Slutty Aunt Fucks her Nephew

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‘That’s it, make me gag. Maybe Chris will believe you when he sees a video of me sucking your cock like a good whore. Fuck my throat, Nathan, mmm. Use my mouth’. Once again, Elaine had called her nephew out on the fact that she knew he was videoing her but again she realised in herself that he still hadn’t found the boundary with her nephew and wondered just what that would be.

Holding his phone steady with his left hand, Nathan took his aunt’s hair in a firm first and held her head in place as he slowly started to push his hips forward and his cock in to the willing, open mouth now at his disposal. From the angle he was at and despite it being almost at Elaine’s limit, Nathan couldn’t quite get as much of his cock in to his aunt’s mouth as he wanted to. He wanted to really feel her neck muscles tighten as his cock invaded her throat and pulled Elaine’s head away from his lap. Keeping the camera focused on Elaine’s face, Nathan shuffled forwards on the sofa and then stood up, looking directly down at his aunt who was clearly desperate for the cock in front of her to be back in her mouth.


‘Mmm, no, give me your cock again. Fuck my mouth. Use me, Nathan.’ Elaine was totally submissive at this moment and her voice totally gave her away as she begged for more cock.

‘Put your hands behind your back and kneel up like a good slut then. Let me see how much of a slut my aunt really is and what I have been missing out on all these years.’ Nathan demanded. He was pretty sure that the slutty aunt on her knees in front of him was submitting to him and if she did what she was told to here, he knew that he would be able to really take control. Without thought or hesitation, Elaine followed her nephews command and sat up a little higher, opening her mouth and once again looking up with her soulful brown eyes at Nathan, the mascara having now dried on her face in the time it had taken to adjust position. He zoomed in on his aunt’s desperate face as he placed his hand behind her head and with no delicacy what so ever, pushed his cock as far in to her throat as he could and held her there with maybe three quarters of his eleven inches buried in her slutty mouth, drool pouring from her lips as she began to need to breath. Elaine brought her hands round to the front, placing them on Nathan’s muscular thighs and tried to push back to allow her to take a breath. Still focusing on his aunt’s face with his camera, the horny young nephew held her head firmly in place for another couple of seconds before he pulled her head backwards with her tied back hair.

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‘I’ll decide when I take my cock out of my slut aunt’s mouth,’ Nathan instructed to the whore on her knees in front of him. Painting for air, the odd cough coming from her as her throat readjusted, more filth flowed from Elaine’s mouth.

”Oh yes, choke me with it. I’ll be good and keep my hands behind my back.’ Said Elaine, obeying like a true submissive slut.

‘Look up at me,’ commanded Nathan. ‘Look directly at the camera and do as I tell you and let’s really show Chris just how naughty my aunty Bo is.’

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