College couple get a kick out of teasing gross old neighbour

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College couple get a kick out of teasing gross old neighbour

Emily eagerly pulled her luggage out of her boyfriend Tom’s car, practically skipping through the door of his ground floor apartment. He followed in behind her, lugging more of her belongings. She was finally joining him at uni after two years apart while she finished high school. They began dating in his final year of high school, and had kept the relationship going long distance. Now she was joining him at his university, and he had signed the lease on a new apartment close to the university so they could move in together. This was definitely one of the times that he was glad his dad was happy to bankroll most of his expenses, being easily able to afford it from his very successful law firm he ran with his brother.

Emily dumped her stuff on the ground and headed back out the door, giving Tom a cheeky kiss on the way past, a big grin plastered unabashedly across her face. As she bounced along Tom looked back at her and grinned, her infectious positivity married to her stunning body an irresistible combo. He was still a little in awe that she was dating him, even after more than two years.She was a 5’5″ stunner, with brunette hair, large, flirty brown eyes that could switch from cheeky, to serious, to sexy in an instant, and a cute, slightly upturned nose. Her body was perfection, with C cup tits that stood proud and high on her chest, and a butt with the perfect ratio of muscle to padding from her time spent at the gym and running.Tom on the other hand was a average build, stood 5’9″, and had what someone had once described as a “forgettable face.” But he knew she wasn’t dating him for the wrong reasons, with her never asking for any expensive gifts, much preferring to shop at op shops than designer stores. She had actually taken a bit of convincing to agree to get the apartment on his dad’s dime, wanting to try and go it on their own with part time jobs.

That night, after a meal cooked together in their new kitchen, Tom was hoping for a treat in the bedroom. He was not disappointed, with Emily emerging wearing a sexy pyjama set, consisting of a pair of silk shorts that hugged her derriere incredibly, and a singlet top that was thin enough that Tom could make out the bumps of her nipples. She crawled into his arms and hungrily kissed him.

They continued kissing for a while, Tom’s hands exploring her breasts and butt freely. Eventually he tried his luck and slowly brought a hand towards her crotch, but she quickly pushed it away and pulled back from the kiss. Tom cursed himself internally before noticing the cheeky look in Emily’s eyes as she bit her lip. She slowly trailed her hand down his stomach, keeping eye contact the whole time. When she reached his bulging erection she gave it a squeeze, her lips parting in mock astonishment. She then slowly pulled down his pyjama bottoms, freeing his six inch cock to bounce up against his stomach. She continued to pull his pants down until they were about halfway down his thighs, before trailing her hand back up her thigh and onto his stomach, still avoiding contact with his cock. She brought her other hand down and also bagan trailing it along any exposed skin around his throbbing erection, always just avoiding direct contact with it. Tom was breathing heavy now, staring deep into Emily’s sultry eyes, only having his gaze torn away when one of her hands got especially close to his cock.

Eventually one of Emily’s hands made contact and she quickly grabbed his cock with both hands and began pumping up and down, her tongue poking out of her mouth in concentration. Tom threw his head back in pleasure, a pleasure that he’d only felt once before, a few months ago when he’d visited Emily over the summer holidays. Before long he looked back down at Emily as he involuntarily thrust his hips forward as he came. Emily directed his spurts of cum up onto his belly, watching intently as she milked his cock of every drop. She grinned up at him when she was done, before dropping his shrinking cock and sitting back.

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