College couple get a kick out of teasing gross old neighbour

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He woke up in the morning as Emily got up to get dressed for her run. He watched her stand in front of her side of the cupboard for much longer than usual, seemingly thinking hard about something, before suddenly looking back at Tom. He quickly shut his eyes, pretending to be asleep. He opened them again when he heard the bathroom door close. He waited impatiently as Emily got changed, eager to see which outfit she’d chosen. As the door opened he rolled over and stretched, pretending to just be waking up. He looked over to Emily, his heartbeat instantly spiking as he saw her in the new sports bra and shorts. It jumped even more when he saw that she had rolled down the waistband, revealing a good couple of inches of skin below her navel.

“Mornin’,” he said, trying to sound sleepy.


“Mornin’,” she replied, almost managing to hold back a flicker of a grin from twitching the corners of her mouth. She continued out of the room, and Tom was given another shock as he saw that Emily had pulled the material of the shorts up into her butt crack, causing it to hug her much tighter than the other day, showing off her sculpted glutes with their flawless globe-like shape. His erection instantly surged to full size. He considered quickly jacking off, but, remembering he had an early class, he reluctantly got out of bed and headed to the kitchen to pour himself a bowl of cereal. He ate his breakfast, barely registering it as he methodically spooned it into his mouth, his mind only able to think about his girlfriend, who normally abhorred even mildly risque clothing, seeming to have intentionally adjusted her outfit to show more skin, as well as to show off her perfectly formed ass. His breakfast finished, Tom got up and quickly packed his stuff for uni, before sitting back down, unable to leave before seeing Emily after her run. He tapped nervously on the table as he waited. Finally she returned, half an hour after she had left, right on time with her normal run. The sheen of sweat on her exposed skin made her look even hotter than when she’d left.

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“Hi honey, how was your run?”

Emily grinned at him. “Oh, not too bad. Thanks for washing these for me last night,” she said, slowly running her hands down over her bra encased tits, over the vast expanse of skin of her exposed stomach, and over the material of her snug shorts, “they definitely help me go faster. Shouldn’t you have left for class already?”

“Oh, yes, just about to head off,” Tom said quickly, pushing his chair back. Emily quickly strode over to him.

“Wait a second babe, don’t you want to hear about what that prick Bill said to me today?” she said sensually, placing her hand on his chest and straddling his lap.

“Sure?” Tom gulped nervously.

Emily ran her hand down his body, bringing it to a rest on his crotch, causing Tom to blush as both their attentions were drawn to his erection.

“Are you sure?” Emily breathed into his ear. All Tom could do was nod.

Emily began rubbing her hand up and down his erect cock through his pants. “He seemed to like the outfit as I ran past him on the way out, he gave me a big whistle, and then yelled ‘oh wow, did you give yourself a wedgie just to show off your butt to me?’ I looked back at him and saw he was staring straight at my butt! On the way back, he shouted ‘I can tell you’re interested, so come round any time and I’ll show you that my 11 inch cock can give it to you way better than that puny boyfriend of yours!'”

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