Slutty Aunt Fucks her Nephew

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Elaine removed her boots and went to put on something more comfortable. She weighed up the options, she wanted to be able to curl up, get close to Nathan, feel her body against his but she didn’t want to put on a plain vest and shorts. After discarding a few, Elaine went for a white lace bralette that covered nothing with the sheerness of the material and matching French knickers. She walked down in to the living room to find Nathan had somehow made his way past her in to the room he had left his bags in without her noticing. Elaine was wondering if he’d seen her tasting his cum from her fingers when she heard a buzz. Nathan’s phone lit up and she saw a message on the alert screen from Chris simply saying ‘Bullshit!’

‘Fucking typical, he only emptied his balls 20 mins ago and already his mate knows. I can’t let him look like a liar though,’ Elaine thought. She didn’t actually know what that thought meant but once again, Elaine the slut, the deviant whore, was taking control and what ever happened next would be her fault. ‘Inner slut Elaine, alcohol and weed’ she laughed to herself. ‘Definitely not sane Elaine’s fault ‘


She grabbed the joint that she had rolled earlier before the incestuous madness that followed and stepped outside again. Her thoughts were so preoccupied that she didn’t notice the breeze this time and happily sat, half satisfied, have full of raw desire to be fucked more and enjoyed her smoke. Feeling the wave of the weed come over her as she pondered the wet patch in her panties and that it had come from her nephews cock she wondered what would happen for the rest of the evening. ‘Do I snuggle up and be all couple-ey with him? Do I sit and be a slut in front of him some more? What the fuck do I do now?’ She wasn’t stressed so much but took her time finishing her joint, giving herself a bit of space before whatever happened next.

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She took a deep breath and stood up, opening the door in to the house to find Nathan sat on the sofa with a beer, texting on his phone. He had changed in to a pair of shorts and a t-shirt that clung to his muscular frame. Something that didn’t go unnoticed by his aunt who’s thoughts had already become filthy again.

‘I see Chris didn’t believe you then…’ Elaine trailed off and enjoyed watching Nathan squirm over the fact that she knew he’d told his pal. She also wanted to let him know that he couldn’t take liberties. She would go along with this one and help him prove to his mate that he wasn’t a liar but he couldn’t just shout his mouth off. They both had too much to lose.

‘Yeah sorry. I won’t tell anyone else and I’ll make sure he doesn’t. Not that he believes me but just in case.’ he assured his aunt.

‘Good. Look, we don’t know who sent those pics and exactly who knows what. We can’t tell anyone in case it gets back to your dad, or the army even. I’m sure that they won’t look kindly on incest.’ Once again Elaine’s mind went to her brother. He’d be angry as fuck if he knew what she’d just allowed to happen…’maybe he’d even spank me’ sprung to the very front of her mind. ‘for fuck sake, there’s a willing cock 4 feet away, concentrate on that’ she chastised herself.

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