College couple get a kick out of teasing gross old neighbour

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“I love you so much babe,” he whispered.

“I love you too” she whispered back, grabbing his hands and pulling him to her. She gently brought her lips to his. He returned the kiss, and gradually the intensity increased. Soon they were hungrily making out, their hands roaming each other’s bodies. Suddenly Emily pulled back. “Ok, I think that’s enough, we have to leave you with plenty of energy for Monday,” she said with a pat on his cheek, before she turned around and disappeared into the bathroom. Tom groaned upon realising he’d have to wait two whole days to see her in action in the tiny outfit. Emily reemerged wearing old jeans and a shirt and sat down to do some study. Tom made a start on dinner, knowing there was no way he could concentrate on studying in his current state.


Tom and Emily spent the weekend catching up on uni work that they’d been too distracted to complete during the week. Luckily Tom managed to keep his mind mostly on task, and off of thinking dirty thoughts about Emily and Bill. On Sunday afternoon he found his arousal rapidly rising as he couldn’t help but think about what was coming up tomorrow. He went to where Emily was working away at the table and sat down next to her.

“So, you looking forward to tomorrow?” he asked suggestively.

“Mhm,” Emily responded, not paying him much attention.

“You excited to wear that little outfit for your boyfriend?”

“You mean for Bill, right?” she said, giving him a knowing smile.

Tom paused for a second. He hadn’t been ready for that. It only added fuel to the fire, and he felt his dick throbbing now. “Oh, is that how it is?” he said, rubbing his hand on her thigh. “Are you excited to show off your perfect teen body to our gross old creep of a neighbour?”

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He heard Emily moan softly, before she grabbed his hand off her leg and placed it in his lap. “You know I am. But none of that now, you need to save yourself for tomorrow.” Tom groaned, but reluctantly got up and began looking through the fridge for ingredients for dinner to get his mind off tomorrow.

That night in bed, Tom began rubbing his hand up and down Emily’s thigh, desperate for her to give him some release. He had been tempted to masturbate earlier when he’d seen the outfit sitting on the bathroom counter, ready for tomorrow, but was too ashamed that Emily would think he was weak willed after she had told him to save himself for tomorrow. Emily quickly turned down his advance, slapping his hand away.

“Bad boy Tom,” she said playfully. “You have to wait until tomorrow.”

Tom tossed and turned for two more hours before finally managing to fall into a fitful sleep. He was brought out of his light slumber by the sound of Emily’s alarm. He watched her get up and walk into the bathroom. She came back out soon after, and Tom’s heart leapt into his throat as he saw her standing there in an outfit he never would have imagined her wearing, let alone wearing so their gross old neighbour could check her out. His stomach decided to go the opposite way to his heart, sinking into his stomach as she walked past him and out of the room. He was reminded just how much skin was on display back there, the bottoms already riding up into her crack. He was breathing heavily, his cock almost painfully erect. He lay on the bed as he heard Emily moving around the apartment and then closing the door behind her on the way out. He then got up and paced the length of the apartment several times, before suddenly getting an idea. He put on some clean clothes, grabbed some shopping bags and jumped in the car. He set off for the grocery store.

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