College couple get a kick out of teasing gross old neighbour

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“Hahaha, was his dick that puny looking?” he said mockingly. “Now I can understand why you act like such a slut, you must be desperate for a proper dicking seeing as your boyfriend isn’t up for the task!”

“Don’t talk about my boyfriend like that, he’s the nicest guy I’ve ever met. And I still don’t believe you about how big your dick is!”


“Well I can easily prove it to you, all you have to do is come up and have a look.”

“I’m not sure I should do that behind my boyfriend’s back…” Emily found it oddly arousing to pretend to be sneaking around without her boyfriend’s knowledge, especially with someone who was so far below her in terms of attractiveness.

“Oh come on, you know you want to, stop denying it you whore!”

A look of anger flashed across her face, as his repulsive language managed to break through the fog of her aroused brain. Then she remembered her boyfriend watching on the camera. The thought of how excited he would be seeing her act easy with this crude, arrogant prick got her back on task. “Ok fine, but please don’t tell anyone!” She made her way through the gate and across the veranda to stand demurely in front of his chair.

She stood waiting for a couple of seconds as he looked up at her smugly before finally growing impatient. “Well go on then! Are you going to show it to me or not?”

“Oh I’ll show you alright, I just need a bit of help getting fully hard first.”

“Help? I’m not going to touch you!”

“How about you just show me that sweet pussy again?”

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“I can’t, I shouldn’t have let you see it in the first place, my boyfriend hasn’t even seen it yet! Plus anyone walking by would be able to see me.” She felt her pussy pulse when she admitted to the old prick that he’d managed to see her pussy before Tom had.

“Oh wow, what a wimp!” Bill laughed. “If you want we could go inside so no one else can see you.” he said as he lowered his hand onto his lap and began stroking it back and forward.

Emily looked down and saw he was stroking his penis through his pants, and it was already huge despite not being fully hard, extending over halfway down his thigh. That confirmed that the bulge she had seen the other day was real, and she supposed that she could head back home now. However, she couldn’t deny that she really wanted to see his fully erect cock without his pants in the way. Plus she thought about how crazy it would drive Tom to see her disappear into Bill’s house with him. “Ok then,” she said quietly

Bill grinned lasciviously before suddenly rising to his feet. Emily stepped back, surprised by his sudden movement for such a large, old man. He placed his hand on her lower back and steered her towards his front door, which he opened then led her through. She felt her heart beating hard in her chest and her pussy gush with moisture. The sound of the door clicking shut sent a shiver through her body.

The inside of the house was sparsely furnished, and was a little messy, with stacks of empty beer cans located in various corners. The most egregious thing was the smoke stained walls and ceiling. The smell of stale smoke hit Emily and almost made her gag. She was shocked to find that instead of instantly killing her libido it only managed to fuel it further.

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