College couple get a kick out of teasing gross old neighbour

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Tom suddenly spasmed, the sexual tension and stimulation too much for him as he came into his underwear. A look of surprise flashed across Emily’s face before she regained control, slowly stood back up and turned, before dashing off to the bedroom, slamming the door behind her. Tom sat there in shock for several moments, before realising he was now very late for uni. He stood up and instantly felt the wet mess in his underpants. He awkwardly walked over to the bedroom door, but found Emily had locked it. He knocked softly on it.

“Babe, can you let me in? I need to change my pants. Babe? I’m not angry, I promise.” He waited for a few moments, but heard no reply or movement from the other side of the door. Giving in he picked up his bag and headed to his lecture, hoping that the cum wouldn’t soak through. Once he got to class he sent Emily a text to say that he loved her and wasn’t angry at her. A couple of minutes later she sent a love heart back.


He returned to the apartment about midday to find that Emily had already left for her classes. He gratefully pulled off his pants and went to throw them in the hamper. In there he saw Emily’s clothes from that morning. His low level of arousal that had remained with him since the morning instantly spiked back up. He quickly looked at Emily’s timetable she had taped to her desk. He saw that he had almost three hours before she got home. He quickly pulled on a clean pair of pants, grabbed his keys and jumped in his car.

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Fifteen minutes later he was back at the shop they had bought the athletic wear from. He made a beeline for the women’s section, quickly finding the display he had got the clothes from last time. He’d picked out the second most conservative set last time, out of five options. He picked up the one that was a little bit more daring than the one he’d bought, seeing that the shorts were just a little bit smaller, both the top and bottom having lost a little bit of material. The bra was almost the same, except the band at the bottom was mostly gone, ending just below the breasts. He thought for a moment, then returned it to the rack. He grabbed the next one and inspected it. With this one the shorts were even smaller, only extending a tiny bit below the crotch. The bra also had less material, with the neckline plunging down to almost touch the bottom in a V shape.The back was also thinner, consisting of just a few straps. Next Tom grabbed the last set. The shorts on this set looked more like underwear than shorts, with a very low waistband, and the outside of the bottom rising up to only leave a small band connecting the front and back at the sides. The top looked more like a bikini top, being made of a thinner material than the previous ones, and smaller cups, leaving a lot of cleavage and even a bit of the outside of the boob exposed.

Tom stood there thinking for a while, before eventually grabbing three sets of the second most daring set in Emily’s size, thinking that there was no way that she would wear the smallest one. He quickly started towards the checkout, before quickly darting back and grabbing one of the smallest set.

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