College couple get a kick out of teasing gross old neighbour

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“Oh yeah, what did he say today?”

Emily gave him a slightly suspicious look. “He did boast about his, umm, penis, and said he was “free anytime” if I wanted to “come see it.””


Tom laughed. “Well at least we know now that he thinks you’re pretty enough, as Asha put it.”

Emily narrowed her eyes. “Gross Tom, is that what this is about? You were upset that our gross old neighbour doesn’t think I’m hot?”

“What? No babe! I was just kidding, geez!”

“Hmph,” Emily said, striding out of the room to go have a shower.

Tom sat there, lost in thought, his breakfast forgotten in front of him. Maybe he did care what Bill thought about Emily. He was very proud of himself for being able to land such a good looking girlfriend, and he was a bit upset when it seemed like she didn’t stack up against the other girls getting catcalled by Bill. It wasn’t like he hadn’t tried to get Emily to dress a little more sexily in the past, but the conversation with Asha may have started the ball rolling for this latest push. By the time Emily got out of the shower, Tom felt like he owed her an apology.

“Hey Emily, you might have been a little bit right, I think what Asha said did get to me a little.”

“That’s ok baby, we all do stupid stuff out of pride occassionally, and I did get some very nice clothes out of this particular time,” she said with a smile as she sat down at the table. Tom breathed a sigh of relief, before quickly shovelling down the rest of his cereal and rushing to get to class on time.

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That night in bed Tom was absent-mindedly stroking up and down Emily’s thigh, when she suddenly rolled over on top of him and began kissing him deeply. He quickly increased the vigour of his stroking, giving her backside a good squeeze. Soon she had his pants pulled down and was stroking his cock, a hungry look in her eyes. She was wearing a thin crop top, and her nipples poked out against the fabric, stiff from arousal. Tom grinned at her, happy that them moving in together had already resulted in two hand jobs within just over a week.

“Oh fuck babe, you look so hot right now,” Tom moaned.

“Oh yeah, you like my big tits in this little shirt? You like the way my nipples poke through? Do you think Bill liked the way my tits looked in that top this morning?” Emily said breathily, a coy smile on her face. Tom instantly locked eyes with her, a concerned look on his face. “He might have even been able to see my nipples through the top, seeing as it is a bit thinner. Do you reckon he jacked his big dick thinking about my tits today?” Emily continued, a slightly evil glint in her eyes still slowly stroking up and down his cock.

“Oh fuck!” Tom suddenly exclaimed, overcome by a powerful orgasm. Emily, unprepared for the sudden ejaculation, had her shirt and hands splattered with cum. She gave an undignified squeal, jumping backwards off the bed and rushing to the bathroom to clean herself off. Tom fell back onto the bed, a deep sense of shame filling him. Emily returned from the bathroom, her tits bare. She quickly grabbed a fresh shirt from the cupboard and pulled it on. She walked back and stood at the foot of the bed, nervously looking at Tom, still processing what had just happened.

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