College couple get a kick out of teasing gross old neighbour

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He got home with plenty of time before Emily got back. He stashed the clothes in his desk drawer, and then sat at his computer to get some work done.

When Emily arrived she walked in timidly, her eyes downcast. “Hey baby, about this morning, I’m so sorry. I saw that you’d washed the outfit, and thought I’d tease you about Bill again. I didn’t mean to…”


“Emily, it’s fine. Really. I actually bought you a gift.”

“Oh sweety, I don’t need a gift, really you’re the one-” she started, before seeing Tom pull the new clothes out of the drawer. “Oh”

Tom stood there, worry growing in his belly as he waited for Emily’s response.

“Are you really sure this is a good idea, Tom?”

“Only if you don’t mind, but I like it,” he said, giving her a reassuring smile.

“Ok fine,” Emily said resignedly, “but only because I love you Tom.” Tom broke out into a big grin, both because of Emily agreeing, and because she’d do it because she loved him. He walked over and gave her a big hug. Emily sunk into it, the hours of stress finally melting away.

The next morning Tom woke up a bit before his usual time, Emily still asleep next to him. He lay there, excitement building in his chest. Finally Emily’s alarm went off and she rolled out of bed. She looked over at Tom and saw that he was already awake. She gave him a nervous smile, and then went and grabbed one of the new outfits and headed into the bathroom to get changed. She emerged to see Tom waiting eagerly. A look of astonishment crossed his face, she looked absolutely stunning! Her large tits looked even bigger pushed up by the bra, and pretty much her full cleavage was on display. The shorts allowed her full leg to be seen, and were a snug fit between her thighs. While they were well designed enough to not have created a camel toe, they certainly still got any male looking at them thinking particular thoughts. She strode across the room, and Tom marvelled at the way her ass bounced in the shorts. It looked like her impressive rear might be too much for the shorts, as the back was already riding up, creeping closer to the bottom of her butt cheek. Tom’s heart pounded in his chest as he watched her walk out of the apartment. He desperately wanted to jack off right then, but he managed to hold back, thinking that he should save himself for when Emily returned.

He began scrolling through social media on his phone in the hope that that would keep him distracted, but eventually he saw a video of a woman in athletic clothing doing some impressive looking yoga pose, and that instantly put his mind back to Emily. He got up and quickly cooked some pancakes, trying to distract himself. He left them stacked up on a plate by the stove and sat at the table, hands clasped in front of him.

Finally Emily got back from the gym, once again looking even more ravishing covered in a thin sheen of sweat. Tom’s head turned rapidly, and Emily caught the anxious look on his face for a brief moment before it was replaced by an intense hunger. He pushed his chair back from the table.

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