the clip clop of her 4″ stilettoed boots on the stairs caused Nathan to leave his day dreams and gentle rubbing of his cock. He had totally zoned out and was really working on himself through his trousers. The reason he had gone in to his perverse thoughts and wasn’t initially paying attention was because temptation had gotten the better of him. Whilst his aunt was getting dressed he had opened his emails and found the one that he had sent to himself containing the images that had caused them to drift apart for a short while. He had 23 in total. Not all of them were sent to him. Most of them he had saved when he went and found her on xhamster after working out she was there. His cock was causing an enormous bulge in his jeans and there was no way she wouldn’t notice. ‘Your drinks are in the kitchen.’ This diverted Elaine for long enough that he could stand and use the age old man trick of slipping his erect cock upwards and behind his belt line before heading out to join her. The first time he saw her dressed for the evening was when he turned the corner and saw from the feet up what can only be described as fuck me boots that gripped their soft leather to her slim calves, then on to the exposed skin of her thighs that he was so desperate to be in between. The dress wasn’t as short as some of them that he’d seen her wear but if she wasn’t careful when she bent over he was sure he’d get to see that arse again. All thoughts of her arse were banished from his mind, however, when his eyes reached her chest. She may as well have not had a top half of her dress for what he could see showing through the thin material. ‘Keep your eyes moving’ he reminded himself as he finally met her gaze. ‘You look amazing, I can see why you wanted to get dressed up. Shall we start with a jagger?’

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