Slutty Aunt Fucks her Nephew

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‘Stay there, don’t move.’ Elaine begged. Nathan had no intention of moving. His aunt’s pussy was still milking him and he continues to spasm.

She released the vice like grip she had placed on him with her legs around his waist and lowered them and Nathan relaxed, putting more weight on his aunty and kissing her tenderly. Responding with passion Elaine welcomed the kiss and scratched up and down Nathan’s back, not realising she was rocking her hips gently as she did so. Desperately trying to prolong the intense feeling running through his loins, Nathan once again pinned his slutty aunt down by her hips and once more ploughed in to her. Elaine couldn’t believe what was happening. She thought she had taken her pounding for the evening but he was about to start up again.


‘Nathan, I can’t,’ she gasped as he began fucking her all over again. ‘I’m broken. Oh fuck, oh my god, fuck, I’m cumming again. Nathan, please. I can’t my pussy hurts. Fuck, Nathan I can’t keep cumming.’

‘I thought you were a proper slut, Nathan blurted out forcefully, continuing to slam his cock home. He upped his pace and watched as Elaine begged for no more but once again her body gave her away and as Nathan slipped from her pussy in the rampant fucking motion, her cunt gaped and squirted harder than she had ever squirted. Her body feeling as if it had risen off the bed in bliss and then came crashing down, fighting for breath as her body shook uncontrollably, her pussy contracting and her moans continuing. ‘If you’re pussy can’t take it, get on all fours again. I’m going to fuck your arse. I told you earlier I wanted to after I’d seen than picture, now I’m going to.’

Before she could say anything, Nathan had flipped her on to her front and raised her on to all fours by her hips. Her feet were either side of his legs so her pert arse cheeks parted perfectly, displaying the hole that was next on his list to sample. Elaine was soaked in cum from the waist down including her arse and sliding his cock between her lips to get just a little more lubrication, Nathan brought his cock inline with his aunt’s arse hole.

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‘I don’t think you’ll fit, Sweets.’ Elaine said, with fear in her voice. Hoping to put her nephew off. Pushing his helmet downwards and putting pressure on Elaine’s most intimate of holes, Nathan saw the tip of his cock slightly dip inside her. Letting the pressure off, Elaine’s arse encircled Nathan’s helmet, not deep and barely any of his helmet even inside her but it was a start Nathan thought as he held his aunt in place, allowing her to get used to being stretched in the butt area.

‘Slowly, Nathan. I’ve never had that much cock in my arse. Stay still, let me work you in.’ Elaine whispered, slowly rocking herself backwards, taking more and more cock inside her a millimetre at a time. For his part Nathan was doing his very best to stay still. What he wanted to do was fuck her hard and fast in the arse and hear her scream again. Trying to let his aunty do the work until she asked him to do something, he felt a pop and looking at his cock noticed that his whole helmet was inside Elaine now and she was holding her arse cheeks as wide as she could, lowering herself backwards, seemingly taking the massive cock invading her with some ease. ‘I can’t believe you’re in my arse. Slowly Nathan, but fuck my arse. Use your slutty aunt’s butt and cum in that as well.’ Within a moment Elaine realised that the language she had used gave her no other option than to take what followed. Her filthy invitation caused Nathan to act like a raging bull and, totally ignoring his aunt’s request to go slowly, Nathan began to fuck his auntys arse for all he was worth. He could feel spurts of her cum leaving her cunt each time he thrust in to her waiting sphincter and that was all the encouragement he needed.

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