College couple get a kick out of teasing gross old neighbour

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He could not remember what he ended up buying on his shop, and he was sure he’d only gotten half the stuff they needed. He left the shop with about twenty minutes left before Emily would normally be due back. He drove most the way home, and then pulled over just around the corner from their apartment. He sat there impatiently, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel, for ten minutes before he finally saw Emily walking back from the gym. He watched the way her tits and ass moved as she walked, and almost forgot his plan for a second before his mind kicked back into gear. He started the car back up and finished the drive home, pulling in just as Emily rounded the corner. He jumped out of the car and busied himself with the groceries in the back, keeping most of his attention on Emily as she made her way towards him. He saw her give him a subtle grin, just before Bill spotted her.

“Ah, there’s the slut! Back from letting all the guys at the gym stare at you? I’m tellin’ ya, I’ve got a way bigger cock than any of those pussies. And, like I said earlier, I like your new outfit, but I don’t think you’re quite wearing it right!”


Tom saw Emily’s eyes spark, and she stopped right in front of Bill’s property and turned to face him. “And I suppose that the right way to wear it would be to take it all off?” she said testily.

“Well if I had to choose, yes,” Bill said, not missing a beat, “but I just meant some slight adjustments to how you have it on you. You can come up here and I can show you if you want.” He sat there with a smug grin on his flabby face.

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Tom’s heart almost skipped a beat as he watched Emily slowly reach out and grab Bill’s gate. She pushed it open and timidly walked through. She closed the gate behind her, and with a little more confidence she walked up to stand before Bill’s chair. She didn’t look back at Tom once.

Bill sat there with a slightly stunned look on his face, greedily looking up and down Emily’s body. She felt her heart beating rapidly, and her nipples hardening and pushing against the fabric as he ran his eyes over them.

“So, what ‘slight adjustments’ did you have in mind?” she said, surprised by how steady her voice was.

“Well, first of all, turn around,” Bill said, instantly back to his overbearing self. Emily found herself quickly following his order. “While I like how much of the outer side of your butt these show off, the last ones fit in your crack way nicer. So I thought I’d try pulling them up a bit, if that’s ok?” Emily gulped and then nodded her head. She felt his hand brush her lower back before he grabbed the top of the pants, his fingers brushing the top of her butt crack. She felt an electric tingle travel up her spine. He then began to pull the pants up, wedging them deep in between her butt cheeks, and applying a delicious pressure to her pussy. She only just managed to hold back a moan. She couldn’t believe how aroused she was, she just hoped Tom liked it even more.

Bill sat back to admire his work. “Damn, yeah, that looks way better!”

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