College couple get a kick out of teasing gross old neighbour

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Emily caught her breath and then turned back around so she was facing Bill, her back to Tom. “So, was that it?”

“Oh no, I think these need more of a camel toe as well.”


“Oh, I’m not sure that’s a good idea,” she said, glancing down. As she did she saw a bulge in Bill’s pants, more than halfway down his thigh. She couldn’t believe her eyes, and reasoned that it must just be a lump in his pants.

“Sure it is! I just need to do the same thing I did but for the front.”

“Mmm, fine then, but then that’s it,” she said demurely, still somewhat distracted by the bulge.

Emily watched Bill reach forward and grab the top of her pants. He looked up at her face and gave her a lecherous grin. “But first I just need to have a quick look at what I’m working with.” Emily knew she should stop him, but instead she just stared intently as he slowly pulled her waistband down and away from her body. Her heart hammered in her chest. She couldn’t believe she was about to let this old, fat perv be the first man to see her pussy, even before her wonderful boyfriend. He took his sweet time pulling the waistband further and further down, Emily holding her breath the whole time, her heart hammering in her ears, before he stopped. The waistband was now pulled far enough away to give Bill an unobstructed view of her virgin cunt, and he let out an appreciative grunt. Emily found herself thinking that she was glad that she’d shaved last night in preparation for wearing these pants.

Bill sat there for some time, taking in all the details of Emily’s glistening pussy. She was just coming to her senses and was about to ask him to stop when he began pulling her pants up. She let out a squeal as the fabric was forced up between her lips. Bill let the waistband go and it snapped back into place. Emily looked down and saw the pants had remained wedged between her lips, creating a clear camel toe.

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“Uh, thanks for showing me those!” she said hastily, starting to back away as she realised that she’d let this go much too far.

“No worries bitch, you’re welcome back anytime you want more help with your outfit!”

Emily couldn’t believe that he’d still call her names when she’d just let him look at probably the best pussy he’d ever seen! She quickly hurried back down his path and into the apartment.

Meanwhile Tom was still at the car. He hadn’t really been able to see what was going on, with Emily standing between him and Bill. He’d been flabbergasted when Emily had taken up Bill’s offer, and his brain only finally managed to catch up as he saw her close the door as she entered the apartment. He hurriedly gathered up the groceries and followed her in. He opened the door to find her standing there, fidgeting nervously.

“Oh Tom, I’m so sorry! I went too far, didn’t I?”

Tom swooped in to hug her, covering her face in kisses. “No! That was incredible!” He pulled her down onto the couch and sat down next to her. He grabbed her hands and placed them on his bulge in his pants, too horny to even think straight any more. She began to automatically stroke him and he groaned in pleasure.

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